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  1. FCWesel

    5E Charisma 1 ...

    Due to a Curse, character has a "1" in Charisma, until a Remove Curse can be obtained. What effects does this have in the game world, other than the obvious negative modifier to Skills, Ability Checks and CHA Saves?
  2. FCWesel

    How do ELEMENTALS heal?

    How doe Elementals heal? Do they "regenerate" (but not the power, if you know what I mean) their mass or matter or energy? Can healing/harming spells affect them? (There seems to be something woring with that, but that's neither here nor there.)
  3. FCWesel

    New CORTEX GAMES Site (Serenity, BSG)

    Hey All. Some of you might be aware of fan's site of WAVES IN THE BLACK messageboards for the SERENITY RPG by MWP. Well, now I have started a fan-based site for all of MWPs games, including BSG, Serenity, Supernatural and The Dead Gentleman's Demon Hunters as well as future games that might...
  4. FCWesel

    MONSTER SQUAD in 2 days time...DVD! I've been waiting for this movie to be on DVD for a long time. If you have not seen this gem, or have not seen it in a long time...NETFLIX or buy...
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    Happy Birthday Ninjacat!

    Happy Birthday Ninjacat!
  6. FCWesel

    Magical Arm (as in limb replacement)

    Are there any magical limbs, other then the obvious Vecna stuff. Basically looking for the, "character got his arm bit off by a <insert monster>" and needs a replacement, type of magic item. Thanks.
  7. FCWesel

    MWP's GEN CON '07 Game Listing

    Hello all. I hope this is the right place to post this. If not, you have my sincere apologies before hand. Here's a post of all of the games we have put together for MWP for Gen Con 2007. These include Serenity, Dragonlance (d20), BSG, Supernatural, Castlemourn (d20) and some of the non-rpg...
  8. FCWesel

    AWAKENED: "Animals & Plants" w/ Class Levels

    Can an awakened plant or awakened animal take class levels?
  9. FCWesel

    Death, Reincarnation and Familiars...

    Okay. Wizard-type has familiar. Wizard dies. Familiar changes back to normal animal. Wizard gets reincarnated. What happens to the ex-familiar? Does it suddenly return into a familiar, or does the Wizard have to redo the familiar ceremony? Does the wizard have to wait a year? (I would say...
  10. FCWesel

    Luc Besson ~ Angel.A Movie

    Great looking new movie from Luc Besson. I can't wait to see this! I love Besson's work and his style. I recommend the old, "Right click and 'Save As'." It's a big file.
  11. FCWesel

    TV Seasons on sale at Amazon...

    Amazon is having a big sale on MGM TV DVD sets: List includes: Angel Buffy Dark Angel Millenium X-Files Pretender The Shield Firefly Harsh Realm Dead Like Me And more!
  12. FCWesel

    Man Survives Fall From 17th Floor

    Well, all I can say is....WTF?!?!?!?! Man Survives Fall From 17th Floor By Associated Press Sat Jan 20, 10:36 PM MINNEAPOLIS - A man crashed through a double-paned window in a hotel on Saturday and plummeted 16 floors _ but survived when he was caught by a roof overhang. Joshua S. Hanson...
  13. FCWesel

    What stats would you use for a parrot familiar?

    What stats would you use for a parrot familiar? Anything special or note worthy?
  14. FCWesel

    It's January 07, when is "The Scouring of Gate Pass" supposed to be out?

    It's January 07, when is "The Scouring of Gate Pass" supposed to be out?
  15. FCWesel

    "Forget" Spell

    Is there a spell that can make a PC forget something? Say like the events of the past day, or something like that? Any help would be cool, thanks.
  16. FCWesel

    SAVAGE TIDE ADV. PATH - Total Party Kill

    So, it has happened! A TPK. That's TOTAL PARTY KILLED, if you somehow didn't know that. I am running the SAVAGE TIDE ADVENTURE PATH. Not much of a spoiler here, but I'll say it JUST in case. So did, in depths of Parrot Island's underground lair, ravenous zombies slay our heroes after they...
  17. FCWesel

    D&D Cartoon on DVD Release Date Info D&D series cartoon is now set to be released on December 5.
  18. FCWesel

    "Age of Heroes" ~ Games in Ancient Greece ~ Sourcebook?

    Is there a book or source for 3.5 that is like the 2nd Ed. "green book" called ther AGE OF HEROES? AoH is described thusly: "Their names were Achilles, Odysseus, Jason, Heracles, and Alexander. Their deeds pitted them against monsters, men, and the known world. They were Greeks, and theirs was...
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    "Dungeons & Dragons" Cartoon on DVD

    Saw this note on
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    The Lamination of the GM Screen

    I was just wondering in anyone tried laminating one of their GM Screens. I have a couple that I would like to protect a bit more and, at the same time strengthen it up a bit more as GM Screens these days, for the most part tend be on the cheap side of material-ville. (The exception to this...