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    Internally logical magic systems?

    Well, that you have to design. So, the Valoric Hemalurges all have spells based on entropy, theft, corrosion, and dominion. They don't have the ability to non-harmfully affect living things, at least not before they have taking something from another. That's because the foundation of their...
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    Justify A Level 1 Drow On the Surface?

    My initial thought was "exposure"; something about the infant caused it to be abandoned in the surface world at birth and it somehow survived. That doesn't quite fit with your requirements, however. I imagine adolescence, when they gain their spell-like abilities (in AD&D, anyway) would be...
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    Two Married Wizards Trying to magically make a Baby Question...

    Well, this is interesting. I could see an alembic of copper and crystal, gently refluxing a 3-5 gallon volume of specially prepared reagents. This would require at least a blood, and maybe tissue, samples from both of you. Mending and mirror image spells would need to be cast into the solution...
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    Best on screen adaptation of D&D

    Conan the Barbarian, Voyage of Sinbad (that's the one with Tom Baker as the evil wizard, right?), Hawk the Slayer, and the 13th Warrior.
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    2020 (mini's) hobbystreak

    Looks great! See if you can find a picture of fossilized walrus ivory. I think you might find it interesting for a more fossilized bone look.
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    Bronze Age Fantasy

    Yes, actually. Steel has much better shear, yield, and tensile strength than bronze. Furthermore, the more you strike bronze the harder it gets. Eventually you need to anneal the bronze or it will shatter. The khopesh was, as I recall, the longest of the bronze weapons. What made it different...
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    2020 (mini's) hobbystreak

    @Kris, I love those wraiths! I'll have to see if I can find some like that.
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    Desktop Hero 3D and Anvil (?) are also options for stl files. 3D printing is becoming my solution for hordes and horses.
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    The moons are lovely...

    Right. I meant that it's individual, and moons of different masses won't arrange themselves so that they look the same. Smaller ones aren't necessarily going to move closer and large move farther away. Thanks for the further details!
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    The moons are lovely...

    Okay. So there isn't any particular correspondence or correlation between a moon's size, orbital distance, and apparent size from the planet's perspective. Good to know. If the moon is 0.5 degrees of arc, I gather that 0.05-0.1 would be getting close to the point of seeing a disk rather than a...
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    Custom Dice Curve

    So, what would be an example of non-symmetry?
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    The moons are lovely...

    So, you look up at the night sky and see the moon. Lovely, isn't it? As in uffish thought I stood, I started thinking about the Jovian moons. If you were standing on the surface of Jupiter* and looking up, what would the Jovians look like? I would assume that Ganymede would have a familiar...
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    Custom Dice Curve

    How would I go about generating a bell curve such that the range is 1-12 and the high point is 5? Obviously, 2d6 come close. I was also thinking about 2d4 + 1d6 -2.
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    Setting Idea: Bronze Age Utopia

    Oh, and as a follow-up, it is theorized that the toxicities inherent in working with arsenic and tin are inspirations for the "lame smith" archetype (e.g. Hephestus, Volund). There are some neurologic issues that crop up... Ghost mirrors are a Japanese mirror made from a leaded bronze that have...
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    Setting Idea: Bronze Age Utopia

    In modern terms- Phosphor bronze is your typical Cu / Sn alloy. There's a smidgen of phosphorus to increase wear resistance. Bismuth bronze swaps out some tin for bismuth. This makes it more workable, and can take an exceptional polish. Excellent for mirrors. The Incas new how to work it, some...
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    GREYHAWK FANS-The Battle of Emridy Meadows

    Well, that's quite all right. Thanks for the link! It was fun to browse through the site.
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    GREYHAWK FANS-The Battle of Emridy Meadows

    I loved looking at the photos; must have been a blast. I'm putting together my own set of armies, and hope to have a similar event myself. A Braunstein of my own is a dream. Hey, since you played maybe you can answer a question for me. On movement, there's a note that you can spend movement to...
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    5E Can a Paladin Cure Addiction?

    I would say no, a paladin can only cure pathogenic diseases. I have considered that Cure Wounds and Lay On Hands have some sort of mental trauma reduction, allowing characters to suffer grevious wounds and not have PTSD. That said, I would say a restoration, heal or the like would work. Anything...
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    Alternate Seasonal Variations

    Seasons are generated due to the differing incidence of light from a star onto a planet from axial tilt. As the plant revolves around the star the amount of direct vs. diffuse sunlight alternates between the hemispheres. For us, part of this seasonal variation is due to the shifting of the...
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    Downtime XP farming with animate dead or conjuration spells

    How long it would take to gain a level at a rate of 10 xp per point of damage inflicted and 20 xp per point of damage sustained? ~edit~ Just noticed this: "How to we solve a problem to which the answer is : We need more levels? " Well, if this is semi-serious, then this is how I do it. a)...