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  1. TGryph

    Still Searching for "That" System

    Don't know if I am to late to the party, but perhaps I can offer some insight as a 40+ year GM. Pick something...anything...and tell them this is it. It seems like you are spending too much time trying to please everyone, but making yourself miserable. Face it...not everyone wants the same...
  2. TGryph

    OSR Why B/X?

    So I started with the Holmes Blue Book to learn the basics (which was a fairly steep learning curve) then we switched over to AD&D as each book came out. Dug deep into it - I was practically always the Dm by choice and being young, married, and broke had little else I could do cheaply. I...
  3. TGryph

    D&D 2E Looking back at the Monstrous Compendia: the MC appendices, Monstrous Manual, and more!

    I have all the loose leaf compendiums except those dealing with Dark Sun and Spelljammer ( I didn't care for those settings at the time). And yeah...the loose leaf pages were, in theory, a good idea, they just didn't hold up. By that time, I had so many AD&D books, I couldn't easily tote them...
  4. TGryph

    OSR Let's make Shadowdark classes!

    How about this for a non-shifting Druid? Weapons - Club, Spear, Staff Armor - Leather, Wooden Shield Languages - Sylvan (Bonus) Master of the Wild: - Can Identify animals, plants, pure water - Cannot be tracked (unless they want to) - Immune to Charm from Dryad or other Fey...
  5. TGryph

    OSR If you were going to commit to one clone of older edition D&D going forward, what would it be?

    Another vote for Castles & Crusades. Been running it for years, and my players still love it. Moves very fast, very few looking up of rules during the game, and with its hackability plus its really cool Class and a Half system, it has enough character combinations for a huge variety. Plus it...
  6. TGryph

    D&D General On Grognardism...

    I very much agree. Played all editions, and keep going back to the Olden Days. I have a great preference for the freedom these less structured rules give me than the more recent ones.
  7. TGryph

    D&D General On Grognardism...

    61 years old, and been playing some form of D&D since 1980...still do. I wrote some for Dragon Magazine and some other stuff for Runequest, so I have been around a while. I just decided to reunite online with a group I played with in Michigan for 25 years, and in deciding what system to use, I...
  8. TGryph

    D&D General For the Love of Greyhawk: Why People Still Fight to Preserve Greyhawk

    Howdy! Just my two cents worth, as Greyhawk is one of my favorite fact, the only one I have ever used for a D&D style game other than my homebrew world. It was also the inspiration for my homebrew world when I first bought the 1983 Folio new when it first came out (yes, I am...
  9. TGryph

    D&D General Did D&D Die with TSR?

    Died? No. Changed Greatly? Definitely.
  10. TGryph

    D&D 5E Monk, What is Your Martial Code?

    I wrote such an article many years ago for dragon Magazine..."Bonds of Brotherhood". It was written for 2nd Edtion, but it still has some relevance I believe. If you can find it, it might give you some ideas to avoid this stereotype.
  11. TGryph

    The Day Has Come! It's An OGL! And A Store To Buy & Sell D&D 5E Products!

    So, I have been working on a generic (but very detailed) homebrew world, which I have almost completely converted over to 5th Edition. I was just going to have several copies printed on Lulu, then maybe open up the PDF if anyone wanted it. It has several "D&D'isms" (Yuan-Ti, Thr-Kreen)...
  12. TGryph

    D&D 5E DMs: How Old Are You?

    55 as of Sunday (sorta...February 29th actually), so you can put me down for 55 years old but only having 13.75 Birthdays! :) TGyph
  13. TGryph

    Starship Bridge Battles

    Heh. A friend saw this post and asked me to repost my setup on our old FASA Star Trek Game... Keep in mind this was well over 20 years ago (yes I am old). We were using the FASA rules, so circa 1983. We gamed in my friend's basement in Michigan, so we could more or less leave things set up as...
  14. TGryph

    Have you written for DRAGON, DUNGEON, or D&D Insider in the past?

    Howdy! I wrote four articles for Dragon Magazine back in the day (meaning the 80's). They were articles (if interested they were "The Wild Warriors", "Bonds of Brotherhood", "The Other Orientals", and "To all a Good Knight"). If was per word...I want to say 3 cents a word, but I will...
  15. TGryph

    D&D 5E DMG Excerpt: Creating a New Race

    For some reason, I have always envisioned (and treated) Eladrin as more like the elves form the Poul Anderson's work "The Broken Sword"...kinda cold Fey-visioned Elves who could step between worlds rather easily. Great book btw if you have never read it... TGryph
  16. TGryph

    Any good movies featuring gothic horror icons such as frankenstein, werewolves, aristocratic vampires like Dracula?

    I refer you to some old Classic Universal Movies "House of Frankenstein" and "House of Dracula", which features Dracula, The Wolfman AND the Frankenstein monster. HOF is much more entertaining. TGryph
  17. TGryph

    D&D 5E Greyhawk?

    I just put them in the Hepmonaland, replacing the Tuon and just using the same culture. A war between Dragonborn and Yuan-Ti appeals to me... TGryph
  18. TGryph

    D&D 5E Finally

    That's what I thought. Thank you both for your reply. TGryph
  19. TGryph

    D&D 5E Finally

    I have been reading this thread with great interest, and would also like to thank those who spent their time and effort into their replies. One thing I have been curious about and have been unable to find an answer is, if two deities in the same pantheon have the same Domain (i.e say...
  20. TGryph

    Favorite D&D Retroclone?

    Howdy! For the past year, my group has been searching for an OSR game to use in the off weeks from my Runequest 6 campaign. We recently settled on Blood & Treasure. Lots of character types and game options packed in to a very simple, it is just a lot of fun! TGryph