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  1. thastygliax

    Unconverted Animals

    Aren't these already in the Monster Manual? Dog: "They can also be used for small wild canines such as coyotes, jackals, and African wild dogs." Horse, Light: "The statistics presented here describe smaller breeds of working horses such as quarter horses and Arabians as well as wild horses."...
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    Unconverted Aberrations

    Has anyone used the Tome of Horrors Revised Thesselmonster template to stat up the Thessalmera and Thessaltrice?
  3. thastygliax

    Unconverted generic 1st Edition creatures

    Thanks for the welcome and the link, Cleon! The latter will definitely save me some work.
  4. thastygliax

    D&D 3E/3.5 Attempt to rebuild conversion library: please upload conversions to 3.5 here

    Thanks for postijng the S3 conversion--that will save me from having to do it all myself! :)
  5. thastygliax

    Unconverted Vermin

    I'm not sure how they compare power-level-wise with the 2E version, but Green Ronin's Creatures of Freeport includes a crab swarm (HD 5, CR 2).
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    Unconverted generic 1st Edition creatures

    Hi, I'm new to this part of the EN World forums, but I've long been a fan of the Creature Catalog and Tome of Horrors. I've recently spent some time making notes to convert S3 to v.3.5, including the robots and androids in that module: I...
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    How does interbreeding work in your campaign?

    Going by the examples in the core rules, I usually assume the following in my games: * Humans can interbreed with elves and orcs, producing the standard PH hybrids. The reason why they can are a bit murky, and may involve common ancestors and/or magic in the creation of one or more of those...
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    Revisiting Old Campaigns

    The longest campaign I've ever run was just over three years, and only came to an end because one of the three players was progressively getting more and more buried by her job. We finished out the current story arc, which ended on a high note (purifying a corrupted holy relic, and saving the...
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    Do you prepare bands of NPC adventurers?

    This is especially useful in a campaign that has a strong emphasis on role-playing interactions with NPCs, such as an urban orr political campaign where the challenges are posed by intelligent foes more often than mere monsters. Other adventurers are after the same things the PCs are...
  10. thastygliax

    How nerdy are you about English?

    You generalize far too much here. Some of us take a great deal of pride in our work, and in the companies we do that work for. Also, you should be thankful that the better RPG companies take the time and effort (usually unpaid) to release any errata at all, much less be thorough about it.
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    Genders - What's the difference?

    Well said! Differences between the genders shouldn't be imposed by the rules, but by the setting--and those will almost always be social differences, not physical ones.
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    Seeking game in Boston, MA, area

    I have a weekly Saturday role-playing group, but my Sunday group is between games and hasn't met since December. I'd like to do more gaming on a regular basis, so I'm looking for a new campaign to join, preferably every other week or so. Sundays are by far the best day for me, but I may be able...
  13. thastygliax

    How nerdy are you about English?

    "Or as they say back in Indiana, Warshington." --David Letterman I was an English minor in college, taught a composition class as an English TA for a year, and have done work as a RPG proofreader and editor, so I confess that I do have a bit of an aversive reaction to poor English. But I try...
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    Seconded! On Stranger Tides, by Tim Powers, is also excellent. This is an anthology, not a novel, but I'm enjoying rereading High Seas Cthulhu (ed. William Jones). And straying a bit off-topic, I'd recommend Green Ronin's Skull & Bones (historical age of sail) and their Freeport setting...
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    Hey! You got a quibble in my prophecy!

    I've used prophecies in many of my games, but I'm not a big subscriber to the prophecy as inevitable fate approach due to lack of control over PCs' actions and the randomness of many game mechanics. Here are a few of the tricks I've used, some of which have already been mentioned: * Prophecies...
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    What Are Your Favorite Characters?

    As a GM, I prefer my players to provide at least a bit of backstory and personality so that I can have some clues as to what would interest the character (and player). Usually just a few paragraphs is enough to convey the idea, and we can flesh out more together as the game progresses. The real...
  17. thastygliax

    Making campaign settings promote better roleplaying/character interaction

    A similar philosophy can be used with non-historical settings, too. If the GM is diverging from canon for a given setting, is upfront about it, and has a group that is willing to go with it, then who cares what the canon-nazis say? I played for several years in a Buffy/Angel game that was run...
  18. thastygliax

    System suggestions for modern horror?

    Of the systems mentioned so far (that Mouse hasn't already ruled out), I have the most experience with Buffy/Angel, having played for a few years in a spinoff-style series. While these two naturally focus on Buffyverse canon, the base system and char-gen can be used pretty much as-is for any...
  19. thastygliax

    Which game would you recommend?

    Here's my 0.02 Basic Units of Currency, in no particular order: True20: A streamlined d20 variant that shares many mechanics with Mutants & Masterminds. Characters can be customized easily and with fewer rules than in D&D. The only part of the rules that might take a while to get used to is...
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    Not Enough Anime in 4e, on to BESM!

    As I mentioned earlier, I'm considering using BESM 3E instead of D&D 4E for my next Freeport game. I've been working on converting some races, classes, and monsters to BESM, and thought I'd share some of it: * Races: * Classes...