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    The Blackgate Chronicles (Updated 11/15/21)

    This is really good stuff. Love the demon, stakes be raised …
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    Dr Midnight's Keep on the Shadowfell - Unbelievably updated on 7/30

    Hey, great stuff, Dr. Midnight! Glad to see you throwing the module off its rails a bit. As in useless? Pretty much. I've stripped all the setting out of the module and am running it as part of a larger campaign for my group. I dig the locations, and the set-ups for the fights, but the...
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    4th edition character sheet

    1) Which version were you using? Ver 0.3 was a fix for that issue. 2, 3) Thanks! 4) Are those attacks actually used in 4e? 5) Nice catch. 6) I could do with diamonds for nipples, too, but I won't get those either. ;) Just playin', but I really have hacked the f--k out of this sheet for...
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    4th edition character sheet

    Absolutely. Send details to the email addy in the top post.
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    4th edition character sheet ^ I designed a 4th ed. character sheet. I hope you use it! The one in the PH is an eye-sore, IMO, and tends to overpower the information stored on it, which for me is a cardinal design sin. Since the most critical numbers are the ones the player has...
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    KOTS Stat Blocks

    Nice one, thanks!
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    D&D 4E Video Review of the 4E D&D Website

    Well, yeah, IA is all about the user experience. It's all about helping people find what they're looking for (and sometimes find what they didn't know they were looking for until they found it). Of course it's irrelevant to a user if they structure their commenting well to be helpful to later...
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    I just read the suggested system specs for the D&D Insider Apps

    I do believe that elf over yonder is lookin' at you funny.
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    Should I spend money for 4th edition?

    I seriously doubt you're "Joshua Randall." Nice one, Eric, but you're not fooling anyone here.
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    Should I spend money for 4th edition?

    This is completely untrue. There is no hysteria on the pro-4e side of things. Players and DMs who like the sound of the changes that have been made with 4e (like the inestimable Zarathustran, thus did he speak) are calm, reasonable and light-hearted gamers who enjoy life, are above average...
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    D&D 4E Keep on the Shadowfell specifics from Mearls (4e designer) .. new info on Page 2

    It's interesting to see how many people are canceling pre-orders due to the mis-timing of this release. I seem to recall that it was initially slated to roll out a month early? I'm assuming that it got pushed back, which kind of de-fangs it as the "play 4e early" release. With 64 pages, it's...
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    The Risen Goddess (Updated 3.10.08)

    Heya, Rackhir! The story has been over for 4 years. This latest post is me picking back up my notes and taking a stab at finishing it up, in a sort of anticipation of reincarnating these characters for 4e. It was a 2-person game, with Thelbar's player (Chris) and I alternating DMing roles...
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    WOTC, Scott, Where in the World is the GSL

    The GSL delay makes unicorns weep sparkly rainbow tears.
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    Pathfinder 1E post pathfinder :(

    If the 4e ruleset is as much fun as it seems it will be, I might be field-stripping the Pathfinder APs for plot and story arcs and just building out the encounters myself. One of the giant up-sides for an Adventure Path in D&D 3x was the amount of prep time you'd save, particularly after level...
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    D&D 4E Your plans for 4e

    Yeh, I'd buy you that drink, John. WotC fuxxored every part of this 4e rollout in my opinion, not the least of which is shafting a better company (Paizo) and forcing them away from the community. The rules and game better be outstanding, because nearly every other aspect of this launch has put...
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    How Do You Like the Warlord?

    It grants extra attack actions -- find me the fighter or rogue that thinks this is a bad thing, and I'll find you a dysfunctional adventurer not long for the world. ;)
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    How Do You Like the Warlord?

    +1 I had the same experience with the classes from Book of Nine Swords; the concepts were fantastic, the mechanics were interesting, but the names? Oh no. Player: I use "Stance of the Seven Golden Mountain Lords!" Me: "Uh . . .? Player: "The miss-chance one." Me: "Oh, yeah." The...
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    Encounter question from an aspiring DM...

    Yes, that's how you use them. They don't take very long to set up. Occasionally, if I have a extra cool non combat scene, I might set up minis on dungeon tiles, just so everyone can get a sense of the room. Leading up to a fight, I usually describe the events immediately prior to the...
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    The Risen Goddess (Updated 3.10.08)

    104—Reflections The low burial mound has stately and ornate doors; they are marked with a series of runes that form a complex pattern. Not a language, Thelbar tells the group, so much as a series of impressions—meant to convey the maker’s psychic state at the time of the writing. It is, he...
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    The Risen Goddess (Updated 3.10.08)

    Current Adventure Arc In the dim and misty 2nd edition past, Orcus (you might have heard of him; fat, hairy and evil. No, Joshua, not Ron Jeremy) was killed by the dark elven goddess Kiransalee in her bid to consolidate the portfolio of the undead. Orcus then returned to the multiverse as...