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  1. Sigurd

    Tiny PDFs - not a fan.

    I'm sorry you feel that way. This is completely a reaction to published materials. I have bought over 800 pdfs. I am not going to single out a particular product. This is a review of a category of products - a voice in favour of more satisfying pdfs. To my mind it is a review.
  2. Sigurd

    Tiny PDFs - not a fan.

    I saw some PDFs for sale today that were 3 pages. The game material was one page in three! I don't want to buy one of these to give it a bad review but I want to see how many other people share my thoughts. This PDF had five variations on one core magic item. Just the variation titles in the...
  3. Sigurd

    Horn of Self-Tooting (from, Best 3pp products...)

    Nefarious cursed versions of the horn exist in some locations. Cursed versions create a pungent stink around the player in the presence of a certain audience, say women, or nobility. The player is oblivious to the stink until after they have stopped. The stink has a radius of 10' per round...
  4. Sigurd

    Writing - When do you use\not use computers?

    I'm finding that the computer desktop is a little cold for inspiration when writing adventures. I was wondering what other DM's\Writers do when they want to put a game together so I thought I'd start this thread. How do you use computers and plain old paper when you write an adventure and...
  5. Sigurd

    Ship Graveyard Dungeon Ideas

    You need some sort of guardian that stops fishermen from simply pillaging the graveyard until it's gone. Perhaps there is a curse on wrecks taken from the graveyard. Definitely needs to be some bad mojo that has made a deal with your badguy or vice versa. If its low magic perhaps you should...
  6. Sigurd

    Prior (my new class)

    Well said CK, 'kreox' had a grand total of 2 posts then he picked up his writing and went home. Not exactly a contributing member of the community. It is sort of like he judged a country based on a five minute stay in the wrong train station. Children, don't let this be you.
  7. Sigurd

    Pathfinder 1E Golarion = Greyhawk

    Greyhawk is the setting for a grand story that grew from a gaming table with a preference for particular places. There's lots and lots of stuff about Greyhawk city for example and less about many other regions. The narration of the Greyhawk adventures deepened the history in fewer areas to serve...
  8. Sigurd

    Pathfinder 1E Golarion = Greyhawk

    If you found enough of what you liked in Greyhawk in Golarion that's great. I'm sure there was a will to create some of the same great features of other fantasy settings. In some ways though I think Golarion is much more consciously designed than Greyhawk. The politics of each region and the...
  9. Sigurd

    Building an Airship

    The absolute best you can do for free is to use the Talislantia stuff. Talislantia was a big RPG that had several editions, including a D20 version. At some stage the author decided that he wasn't making the money he wanted and allowed everything on a web page for free. Legally. There is a pdf...
  10. Sigurd

    War in the 3.5ed Forgotten Realms

    Starting a war without a cause is either the action of an amoral profiteer or a simply insane act. You make your own life difficult as a DM when the actions have no reason because you don't know the factions, the allies and enemies. S
  11. Sigurd

    Help my wizard go mad!

    You have to know what the new motives of the wizard will be. Lots of people are mad without being powerful enough that anyone notices :). The simple thing might be that the throne brings forth the same powerful archtype every hundred years. The spirit that possesses\warps the wizard is...
  12. Sigurd

    Virtual Tabletop software?

    That's a really important thought. It's actually core to the development of VTTs as a whole. Whatever system will best make games easier to DM and help online communities grow is going to advance the hobby and create a place for itself. From the end users perspective they can only help each other.
  13. Sigurd

    Virtual Tabletop software?

    For me the appeal of Fantasy Grounds is that it is a pleasing simulation of pen and paper gaming. From a players perspective you don't really need to know more than you would to use table top gaming. Character Sheet holds your character Dice are on the table: Click them with the left button...
  14. Sigurd

    Virtual Tabletop software?

    Selling your own product Restructuring the costs of a program simply because you don't want to pay that much is cheese. It is not that the DM version is more expensive. The player version is cheaper to give player only customers a break. They are reducing the function of a program to create a...
  15. Sigurd

    Virtual Tabletop software?

    _ONE TIME_ Costs If anyone has looked at the cost of gas or experienced the change in people's schedules as they get jobs, move around, have kids etc... they will realize that a one time cost per person of less than $50 is not a lot. I bought FG when it first came out (I might have been the...
  16. Sigurd

    Cool Urban Sites

    The game is rife with factions and the characters become heroes through action. It doesn't take much for one if the factions to embrace this and create a gang. Gangs with character levels might quickly be a nightmare for city guards without them. If you want battles in open areas think of the...
  17. Sigurd

    My players want to buy an Inn.

    In a medieval setting their would be great sickness without beer. Brewing was seen as an improvement on water. Beer is clean compared to river water - the small amount of alcohol kills bacteria and its full of vitamin B. Small beer, the beer made from largely spent grains after the most potent...
  18. Sigurd

    Becoming a God.

    I think you have to decide how tough this should be first. From the GHWiki, Nerull is the Flan god of Death, Darkness, Murder, and the Underworld, worshiped on countless worlds. He is known as the Reaper, the Foe of All Good, the Hater of Life, and the Bringer of Darkness. His symbol is a...
  19. Sigurd

    Pathfinder 1E [SAGAWORK STUDIOS] Competition: A Pathfinder GAMEMASTERY GUIDE is up for grabs!

    I vote for 'The Auld Grump'! Thats a great name. Each subsequent module could be called Son ## of Auld Grump. Sigurd
  20. Sigurd

    My players want to buy an Inn.

    The pdf you want is The Taverner's Trusty Tome It is exactly about running an alcohol making or selling establishment. It has simple rules for if you make a profit and what it costs for most things. The Taverner's Trusty Tome - Dark Quest Games | EN World PDF Store Its not expensive.