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  1. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E Dungeons, Mayhem, and Dice Accessories: A Review

    I couldn't agree more with this. It has really surprised me. It's a really fun quick game and the fact that you can change classes, means that it has great replay value. I'm certainly going to get the expansion pack.
  2. IchneumonWasp

    D&D General If you could put D&D into any other non middle ages genre, what would it be?

    I've played a game based on the French Revolution and the Enlightenment, where 'science and logic' were the discovery of magic as a science. It was awesome.
  3. IchneumonWasp

    Favourite D&D edition that’s not 5E

    I like the rules of 3.5 the best, but flavor/fluw-wise, I really like 4e.
  4. IchneumonWasp

    WotC Considering NPC Stat Format Change

    I welcome his change. NPC stat blocks take up a lot of space for stuff that aren't really necessary and can mostly be improvised on the spot, especially if there are some small guidelines about how strong the NPCs and whether he is more strong/intelligent/social etc. You don't need the entire...
  5. IchneumonWasp

    Age of Sigmar's Cover Art Unveiled

    I've been trying to get into the Age of Sigmar universe. This might be what I need.
  6. IchneumonWasp

    Pages From The Upcoming Nautical D&D Book!

    I'd be interested in that as well. It would certainly fit my play style and would allow me to place some location/region right into my game world. And I also completely agree with you about Ravnica. It's a really amazing book if you give it a chance. The factions are really flavourful and easy...
  7. IchneumonWasp

    What if Focuses like Wands, Staves, Holy Symbols, etc were statted like weapons?

    I think you’d have diffiiculty balancing some classes, as some get more cantrips than others. How are you going to compensate the sorcerer, for example. That class gets more cantrips than a wizard, but now they only need an item and can cast such a cantrip? Having said that balance concern, I...
  8. IchneumonWasp

    A New D&D Book in 2019: Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual!

    You are not. I think their goofyness is great to watch and read, but doesn't fit other lore of the FR well.
  9. IchneumonWasp

    Designing the lizardfolk inhabited Valley of Dread?

    Maybe you mean mangrove forests?
  10. IchneumonWasp

    Creature based Artifact help

    I think the aim should most likely be to make them stand apart and give them unique magical abilities that fit with the creatures you mention and maybe have all the different magical artifacts also similar in a certain way. For example, what if the wielder of such an artifact takes on certain...
  11. IchneumonWasp

    Riddle me this: How often do you use riddles?

    Riddles are a good part of fantasy stories, but I don't think riddles make good 'challenges' in a roleplaying game. In a combat encounter, there are enough opportunities to progress, to fall behind, and respond to succes or failure. If one combat round didn't go well, you have to suffer the...
  12. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E About to run a game on Ravnica

    I'm interested in hearing your experiences! I've received the book as a gift and have already made 2 groups of magic players interested in playing D&D next month. Going to give DM'ing it a try. I'm currently reading through the book and making notes. I'm really focussing on the different...
  13. IchneumonWasp

    Marathon, Broadway, and Catacomb: Upcoming D&D Products?

    Yeah, maybe something similar to Volo's guide to monsters? Primarily aimed at DM's, with also some cool options for players.
  14. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E They Broke Arcane Archer!!!

    Thanks, I had missed that. This does change my opinion on the sub-class in a more favorable direction.
  15. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E They Broke Arcane Archer!!!

    I agree. Even with the mistake corrected, I dislike the way the sub-class is executed, precisely because you get so few arcane shots. It's even worse if you miss, because than you've used one of your very limited uses. Personally, I would have given the arcane archer a kind of Eldritch blast...
  16. IchneumonWasp

    Unearthed Arcana Four New Elf Subraces in Unearthed Arcana

    Superficially, these subraces might give players more options, but I think different new races would in many cases add more meaningful choices than these sub-races. We already have a winged race, we already have a few aquatic races (triton, water genasi etc.). Meanwhile, we don't have stats for...
  17. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E For Mystics, I just realized that being Vegan does give you Psychic Powers...

    Dying your hair bright blue or green might be an easier way to get psychic powers.
  18. IchneumonWasp

    The State of D&D: Products, Psionics, Settings, & More

    I'm happy to hear they think of 5e as long term and don't see the need to continuously re-invent the wheel with new editions. I'm also happy they don't want people to have to buy multiple books, but I am curious what this means for things like Psionics and the Artificer. Will they be released...
  19. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E Xanathar's Guide to Everything: Common Magic Items

    I love this. I'm so going to throw these things at my players.
  20. IchneumonWasp

    D&D 5E Which adventure are you currently running?

    I'm currently running the old Ravenloft adventure Night of the Walking Dead, updated to 5e.