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    The D&D Edition Complexity Thread- How do you order Edition Complexity?

    You run into some thorny problems with how you define complexity, too. I ran two 4e games for most of its lifespan. I found it easy to run - vastly much more so than 3e! However, as @GreyLord said, player complexity was much higher. For my two groups in particular, very few of the players were...
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    5E Best Name For A “Leader” Class?

    Yes. A Captain has small-a authority. The people above them tend to have what ranges from large-A Authority to AUTHORITY, in all-caps and everything.
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    5E Best Name For A “Leader” Class?

    I think the point there is that Captain is a low rank in military hierarchies. Consider that of the three people you mention, the only one who was not frequently having to deal with the mess made by higher-ranking officers was due to being beyond their ability to conveniently convey those orders...
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    5E Best Name For A “Leader” Class?

    I mean, I'd certainly read such a thread. Evidence suggests that I'm dumb enough to post in it, too :-)
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    5E Best Name For A “Leader” Class?

    There's no way I'm replying to this. I have clearly escaped the office by now. Anything else would imply that I'm an idiot. Your issues with the Controller role are with the powers and game balance it had, though - not the fit of the name. That's an entirely different argument, and let's not...
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    5E Best Name For A “Leader” Class?

    I'm amazed that I've read through this entire thread, and nobody has made the obvious "Bard" joke¹. More seriously... "Leader" is too ambiguous a term. In many parties, there will be someone who "leads" in social aspects - the party face, if you will - and there may be someone who "leads" in...
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    5E The Duskblade?

    Hmm. You know... rather than using the EK as a base, I might actually like a version based on the Arcane Trickster - at least, a rogue subclass using that spell progression, a slightly different spell list and a few tweaks. Maybe something fun with "X times per day, when you hit a target and...
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    3E/3.5 Why 3.5 Worked

    So, I think what @Son of the Serpent is talking about is the mechanical simplicity and homogeneity. This is actually one of my favourite parts of 5e, but I can see why some people can dislike it. As an example, absolutely every d20 roll in 5e is either an Ability Check, Attack Roll or Saving...
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    D&D feline characters - need input

    If you ever do a Monk... claws out, obviously :-)
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    5E Advice on how not to feel like a lousy DM

    Something I do - especially at the start of the game, or with a new group - is explicitly ask for feedback. Ask the party for things that they didn't feel worked, or for things they did. Remember to ask for both, though :)
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    New D&D movie details? Vecna?!

    (Now, if only they included the Head of Vecna)
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    New D&D movie details? Vecna?!

    You know, Vecna as a main villain really isn't a bad concept. His name is memorable, he's definitely a reasonable choice for a powerful enemy who needs to be stopped. The whole 'Evil undead mastermind' trope is a comfortable fit for this sort of film. What's more, you have the Eye of Vecna, a...
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    D&D feline characters - need input

    The barbarian should look like a cat that's got into a lot of fights (and won) - smug, scarred and ragged-eared. (Edited to add: Also, this is lovely art :-) Thanks for sharing it with us!)
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    5E What Characters And Concepts Are You More Excited About With The New UA?

    Using Cunning Action: Aim as a counter to the Frightened condition :-D
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    LARP In the UK

    Depends hugely on what sort of LARP you want. There are a few big games (I'd recommend Profound Decisions' Empire Profound Decisions - Home Page personally), and many smaller ones.
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    5E Tucker's Kobolds 5e

    A thing I've used was a claustrophobic dark cavern, filled with broken boxes and cages. Throughout it, there are starving wolves in cages that can be opened remotely. There are multiple Small-sized shooting galleries around the edges and some hides within the room. Pack tactics can be a lovely...
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    Gameplay Trailer of 5E-Powered Solasta: Crown of the Magister Video Game

    The camera is annoying, still - I really want to be able to change the viewing angle so that I can see what's ahead - but the system looks to be very well implemented. I like how reactions were handled, too. Backed :-D
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    Oral Lore (nonliterate wizard tradition - feedback please!)

    Hmm. Solemn Recitation would allow you to effectively break the concentration limit. On the other hand, flavour-wise, excluding concentration spells would fit perfectly; they are more complex and you can't just learn them "by rote". It's not clear from your text if you intend the first use of...
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    5E Archetypes to add to 5e

    Heh. You know when you make a joke, and then realise that the core concept works as a serious take? A while back, I made a joke about a warlock patreon to one of my groups. I really should finish off playtesting the serious version, which is a warlock beholden to a collective of bored minor...
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    D&D's Best Year Ever - But Hasbro's Goal Is For D&D e-Sports

    ... damnit, you're making me miss Odyssey again (a UK larp I used to crew, in which there were arena battles with stands for people to watch. The setting was - very, very roughly - "Alexander the Great tried to conquer the gods and it went badly for him, and now the gods have forbidden war and...