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    D&D Does Digital Part III: PDFs

    The decision to end PDF sales ended my, decades-long, relationship with D&D. I got rid of most of my books. I only hold onto the rarer, collectible, physical books and now have a sizable collection of (legal) PDFs. I can take a couple of iPads to most games, instead of huge bag of books, or have...
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    D&D 5E How Strange should Flora and Fauna be in the Default 5E Setting?

    I've been lovingly crafting game worlds for more than two decades. I've absolutely built a world with con-langs, unique plant and animal life, and strange new cultures. Some of it was a success, all of it was fun, but here is the lesson I've learned in actual play. I think that you have to pick...
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    Online Character Builder is LIVE!

    I *really* like the interface. No rule files? I liked the character generator because it allowed my players, who are mostly casual gamers, to see all of their options... but I don't necessarily want ALL of the options in my game. I loved that I could throw them a file and it would limit the...
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    It's Almost the Season for WOTC layoff!

    I think responsible discussion of the trend is ok. I've been very critical of the WotC layoffs in the past, but I get that some careers are more competitive, less stable, or otherwise different than I might like, but if it's the career you want: you deal with it. If you are a game...
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    D&D 4E Cloth 4E Dark Sun Map - I have one

    It's beautiful. I'll keep an eye on ebay, but for now I'll be happy with me 2e one which is in perfect condition. I might get it framed and hang it.
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    D&D 4E Cloth 4E Dark Sun Map - I have one

    I'm totally bummed! I'm constantly mentioning the cloth map from 2E as my favorite game accessory of all time. Ugh.. me want!
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    New Neverwinter Nights Game Probably On Its Way

    I'd like it to be an amalgam of ToEE and NWN1. I want a great turn based RPG with a rulset that allows for the creation of modules to be run solo or co-op, with the ability for a GM to sit in and actively control the scenario. Let it import data from DDI, or just release an expansion every 6...
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    Dragon 338: Returning to Athas, part1

    My first real campaign was set in Darksun. I was the 'darksun guy' in my town, and I loved every minute of it. That campaign is probably responsible for keeping me in this hobby all these years. I'll be getting this book, even though I've not been collecting 4e, for nostalgia... But it makes me...
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    Alternative system for Shadowrun setting?

    The answers to this question are mostly predictable regardless what game/movie/concept you might be asking for a ruleset for. I'll add another predictable answer: FATE. I have no clue how much work it'll be... I just found the system recently myself and have been working slowly to put together...
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    What are you playing that is NOT D&D?

    Currently: nada... I'd like to try running Shadowrun 4A or maybe Eclipse Phase. Both look very promising; but my group seems to need something more rules light and story oriented so I am thinking of trying Fate 3 or Savage Worlds. I can't rekindle my love of 4e, so I've been considering...
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    Has the horse left the barn?

    After being an early adopter, and near fanboy, of 4E I found that some of the things that made it most promising to me also made it less than ideal for play at my table. I had so many plans for it too. I was so certain it was going to be the perfect game for me. *sigh* I've been thinking...
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    WotC Layoffs - Rob Heinsoo, Logan Bonner, and Chris Sims

    Probably too deep in the thread to be noticed, but for the people who criticize my decision to not buy the game anymore (and citing that the layoffs were a factor in that decision). I made that decision based on the layoffs that happened directly after 3rd edition was released, and then again...
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    WotC Layoffs - Rob Heinsoo, Logan Bonner, and Chris Sims

    Most companies have to downsize now and again, but the trend at WoTC has not set right with me since just after 3rd edition launched and a lot of great people got cut out. Luckily, for these newest names, their time at WoTC often gives them enough clout within the industry to allow them to find...
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    WIP [Untitled]

    I *really* dig the style. Looking forward to seeing more.
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    PH3 Playtest Race: Wilden

    As a monster manual race... I love them. As a core race in the PHB? No... Just no. It seems like there are still many better choices in the games' past. Oddities like this in the core make the sequalizing of the core appear unsustainable.
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    Weaning Off the Sauce

    I'm with the OP, but I've taken it maybe just a bit further... Up until now I've purchased every book (except for adventures) for 4e. But it became obvious to me a few months ago that, while I really like this game, this game is structured so that almost every book is relevant and useable. The...
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    Game store owners

    A lot of people are buying from amazon and other big discounters these days, more now with money being tight, so (from what I've heard from store owners on forums) don't count on traditional gaming products as your selling point. I think services are the way to go, but I'm not sure what the...
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    The Watchmen....unwatchable?

    I went to see the movie last night, having a great deal of interest in comics but never having read these books in particular, and I have to say ... I thought it was brilliant. It was dark and violent without apology. I love how it showed how a number of people with the same basic intentions...
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    4e Modern

    I've been working on and off on a 4e sci-fi homebrew that I want to run. It diverges a good bit at character generation, but the goal is to keep all of the 4e monsters and whatnot balanced so I can use them. I'm still hacking away at the character class section but the current idea is... One...
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    Revised GSL TODAY!

    I'm so glad to see some publishers excited about this, and the idea that more product will hit the shelves. I relly feel that 3PP are a big part of what made 3e a success (interesting new directions for the game, some really solid products, and an introduction to some really talented designers)...