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    Adventure:A Jaz of all Trades (DM:Luinnar Judge: H.M.Gimlord).

    A Jaz of all Trades Cast: Sir ExSixTen, the Warforged Fighter (Iron Sky) Andras, the Genasi Warlord (TwoHeadsBarking) Jax, the Kobold Rogue (Dekana) Dorn, the Half-Orc Sorcerer (nerdytenor) Brenn, the Elf Ranger, (pathfinderq1) Quagmire, the Hobgoblin Warlord (covaithe) Using the...
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    Edit:Closed Proposal: Allow deity specific powers/feats/paragon paths etc.

    Currently we do not use regular D&D deities. This keeps players from using deity specific powers (Talented Athletics),feats (Silvery Glow) and paragon paths (Fortune Blessed) or other things that require a specific deity as a prerequisite. My proposal is either: A: Allow players to use...
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    Proposal: Please Reward Luinnar 2 DM Credits from his Adventure

    Hello, I am retiring my avenger Kaz to make a new character Beatrice for Dekana's adventure. Kaz is at level 7 with only 642 xp to level 8. So he does not "waste" the xp he has, I was wondering if I could be awarded 2 DM credits from my adventure A Tale of Two Domains to be used to level him to...
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    Proposal/Discussion Allow Themes

    As Living Eberron passed themes I thought I'd make a proposal. Wizards is continuing support themes with the upcoming Neverwinter book and Dragon articles (Heroes of Feywild and Kara Tur Oriental themes were mentioned at Gencon). Theme structure is generally: Level 1: Encounter power that is...
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    Adventure: A Tale of Two Domains (DM:Luinnar, Judge:renau1g)

    A Tale of Two Domains Cast: Sir ExSixTen, the Warforged Fighter (Iron Sky) Andras, the Genasi Warlord (TwoHeadsBarking) Jax, the Kobold Rogue (Dekana) Dorn, the Half-Orc Sorcerer (nerdytenor) Brenn, the Elf Ranger, (pathfinderq1) Quagmire, the Hobgoblin Warlord (covaithe) Using the...
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    Proposal: Modify the Expertise House Rule (E.g., give bonus feat)

    I propose changing the flat +1 bonus/tier house rule with a bonus feat at level 5 and allowing players to take expertise feats. This would still fix the feat tax/Math fix issue, but allow people to take the new weapon specific feats if they wish, take the feat at level 4, or take the feat later...
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    Proposal: Allow swapping of new racial features from Essentials update.

    Since the Essentials update will go live this month, I thought that current characters should be able to take advantage the new changes featured for the races. I propose changing the wording of the charter to: This would allow Dwarfs to change their secondary ability scores, or Humans to swap...
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    Adventure: Delivery of Death (DM: Luinnar, Judge: renau1g)

    Delivery of Death Cast Ram Tiger, Level 2 Gnoll Fighter (Sanzuo) Kasha, Level 2 Half-Orc Rogue (Antithetist) Kax, Level 4 Kobold Rogue (Dekana) Dorn Level 5 Half-Orc Sorcerer (nerdytenor) Ingot Level 5 Warforged Cleric (ryryguy) In a corner of the Hangman: Bob shepherds everyone...
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    Help with my Human Red Dragon Sorcerer

    I'm working a character, a Human Red Dragon Sorcerer. I'm not sure about the feats or ability scores I should use. (20 point buy system being used by the way, only core rulebook available at the moment for stuff) Here is what I have so far: STR: 14 +2 (5 pts) DEX: 12 +1 (2 pts) CON: 14 +2 (5...
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    Any other good Play-By-Post sites?

    Since early this year I've been enjoying living 4th edition on this site. However I would like to branch out into other game systems. I was wondering if anyone could recommend or has any experience with other sites that offer Play-By-Post on message boards? I would like to try Pathfinder and...
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    DDI Questions

    I'm thinking of subscribing to DDI and I have some questions. I have never subscribed before, will I be able to download past online issues of Dragon/Dungeon? Any hassles with un-subscribing? Do I just click cancel on a form or is it more complicated? Does the character builder get updated...
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    Any word on the other ___ power 2 books?

    I know Psionic Power is coming in a couple months; but has there been any word on Arcane Power 2, Divine Power 2, Primal Power 2 (3,4 etc. ;))?
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    Sorcerer: Lightning Breath question

    When it reads "Sustain minor, the effect persists" does that count the part under the effect "Dragon Magic: The enemy also takes 5 lightning damage", If sustained would the enemy take 5 lightning damage a turn as well?
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    D20 Expert Player's Guide: Epic Monsters by Mongoose, how is it?

    Anyone have the D20 Expert Player's Guide: Epic Monsters by Mongoose? I'm looking for a good Epic level Monster book and wonder if this fits the bill. :D