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    D&D General Dice Fudging and Twist Endings

    The DM's role is to maximize the fun at the table. If the group doesn't like the high-risk hardcore (old-fashioned) game, then fudging dice may be appreciated. It's really a judgement by the DM though, because admitting a fudge to help the PCs survive is a big nono. They gotta think they did...
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    D&D General Old school Wish

    Does that include changing the language-center in the brains of everyone that uses the word rain?
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    D&D General Old school Wish

    It should mean that all planets in the universe are moved to a new orbit around their stars where the temperature is either too hot for rain or too cold. And we can debate if rain must be water or can also include other chemicals that have a liquid phase. (Link to website about a planet with...
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    D&D 5E Help me with this campaign concept: When Chaos Wins the War...

    Maybe it's more like a solar system during formation: frequent and random collisions - instead of asteroids/planetoids that crash into each other, it's factions and cities that clash and very frequently switch alliances and enemies. Meanwhile the lawful ones wonder what the heck. One day the...
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    D&D Movie/TV Do you think the D&D Movie will be good?

    Yes it will be good. Based on just a feeling. [edit: @DarkCrisis ninja: entertaining = good for this poll, as in "not bad"] No I won't see it because I never find time to go to the movies.
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    D&D General How to reboot the Forgotten Realms (+)

    WotC can safely publish maps. Without lore, that's not going to hurt and it won't cause big plot holes. And speaking of holes, they can close up that Underchasm and similar holes, that appear in some older maps (4e?). I never owned any of those books so I am quite clueless and I try to ignore...
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    D&D General The Fate of Bargle

    Roll initiative.
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    D&D General The Fate of Bargle

    It was an act of defense of the entire Barony, as well as self-defense. Aleena the Cleric was about to summon a number of demons to overthrow the Court of Baron Ludwig von Hendriks. Bargle accidentally saw her enter the supposedly "abandoned caves". Curious what a religious leader was going to...
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    D&D 5E I think I want to mainly dm?

    I prefer DMing. I enjoy improvising, roleplaying and writing stories. Not much investment in terms of physical atrributes on the game table though.
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    D&D 5E Noble NPC that can be useful in combat

    Nobles are rich, possibly better educated but not more talented. So maybe they carry healing potions and are willing to share? Maybe other consumables such as poisons to dip a weapon into for extra damage? (All my other ideas are already put into the two NPCs that @TheSword posted, so well...
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    D&D General What do you do (as GM) if a PC dies in the middle of a session

    With adults: Most certainly yes. Requires player-stupidity or an extreme case of bad luck. With kids: Nah. I'll warn that it's a possibility, but I'll fudge my rolls to avoid the death of PCs.
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    D&D General What do you do (as GM) if a PC dies in the middle of a session

    In my group, nobody would actually enjoy playing a new character. We focus heavily on character development, and any new character would feel hollow and empty. And the party would be mourning the loss of their friend. I'd give the player controls over one or more of the pets, so (s)he has...
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    D&D General Give my your favorite class abilities

    Twin spelling! (Sorcs and Enchanter wizards).
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    D&D General Just For Fun: D&D Themed Limericks and Other Silly Verse

    A gargoyle suffered from high tension He said “I am done with this rocky convention” He had nothing to lose So he married an ooze And is now happy as gooey suspension I'll really really stop now.
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    D&D 5E What a foe can do rather than what a foe is - humans with punch?

    I just roll up a high-level character, fugde my stat rolls to be awesome, then optionally give it legendary resistance, legendary actions, magic (legendary) items, extra HP and a few minions, and it's good luck to the party. I almost always want to customize the human(oid)s in my campaign...
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    D&D General Just For Fun: D&D Themed Limericks and Other Silly Verse

    There once lived a god in a pocket dimension Who struggled with a lack of attention He declared “bow to me” But there was no-one to see Because he was the God of Detention I'll stop now.
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    D&D General Just For Fun: D&D Themed Limericks and Other Silly Verse

    I met this gnome at Waterdeep’s wharf Who said he could drink like a dwarf We gave it a test You can imagine the rest Of course he woke up in his own barf
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    D&D General Just For Fun: D&D Themed Limericks and Other Silly Verse

    There once lived a dragon far away in a wood Who had no firebreath as most dragons should But here is the thing He could fart like a king And was proud that those really burned quite good
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    D&D 5E Upping Challenges for 7 Players

    What kind of laughing are we talking here? If they were having genuine fun, then that's awesome. The only problem may be that the DM wasn't having fun. Maybe you can accept that some encounters are easier than expected? It seems to be a common misconception on these forums that all encounters...
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    D&D 5E Making Combat Mean Something [+]

    New death saves shouldn't be a problem as long as the gameplay is adjusted too. If you have a DM that will push you into combat no matter what, then that might be an issue. Here's a (sort of) 2x2 matrix to explain my point.