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  1. Enrico Poli1

    General My Favorite Edition of D&D is...

    I started with BECMI. The edition I played the most is AD&D2e. My favorite setting is Dark Sun, the original boxed set, for AD&D2e. My favorite adventures are Age of Worms and Savage Tide, for D&D 3.5, from Dungeon Magazine. But the best edition for me is D&D 5e. Given retrocompatibility, I can...
  2. Enrico Poli1

    2E Edition Experience - Did/Do you Play AD&D 2E? How Was/Is It?

    After BECMI, we switched to AD&D2e. We were in high school and this was our Golden Age. The settings were incredible, and the art that breathed life in our games was stellar. Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Dark Sun (really the best one), Planescape, Birthright. What a time! Just now, for...
  3. Enrico Poli1

    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Curse of Strahd, 4th session. 5 PCs: Human Paladin of Devotion, Half-Orc Rogue, Human Necromancer, Dwarf Cleric, Dragonborn Barbarian. They ended the last session in the Town of Vallaki. They had recovered the Tome of Ravenloft but could not read it. A disguised Rictavio tried to steal the book...
  4. Enrico Poli1

    5E Running High Level 5E is more fun than I thought it would be.

    5e is, in my experience, the best edition for high level play.
  5. Enrico Poli1

    General Recommendation for 1st level adventure?

    The Eye of Traldar. Rahasia. Against the Cult of the Reptile god. Caverns of Thracia.
  6. Enrico Poli1

    OD&D Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play BECM/RC D&D? How Was/Is It?

    B2 Keep on the Borderlands B3 Palace of the Silver Princesse B4 The Lost City B5 Horror on the Hill B7 Rahasia B10 Night's Dark Terror The Eye of Traldar X1 Isle of Dread X2 Castle Amber X3 Curse of Xanathon X4 Master of the Desert Nomads X5 Temple of Death X6 Drums on Fire Mountain X9 War Rafts...
  7. Enrico Poli1

    OD&D Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play BECM/RC D&D? How Was/Is It?

    I started with the Mentzer Red Box. The system works, and it's very simple; the problem is the inconsistency of certain rules. Also, the system breaks after a certain point. I'll say that the published modules are a strong point in favor of this edition. The setting is also excellent (the...
  8. Enrico Poli1

    3E/3.5 Multiclassing in D&D 3rd Edition

    The problem with multiclassing was that it contributed to make the game too complex to manage. The problem with multiclassing was not a problem of balance. Actually the base classes were VERY unbalanced in 3e. Wizards, Clerics, Druids ruled; a single-class Wizard was basically omnipotent at high...
  9. Enrico Poli1

    5E An Argument for Why Paladins are the Strongest Class in 5E D&D

    Finally, in 5e we have the Paladin class that we wanted. In 2e and 3e this holy warrior was sub par. But now... Really High Nova DMG. (You can also keep Str at the initial 14-15 and take Gauntles of Ogre Power/Girdle of Giant Strenght ASAP) To strengthen your entire party: Auras. Aura of...
  10. Enrico Poli1

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    I live in northern Italy near Milan. Currently under quarantine. Please do NOT underestimate the Coronavirus, it is NOT THE FLU, but much more dangerous. It is DEADLY for old people but also FOR ANY AGE WITHOUT HOSPITALIZATION, and it saturates the healthcare system quickly. Please take care...
  11. Enrico Poli1

    5E Does anyone else feel like the action economy and the way actions work in general in 5e both just suck?

    I disagree. The action economy system of 5e is way better then any other previous edition.
  12. Enrico Poli1

    5E The Flaw in Each Campaign Adventure (Spoilers)

    Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of Tiamat: Badly organized, railroady, too cliché. 2/5 Princes of the Apocalypse: Utterly boring. 2/5 Out of the Abyss: I can't stand the illogicity of the plot. Demon Lords stranded in the Material Plane? Wandering, alone, doing nothing in particolar? Crazy...
  13. Enrico Poli1

    2E AD&D 2e - Player's Options ?

    HLC: love almost all material. I love high level play. Bought the hardback. C&T: love part of the material (proficiencies, weapons). Bought the hardback. S&P: disliked almost all material - made things overly complicated. Didn't buy the book (a friend did) S&M: same as S&P but substitute...
  14. Enrico Poli1

    Two Married Wizards Trying to magically make a Baby Question...

    I suggest to make the baby the old way. :cool:(y)
  15. Enrico Poli1

    Any old timers out there willing to help with a Master's thesis?

    I'm Italian, 42 years old, started in the late 80s with Italian gamebooks, then discovered rpgs and the D&D Mentzer Red Box (in the Italian translation). Don't remember if the interest for fantasy novels came before or later. Anyway, interest in fantasy with its escapism hooked me. My "Golden...
  16. Enrico Poli1

    DMs Guild Treasures: 5 BECMI Modules That Deserve the Big Book Treatment

    B5 Horror on the Hill B7 Rahasia B10 Night's Dark Terror Eye of Traldar X1 Isle of Dread X2 Castle Amber X4 Master of the Desert Nomads X5 Temple of Death X9 War Rafts of Leon X10 Red Arrow Black Shield CM1 Test of the Warlords CM2 Death's Ride CM3 Sabre River The single best module is X10 Red...
  17. Enrico Poli1

    Post the Pictures of your D&D and Miniature collection!

    I want to share the pictures of my D&D and Miniature collection! I invite you to do the same! I'm very proud of my collection, because my old books were lost years ago in a disaster and I had to rebuild the collection from zero. It is better than ever was! Feel free to ask anything!
  18. Enrico Poli1

    5E Do you use XPs or Milestones?

    Milestones! I'm in love with the system, because it saves a lot of energy on the DM's part. Moreover, no more "too early", "too slow" or "untimely" advancement; you only advance at the right time, usually after a climatic moment.
  19. Enrico Poli1

    On Magic Users and Darts: What's Up With That?

    In AD&D 2e, as a M-U I always started with Staff, then took Dagger at 5th level. Staff was more in line with the wizard stereotype. Plus, magic staves were more interesting then magic daggers. On the contrary, I don't even remember my magic users to throw darts. That was the weapon of some...