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  1. AeroDm

    D&D 5E Pet Peeve: Weapon Weights

    I agree with most everything you said. I once tried to create what I thought was an innovative approach to encumbrance. It was simple and quick but still allowed for the interesting tradeoffs of "do I carry it or not." What I learned is that most people fall strongly into one of two camps. (1)...
  2. AeroDm

    D&D 5E Poll: Experience, Leveling, and Groups

    A key challenge I have frequently witnessed is that restarting a campaign is very exciting. People like the optimism of creating new characters and undertaking those initial adventures when anything is possible. As a result, being overly punitive towards people who can't attend or restart...
  3. AeroDm

    D&D 5E Racial Weaknesses

    I think the problem with negative rules are two fold. (1) If the rule is static (i.e. a -2 penalty to dexterity or bad at social skills) then you end up with self selection. The only people who will take it are those for whom the penalty is not that big of a deal and you've just shut out an...
  4. AeroDm

    D&D 5E Happy with Play Test 2 Direction BUT..

    I feel differently about immunities on monsters vs PCs. Immunity for a monster does indeed force creativity and speeds along play. Immunity for a PC closes off potential adventure arcs and requires the GM to introduce gimmicks like hyper-poison that still affects dwarves. The game can take...
  5. AeroDm

    D&D 5E Question about skills

    I think one more key difference between earlier editions and 5e is that your skills improve much slower. The main way skills improve is by your ability scores increasing (via stat raises) instead of adding additional skill points or 1/2 level. As a result, if you're trained in a skill at lvl 1...
  6. AeroDm

    D&D 5E Dissapointed with Attunement

    Instead of every weapon having an attunement section, I'd prefer a sidebar giving ideas for how to vary it up and a list of 20-50 ideas to get you started. That way if a group decides to hand waive and just go with the 10 minute rule they don't lose pages from every book. Also, I'm not a fan of...
  7. AeroDm

    Cantrips as encounter powers?

    I think it is a neat idea. Limiting cantrips to one time per encounter ensures that a range of spells will be used but also ensures that the really base spells can be done often. Sure, it comes up with some problems of "how do you define an encounter" but it also forces some level of resource...
  8. AeroDm

    AD&D 1st Edition Reprints Previews

    This is going to be really cool for a lot of gamers that weren't around to experience it the first time around. Kudos, Wizards.
  9. AeroDm

    Best Cleric Domains

    War and Celerity both offer things you couldn't otherwise get at first level. The 3.0 version of Animal gave you a follower which was ridiculously powerful.
  10. AeroDm

    I want to see one book

    I'm with ya, but that isn't a profitable vision. You're aiming for 3ish books/year which is awesome for the player base, but terrible for the company/brand.
  11. AeroDm

    Is Wizards' team also reading this?

    So we have proof that they're reading these forums and, contrary to OP, I've found the general reaction to be positive in many forums. Where I have some concerns is in the fact that the vast majority of the community is not active in *any* forum. How is DNDn going to get their feedback to make...
  12. AeroDm

    D&D 5E When will we be able to run a campaign with D&D Next?

    I don't see any reason you couldn't begin whenever your fancy suits you. Sure, you'll have to fill in some gaps, but it is a playable framework and people are already starting to show homebrew content. Just make sure the players are on board for an evolution in the rule set and you're good to go.
  13. AeroDm

    D&D 5E My D&D Next Wishlist: Bring back XP for GP!

    I read that 100% as an endorsement of killing prostitutes and taking their stuff.... I'm really not a fan of XP for GP. It was a clunky system and if anything I'd like to see XP moved more into the abstract. Players progressed much more slowly in OD&D or 2e and so experience needed to be a very...
  14. AeroDm

    Hit Point Narration

    It stars with significant narration and trails into none. The first few rounds I try to set the cinematic scene with an abundance of narration. After that I try to keep combat moving briskly to keep interest high, and that means less narration.
  15. AeroDm

    Rogues and Shields

    That's a good point. It is sort of interesting that you could similarly make the feat more powerful just by increasing the penalty. If you got no benefit of a shield without the feat, it'd suddenly be a more powerful feat. Kind of an odd relationship.
  16. AeroDm

    D&D 5E 5e "Skill" Checks

    I really like the general approach but I fear it will have a rich-get-richer outcome. In general, the broader applicability of a stat, the more easy it will be to come up with how it applies to a given skill. Dexterity and Strength are such broadly defined stats that I think players will have an...
  17. AeroDm

    Base measurement in DDN

    I'd like the yard/meter change. I think one of the best results of the change would be that we could stop having ridiculous maps. In order to be functional, a room needs to be large enough to accommodate the combat rules. This means we need to have tiny storage rooms or barracks that are 5x5 or...
  18. AeroDm

    Which 3rd Edition books are the best?

    Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting--I think the best overall RPG book I've read Expanded Psionics Handbook-- My favorite all around sub-system. The foundation for my homebrew 3e magic system DMG 2-- Just a book full of neat ideas that didn't break anything else
  19. AeroDm

    Rogues and Shields

    In truth that always sort of bothered me. Darkwood is too cheap if it is going to completely get around a feat. What is it, 254 gp (iirc)? That really undercuts shield prof.
  20. AeroDm

    Coolest. Gaming Set-up. Evar.

    Wow. That is awesome stuff and amazing how far the tech has come in just a few short years. When this thread first started it was more than $1000-1500 for a projector and now we're talking about the same for a tabletop touch surface.