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  1. Olive

    5E Anyone else finding character advancement pretty dull?

    I'm a long term D&D player, starting with Red Box but I also played a fair bit of 2e, tons of 3/3,5(& PF) and while I skipped 4e I've been playing 5e for about a year and a half now. The first year was as a DM and it was a revelation - easy to prep, easy to run and a total relief after 3.5. I...
  2. Olive

    Not receiving subscription emails

    Hi - I've stopped receiving thread subscription emails to threads I'm subscribed to. I still get soem other emails, including emails about posters quoting me but no subscriptions. :erm:
  3. Olive

    5E Do Shield (spell) and Mage Armour stack?

    Sometimes I do miss the whole 3e named bonuses thing. I have had a bit of a hunt and I think that Mage Armour and Shield stack with each other but I can't find a clear ruling. The closest is this which seems to make a differentation between setting your AC (like Mage Armour does) and a bonus to...
  4. Olive

    5E Putting 3.5e combat back into 5e

    I DMed a whole lot of 3.0/3.5/PF D&D over a long period and while I'm really enjoying 5e's increased simplicity I've made a few mistakes in combat, especially around reach and opportunity attacks. My players are all pretty ok with more complex combat and so I've been considering using AoOs and a...
  5. Olive

    Sell me on a good fantasy novel

    I've been struggling to enjoy 'traditional' fantasy for a few years now but perhaps because my D&D game is going well, it's an itch I'd like to scratch again. What's good? I'm probably looking for more recent things here as I have read most older series - I've read GoT, Black Company, Mazalan...
  6. Olive

    5E 101 events at a gathering to choose a chieftan

    So my players are participating in a gathering organised by druids to select the new king of a long oppressed nation (there's a long backstory if any one wants to hear it). They're working as agents of the empire to the south and want to influence the choice of King. So the PCs will be meeting...
  7. Olive

    5E Making my player's warlock more fun!

    A player in my recently started 5e game is feeling a little left behind by the action economy - pretty much everyone in the party (3rd level, all human, Fighter (BM), Cleric (War), Rogue (thief), Warlock (tome)) gets a second action in most combat situations except for him. HE's a bit limited...
  8. Olive

    5E Perception vs Investigate

    I'm not normally a dungeons filled with traps kind of DM but the PCs are currently investigating the tomb of the last king and so I've thrown a few in. In doing so, I've noticed a bit of a conflict in the rules. The rogue in the party has little intelligence and no proficiency in Investigation...
  9. Olive

    PF1E Some advice on Demon-fighting Druids and other related matters

    I'm an idiot. I introduced a major NPC largely as a plot device and my PCs are (entirely predictably) trying to fight it. The NPC is a half-fiendish nymph (CR9). The PCs are 2nd level, but likely to be third by the time the fight happens. They are trying to enlist the help of a famed druid...
  10. Olive

    PF1E What's good what's not in PF?

    Hi there. I was a long term 3/3.5 DM who has spent the last 5 years or so playing other things (older versions of D&D, CoC, WFRP, DCCRPG etc). It's time for a change and I was thinking of PF. What I am wondering (having been browsing the SRD) is if there is anything outside of the core book (or...
  11. Olive

    Monte's L&L columns

    So I was reading the thread about Monte leaving and a number of people wondered if the fan reaction to Monte's Legends & Lore columns might have had something to do with his departure. I have to admit, I haven't been following 53 development that closely but I read a few and don't rememebr...
  12. Olive

    Non-North American Gamers who want to buy the 1e reprints, sound off!

    So we know that some people from WotC sometimes read this forum so let's at east try to make a note that if they made them available outside the US they'd have at least some market. I'd buy one of everything.
  13. Olive

    Hero Lab - do you use it?

    So one thing that totally burned me out on D&D was the difficulty of making interesting stat blocks at higher levels: templated creatures, monsters with class levels, etc. But Hero Labs looks like the sort of thing I would have enjoyed using and would have taken the fiddle out of it. So have...
  14. Olive

    Pathfinder fighters - anything I should know? (build advice)

    So I'm making a human fighter for a Pathfinder game. I haven't played PF before although I played a whole lot of 3.X D&D (although never a fighter and I don't think I ever had a straight fighter in my games). I was thinking of a sword and board guy with the following feats: Power Attack Shield...
  15. Olive

    Singapore - anyone lookign for a player?

    Cos I'm looking for a group! I'll play anything and GM if there is demand! Send me a email at: nick (dot) melchior (at) gmail (dot) nospam (dot) com Taking out no spam etc. My only restriction is weekends/Friday evenings.
  16. Olive

    Boston - tell me all about it

    I currently live in Melbourne, Australia but yesterday had a job interview for an internal transfer to Boston. I have no idea how likely or unlikely this all is, but I applied more or less because I felt I ought to with no real expectation of it happening and now think I should do some thinking...
  17. Olive

    Where to get old modules?

    So I was planning to start a new WFRP game next week, but now suspect I'd like to run a Gary Gygax memorial game. But I've no time to prepare, so where can I get classic OD&D or AD&D modules? Ideally, they'd be free, but I'm happy to pay too. But to get them in time, I'd need electronic copies...
  18. Olive

    Sell me on Wizards books published since Complete Divine

    I've been off finishing my MA, having a kid and playing some d20 Modern and WFRP. I'm back playing some D&D and was wondering what's come out in the last little while. I'm pretty sure the last book I bought was Complete Divine. What's essential I should have picked up in the last couple of years?
  19. Olive

    Good, recent Fantasy books

    I'm completely out of the loop fantasy-wise and the recent award short lists are pretty sci-fi orientated. Is there anything good that's come out in the last few years which I should check out?
  20. Olive

    Entangle - it's tied to the condition right?

    I used to have a cleric with access to the nature domain in the party in the old game I ran but the player was a bit odd and didn't really engage with game at all (plus could only cast entangle once a day so it wasn't too much of an issue). That said the spell Entangle always seemed a but...