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    5E Survivor 5e Plants - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    Assassin Vine 25 + 1 = 26. A plant in a class by itself ! Awakened Shrub 22 Awakened Tree 24 Corpse Flower 20 Kelpie 19 Myconid Adult 21 Myconid Sovereign 21 Myconid Sprout 18 Needle Blight 16 Needle Lord 23 Needle Spawn 20 Shambling Mound 25 Shrieker 23 Thorn Slinger 20 Treant 30 Tree Blight 18...
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    5E (+)What Ubiquitous DnD Tropes Get It Totally Wrong?

    00000001 00000010 00000011 to you, good sir. And I just happen have a COBOL textbook hiding in my garage...
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    General A paladin just joined the group. I'm a necromancer.

    Defiling is Evil because I slay every living thing around me and leave behind ash / dust unable to support any future living thing. But my Good Cause will balance it all out in the end. (Yeah, that's the ticket!) All abo-o-ard! Next stop, Athas!
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    EN World Wait, what's this?

    "Fools!" wrote I "Do you not know / Darkness like a cancer grows?" But my words like blackened inkdrops fell / back in the inkwell And echoed to the will of Darkness...
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Where do you expect to get 'scientific evidence' on a scale of several weeks (to date)? Satisfying the exacting standards takes years. Let's start with the data from experience so far - those dreaded anecdotes - and distill them into actionable information. We are going to have to "rule of...
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    How to avoid RPG dumpster fires like the Far Verona controversy

    I cannot construct any plot line where you "have to" include an assault scene. Even if the villain is styled after Jack the Ripper, user and murderer of prostitutes. Kenny Rogers' song Coward of the County handles the subject without being gross but makes it a defining pivotal moment in the...
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    General Differences Between D&D Boards

    Reference the 'hard to read' observations upthread: Do you usually use bold for 'moderator voice'? I see Color and Quote tags but no others as I construct this post. And: Should this tangent be handled as a thread in Meta?
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    5E How to not murder my PC's

    Are any of the PCs the Sneaky type? Do illusions or Stealth come into play often? How about Pass Without Trace (which at night should go a long way towards letting averagely quiet characters poke around)? Does anybody have Prestidigitation and realize the "bad smell" feature could be...
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    In Indiana, Indianapolis has more cases than the other 91 counties combined. That will eventually change because we have urban sprawl from Chicago and Cincinnati in our state boundaries. Almost all rural counties are reporting 1 or single-digits, which leads to the thought that we should be...
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Tangent: According to Jared Diamond (famous for Guns Germs and Steel) in The Day Before Yesterday, modern warfare has higher total-casualty figures but lower death-percentage rates. This is a function of both higher populations and densities, and of cultural features like the Rules of War. So...
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    5E Agro and Target choices

    A blog (and now book) "The Monsters Know What They Are Doing" gives you one fellow's analysis. I paged through the book and think other DMs should at least take a look-see at it. One factor I used when I was DM'ing a Tiamat campaign: do these monsters have a history with the PCs, or is it the...
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    Game Distributors Closing Down; RPG Publishers Affected

    After dawdling for a while, I pulled the trigger on two Dark Sun real-paper books with which to plan out a campaign. Noble Knight and somebody through Amazon got my money. Whatever I buy next (waiting for end of "non-essential business" suppression) will go through my FLGS, so they can claim a...
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    5E What do you think the 2020 Summer, Fall, and Winter D&D books will be?

    I predict that the book they start working on when Coronavirus recedes into the background will feature a magical disease. The PCs have to figure out both the cure (similar to reverse-engineering the sumoning ritual in the Tiamat campaign) and who is behind it - maybe Talona goddess of disease...
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    5E Skinwalker class

    While casting about for ideas, look at the Shifter race in the Ebberon book. You might find an idea that helps you out.
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    5E Survivor 5e Plants - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    Assassin Vine 19 + 1 = 20. To me, the original "plant monster" (because I did not face a shambling mound until 5e) Awakened Shrub 21 Awakened Tree 22 Corpse Flower 20 Gas Spore 1 - 2 = POP. Yes I know about the booby-trap (see above); this is why I carry a Longbow, not a Shortsword. Kelpie 23...
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    5E Not every legendary figure is a hero!

    For fun, travel to Madrid, Spain* and ask a tour guide about Don Quixote. She will show you his grave, explain that he features in the second-most-printed book in Spain, and be indignant at descriptions of him as "a crazy old man" - rather he has foreseen a danger that nobody else notices, and...
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    5E How to not murder my PC's

    I commend to your attention the thread "Enhancing Hoard of the Dragon Queen" somewhere in this forum. People who played through HotDQ earlier described their problems and discussed solutions. Personally, I was the solution to this problem when I joined a group playing HotDQ; I brought a...
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    5E How Big Do You Like To Party?

    My current group is 6 regular players plus a DM, two of the players alternate being DM. One other individual attends occasionally. Three are a family together; the week their car broke down, the rest of us had to learn Stealth and Diplomacy fast!
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    5E Survivor 5e Plants - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    It occurs to me that several of these plants would be a whole new challenge if set inside a permanent Druid Grove spell.
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    5E Survivor 5e Plants - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    You cannot see it because it is hiding in the shadows dancing around the cavern until you get just a bit closer.