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    5E How should 5th edition introduce the remaining classic settings?

    I don't have a lot of use for adventures. Bring on the setting books. I prefer using my imagination to create custom adventures tailored to suit the PC's in the group.
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    What are your favorite dungeons from the 5E adventure paths?

    I interrupt this discussion to bring your the obligatory "I hate all adventure paths" comment.
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    What Game Did You Leave D&D For?

    I primarily played D&D through the 80's. Then moved on to WoD games in the 90's. Back to D&D 3e and 3.5e in the 2000's Skipped 4e completely. 5e renewed my interest. Now I prefer Pathfinder 2e.
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    5E Are we in D&D's Golden Age?

    I think that what is being attributed to D&D5e is more the result of social media and our current culture/society than the state of the game. I think that 2e and 3e would have done just as well if this was their time. Both 2e and 3e had many more books to draw from. However much people think...
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    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Wow, three people in a row are just completely wrong. ;-)
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    Is the DM the most important person at the table

    Not quite so. Every DM can be a capable Player, but not every Player can be a capable DM. Thus, the DM is more important than any one Player. However, both the DM and the Players should be contributing to the fun of the group. Too often certain Players have a sense of entitlement, believing...
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    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Aboleth 5 - 2 = 3 Beholder 16 Mindflayer 17 + 1 = 18
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    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Aboleth 18 Beholder 25 Gibbering Mouther 9 Mind Flayer 22
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    Dragon Reflections #30

    That cover of issue #34 was one of my favorites back in the day. I think that it was the very first issue that I ever bought. I think it was from February of '80, which was my 10th birthday. I had just discovered D&D from the other boys in my Boy Scout troop. Good times.
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    Consequences of playing "EVIL" races

    True. I am more open to players wanting to play against the racial norm of a traditionally evil race, but as mentioned in one of my previous posts xenophobia is very prevalent in my games.
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    Consequences of playing "EVIL" races

    In my experience most players that want to play "EVIL" just want an excuse to be sadistic selfish @$$h0les at the expense of every other player's ability to have fun. Most players have a two-dimensional cartoon-ish concept of how evil should be played. Few seem to understand that evil works...
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    Consequences of playing "EVIL" races

    Xenophobia is typically the norm when I run a game. Settlements are usually dominated by one specific race and any other race is at the very least distrusted, while more extreme reactions are possible depending on race relations in that area. Yes, that means that even "generic" core races have...
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    5E Customizing Backgrounds Core Rule - Public Service Announcement

    Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but in the end the DM always has the final judgement on anything in the game that he runs. He should be willing to hear out any reasonable player request, but should choose whatever works best in his opinion for the game that he is running. Most...
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    Port Huron, MI - Looking for PF or D&D within 1 hour drive

    Time to throw up a Hail Mary and hope for the best. I live in the Port Huron area, which is about an hour north-east of Detroit. I am looking for a PF (2e) or D&D (5e) group that would be willing to add an experienced player to their mix. I am willing to drive up to an hour for a group. I might...
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    Beginning to Doubt That RPG Play Can Be Substantively "Character-Driven"

    The old White Wolf games had some excellent essays on role-playing and story-telling included in the core books. Ars Magica and The World of Darkness games really evolved my perspective on RPGs. On some levels their influence ruined my ability to enjoy D&D because I was constantly seeking in...
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    5E Best on screen adaptation of the bard (poll)

    I wish I could downvote Dandelion. I absolutely HATE that character.
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    Are Dice Pools Good, Actually?

    When I referred to a d20 or d100 system I was referring to systems like D&D's d20 system. I was not saying that d20's could not be used in a dice pool. However, I do believe that there is almost no need to use d20's or d100's in any dice pool. Use of dice pools is much better when the results...
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    Are Dice Pools Good, Actually?

    A d20 or d100 system is easier for players to understand, but usually terrible for simulating actions and results realistically. Dice pools can be much better at simulating actions and results, but are more complicated for a player to calculate precise odds. In a d20 or 100 system the success...
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    Are Dice Pools Good, Actually?

    I agree with many of @lordabdul points. I really love the nuance possible with dice pools. I love that you can modify so many aspects of a dice pool, such as: type of dice, number of dice, difficulty target, number of successes needed, immediate action vs extended actions, etc. Some of this...
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    Acting and DMing -- is acting an impediment to fun?

    I approach my role as the Dungeon-Master / Story-Teller from the perspective that I am a narrator of the story that the players are creating. As such, I prefer to describe voices, mannerisms, quirks, etc. rather than attempt to act them out. I was never in the drama club, and I am not an...