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    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    Clearly yes. 10 delusional people vote "no".
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    Dragon Reflections #72

    The number of photocopies of the From the Sorcerer's Scroll from this issue that were being handed around gaming groups in my area when this came out was unbelievable.
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    I want to be able to buy my kid an Underdark playset

    A 1:1 scale model of the Mines of Moria.
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    What Do You Do With A Zombie Sailor?

    Tie him to the boat 'til he decomposes Tie him to the boat 'til he decomposes Tie him to the boat 'til he decomposes Else he might go swimming
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    OOTS 1289: Sight Unseen

    ... I don't think she's talking about the trap.
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    At what point does a thread become necro?

    No thread is ever truly dead, but rises again, stronger. "That is not dead which can eternal lie, / And with strange aeons even death may die."
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    Citizen, You Have The Clearance To Read This Paranoia Review

    Paranoia has mechanics? TIL ... Dammit, no, I take that back! I don't want to report to the disintegration chamber!
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    Peregrine's Nest: Taking Charge

    See? Perfect D&D adventure material.
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    D&D General Penguin Random House To Stop Distributing D&D [UPDATED!]

    caveat I've no special knowledge of book publishing or game distribution, and the following is hearsay. I saw some other reporting on this topic (iO9, I think) that suggested the issue to be concerned about wasn't access through distribution -- there are plenty of channels -- but that the...
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    Peregrine's Nest: Taking Charge

    Not to mention most A-team episodes are the scripts of D&D adventures themselves.
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    It’s puppy day!

    Awww ...
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    What's your favorite Urban Fantasy series?

    I'm a Dresden Files guy. The Shiverspouse has been enjoying Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series.
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    Reviews that didn't age well.

    Siskel & Ebert's original review of The Fellowship of the Ring was fairly far off the mark, in hindsight.
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    What's the best adaptation of Beowulf?

    The ancient tale of Beowulf has been adapted many times across many types of media. What's your favorite or the one you think best? For me, in print I like what Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle did adapting the story to interplanetary colonization in The Legacy of Heorot. In film I like the...
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    D&D General Why the resistance to D&D being a game?

    It's not a game ... it's a lifestyle. Or at least that's what Hasbro, WotC, and all the influencers want you to think.
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    OOTS 1287: Play the Hits

    Love the Dungeon Crawlin' Fools title drop.
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    The strike spreads

    You know about the rebellion against the Empire?
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    OSR Old school wizards, how do you play level 1?

    It's intimidating AF, and keeps my hands free for throwing darts or casting my light spell in the eyes of an attacking kobold.