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  1. ComradeGnull

    So that's it for 4th edition I guess?

    Looking at what has happened in the last couple years in the OSR and retro world, I feel like 'dead' doesn't really have much meaning, though 4e could unfortunately be the rare exception. This may be what WotC is recognizing; old editions just aren't going away any more. The loss of DDI and the...
  2. ComradeGnull

    D&D 5E Art: Goblinoids, Take Two

    Not perfect, but then nothing ever is because of other people's dogged refusal to read my mind and accept my internalized inexpressible Platonic ideals as their own. On the other hand, a fantastic improvement from the first batch of illustrations. I would be totally happy with these being the...
  3. ComradeGnull

    D&D 5E Trail and error item identifying

    I think trial and error working or not working in a campaign has a lot to do with the type of campaign: In a sandboxy, dungeon crawl, open-ended campaign trial and error identification is fantastic. It gives PCs a reason to travel to another location to buy scrolls, spell components, or consult...
  4. ComradeGnull

    Myth & Magic Kickstarter

    Just to kick in my two bits- I'd really recommend taking a look at the Myth & Magic free Players Starter Guide and GM Starter Guide. Myth & Magic potentially covers a lot of ground as a 2e simulacrum- it feels very familiar and 'retro' for fans of 2e or OSR gaming, it has cleaner and more...
  5. ComradeGnull

    D&D 5E Unified Weapon and Skill System

    Have you taken a look at Myth and Magic? It doesn't unify wp vs. nwp skills, but it certainly provides a framework for doing that includes the notion of progressing in skills/abilities. Essentially you have wp and nwp slots that can be spent in multiple ways- you can spend wp slots to learn...
  6. ComradeGnull

    D&D 5E If an option is presented, it needs to be good enough to take.

    I agree with the OP's sentiment, but the more I think about it, what I really believe is this: I miss being younger, and not knowing what was 'effective' and what wasn't, and instead just knowing if I thought things were cool or not.
  7. ComradeGnull

    The Bard isn't the jack of all trades... the Ranger is

    How about: Ranger :: Bard as Cleric :: Wizard? Or possible: Bards are Rangers for urban environments (not literally, as in the sense of the Urban Ranger, but in that the Bard's social skills are the equivalent of wilderness survival skills.) I don't see the Ranger ever having arcane magic. It...
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    Anyone pick up the 3.5 reprints?

    I wasn't really aware that these were coming out- was there less fanfare associated with this than the 1e reprints, or did I just space out? I don't check WotC's official site often, but I still heard about the 1e reprints well in advance of their release. I also wonder how deep WotC went on...
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    More Than Just a Shaggy Ogre

    Hey, don't knock it. They finally got their own spin-off. 'Takes double damage from John Ritters' just doesn't have the impact it used to.
  10. ComradeGnull

    More Than Just a Shaggy Ogre

    I think that's a decent balanced approach- something that suggests ideas, but doesn't set in stone one conception of how a creature functions in the game world. For example, in the Minotaur description you could say: 'Legend tells of minotaurs born of a union between man and bull, and of bestial...
  11. ComradeGnull

    So who's making monsters?

    DND Online, anyone?
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    Things (i.e. Goblins) That Go Bump in the Night

    Goblins have a connection to their home realm- food from the other world won't nourish them, so they gain a stacking penalty every day that they are away from their home realm during daylight. Also, they become cranky and destructive from hunger- a goblin who is left in the other realm for...
  13. ComradeGnull

    Class list for PHB

    This is the other thing with Assassin as a class- their entire theoretical focus is the quick kill, but to me instant death doesn't make for a great mechanic for a PC class. To keep the Assassin from blowing up every encounter with instant kills at higher levels, you start facing the temptation...
  14. ComradeGnull

    More Than Just a Shaggy Ogre

    Really, really like the idea here that not every humanoid creature in the bestiary has to be the representative of an entire race. The D&D world is crowded enough as it is. And I say that as someone who got their D&D start with Dragonlance and really liked the Krynnish minotaurs- I would rather...
  15. ComradeGnull

    D&D 5E Traditional or Historial Arms and Armor

    In general, 'realism' and 'historical accuracy' are rabbit holes I would prefer for D&D to avoid disappearing down. I have read thousands of debates about 'accuracy' where weapons and armor are concerned over the years, but I've yet to read one that was a) interesting or b) provided something...
  16. ComradeGnull

    Something That Never Made Sense: Light Radius

    I agree with you in theory- people should not be obligated to use the lighting rules if they slow down the game too much, or if it isn't an interesting concern for them. Disagree, however, as to making it a 'module', unless by module you mean 'in the core book, but clearly labelled as optional'...
  17. ComradeGnull

    Class list for PHB

    Comparing assassination with stealing is actually quite a nice comparison. Any class can steal, but different classes do it in different ways, just as any class can kill. You can have a Fighter who steals by just mugging people or killing them, a Wizard who steals by teleporting in and...
  18. ComradeGnull

    Scratch Ticket Stats Revisited

    Totally forgotten about the existence of these things (if I ever, in fact, knew about them). They seem like a much better match to a 'sell cards for D&D' proposition than the scratcher idea. I wonder what their sales have been like- they seem to have done multiple generations of them.
  19. ComradeGnull

    Class list for PHB

    I'm not sure that putting the Warlord's abilities into a Specialty allows someone to create a character who is the equivalent of a 4e Warlord. Does the specialty cover just the buffing ability of the 4e character, or healing too? What about control/debuff? If I combine Fighter with...