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  1. foolcat

    Basic Roleplaying: A Played It Review

    The GM is always the ultimate arbiter if the question of what skill should be rolled arises (or any question, for that matter). At least that's how I've both played and mastered RP games for the past 40 years. It curbs unnecessary discussion at the table and leaves more time for actual play. And...
  2. foolcat

    Basic Roleplaying: A Played It Review

    BRP (and by this I include all incarnations of it, like RuneQuest, CoC, or Pendragon) already did things in the late 70s/80s that many contemporary and younger RPG systems took their own sweet time to adopt; or expressed differently, some things we take for granted in modern RPG systems have...
  3. foolcat

    Basic Roleplaying: A Played It Review

    Oh dear… heartbreaker question. To me, GURPS is the ultimate universal RPG system there is, and has been since the 90s. The level of detail of characters is unmatched, and the mechanics always stay consistent, no matter how many optional rules (and there are a lot) you choose to bring in or...
  4. foolcat

    Basic Roleplaying: A Played It Review

    I think it’s worth mentioning that while having characteristics, skills, and hit points like D&D, there are no classes or levels in BRP. Neither is there a hit point progression—raising the contributing characteristics after character creation is possible though, albeit time consuming. Skills...
  5. foolcat

    D&D General Poll: Should a poster be expected to read (or at least skim) all posts before posting in a thread?

    So I skipped the first six pages, but I think in order to express ones thoughts on the original question, one can safely ignore anything that had been said up to that point. Nothing to do with arrogance, it’s efficient and saves time.
  6. foolcat

    D&D 5E Auroborus: A Mountain-shattering Rock-and-roll D&D World from WoW Developers

    While I‘m not particularly keen on the underlying system of 5E(*), this looks interesting enough. To paraphrase an (in)famos WoW developer stance: Bring the setting, not the system. I expect nothing less than the fully-fledged, heavy-metal Metzen epicness. He had me at “Black Sabbath’s 1973...
  7. foolcat

    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Legendary Games, and More

    Didn’t expect to see the old WEG Star Wars RPG here. Talk about a blast from the past.
  8. foolcat

    Chaosium's Lords of the Middle Sea Cover Art

    Dammit, now I'm jealous. I feel like I need to get my hands on this, the sooner the better. :love: If/when you're ready to broaden the circle of play testers, I've got a great group of six at hand (we're based in western Germany), with both BRP/CoC/RQ veterans, and system-agnostic (i.e. casual)...
  9. foolcat

    Chaosium's Lords of the Middle Sea Cover Art

    Nuns with guns, yay! (: Wow, this cover is a blast. Ahem. Action! Excitement! Danger! Looks like an old-fashioned Italian movie poster to me, which I guess was the general idea. Evocative. You already had my curiosity, now you have my attention.
  10. foolcat

    Rivers of London RPG: An Interview

    Back when I first got my hands on the RQ6 rule book, “far removed” was my impression exactly (coming from RQ3, which had been my go-to, setting-agnostic fantasy roleplaying system I used for worldbuilding and playing for the better part of a decade). Some examples: No trace of strike ranks...
  11. foolcat

    Rivers of London RPG: An Interview

    Mythras is a different animal. It’s roots lie in Mongoose’ RuneQuest II, a formerly licensed product which deliberately broke with some RQ2/RQ3 traditions; while it certainly has BRP in its DNA, its takes on combat mechanics for example are far removed from the old-school approach on BRP that...
  12. foolcat

    Lords of the Middle Sea: An Interview

    Reading Jason‘s description of the setting, I felt strongly reminded of the film Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miazaki/Studio Ghibli. Fantastic airships, their intrepid, yet quirky crews, ship-to-ship combat up high in the clouds, or just the fight for survival against the unrelenting elements...
  13. foolcat

    Chaosium Releases Basic Role Playing SRD

    Straight from the horse‘s mouth, Chaosium doesn’t want re-skins or retro versions of their games published by third parties under their own BRP OGL. So no BRP-based Holler of Hastur 5.5, ever. Which is understandable, because it lies in the very nature of an OGL that it’s up for grabs by anyone...
  14. foolcat

    Rivers of London and Chaosium – Talking to Michael O'Brien

    Always nice to read about how things come together at one of my favorite gaming companies. :giggle: If you’re an old(er) fart like me and are not thrilled by all of this newfangled “social media“ stuff (ye Gods, how I miss pre-AOL Usenet News), keeping up with Chaosium and their games is also...
  15. foolcat

    Download Greg Stafford's 'The Quest of the Red Blade'

    This is a great portrait of Greg! Any plans bringing it to redbubble?
  16. foolcat

    Meet Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams of Triple Ace Games

    I had the chance to meet Wiggy two years ago at the SPIEL fair in Essen, Germany. We chatted for a bit, he’s a really nice guy. Missed TAG last year at the fair (met some folks from Cubicle 7 instead), so I do hope they‘ll attend again sometime soon. I you like Savage Worlds, check out Sundered...
  17. foolcat

    Congratulations to 2019's ENnies Winners!

    Somewhere in the spirit world, Greg Stafford has a huge grin on his face. Way to go, Chaosium! You folks totally deserve this! #weareallus
  18. foolcat

    Pathfinder 2E It's Finally Here! The Pathfinder 2E Review

    Thanks for the review. Strengthens my resolve not to touch PF2E with an 11 ft pole.