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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    R.O.U.S. was no longer available.
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    Level Up (A5E) Goodberry

    Wait until you see what happened to the Bag of Holding, the Handy Haversack and the Portable Hole! (While I understand the motive, it still hurts...)
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    Level Up (A5E) Should AD&D5E remove simple/martial weapon category as exotic weapons were removed from 5E?

    How about divorcing weapons from damage die size entirely, and let it depend on skill/proficiency? An arming sword could be main-handed/slashing/defensive A maul could be 2-handed/crushing/brutal(2) A rapier could be main-handed/piercing/deadly A dagger could be off-handed/slashing/thrown(10m)...
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    Rise of Skywalker: The Seen It/Spoilers Thread

    We get these early in Belgium (all movies land on wednesdays). Looking forward to seeing it again several times over the next few days with friends, colleagues and family.
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    Question about water.

    Ooh, Christmas came early! Kilogram gets a new definition (BBC) And so the watch of Le Grand K has ended. Note that in one fell swoop, the Ampere, the Kelvin and the Mole were redefined as well with exact values tying them to the Elementary Charge (of an electron), the Boltzman Constant, and...
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    Question about water.

    While we're replying to ancient posts: a litre is indeed defined as being a cubic decimeter (meaning that a cubic centimeter is exactly 1 millilitre. However, the current definition of the kilogram is the mass of a reference cylinder of platinum-iridium ("Le Grand K") stored near Paris...
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    Discovery Trailer

    Two more: s01e14 The War Without, The War Within s01e15 Will You Take My Hand?
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    Discovery Trailer

    Because while the Tholian Web incident in which the USS Defiant switched universes was in 2268, the ship ended up in 2155 in the Mirror Universe, 113 years into the past. It was there found by Captain Archer of the ISS Enterprise, and soon after fell into the hands of Hoshi Sato, who...
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    We saw a Star War! Last Jedi spoiler thread

    Cf. the "why isn't ramming at lightspeed used more frequently in fleet engagements in SW?": My hypothesis why it wasn't done immediately/repeatedly is because no-one expects it to work. In an (admittedly now Legends) comic from the early 1980s, the Executor gets hit by 3 Imperial-class star...
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    D&D 5E Survivor Core Races: HALF-ELF WINS

    Dwarf 11 Elf 4 Half-elf 10 Human 14
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    Sorceror eats Favoured Soul

    If only they'd take that sort of reasoning to its natural conclusion: the merging of the wizard and the cleric. or, a bit more elaborate: the splitting of the cleric into a holy warrior and a priest the merging of the priest with the wizard the merging of the holy warrior and...
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    Stupid question needs intelligent answer.

    Null != Null Slayers can take the stances that their build mentions (Battle Wrath, Berserker's Charge, Duelist's Assault, Mobile Blade, Poised Assault, Unfettered Fury), and Knights can take stances that their build mentions (Battle Wrath, Cleaving Assault, Defend the Line, Hammer Hands...
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    2 bladed sword

    The double sword still is defensive, but is now a light blade (d6 & defensive & off-hand / d6 & off-hand). A Quarterstaff with Staff Fighting is a staff (d8 & defensive & stout / d8 & off-hand).
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    WotC forums broken?

    I seem to have the same problem when connecting directly to their forums (firefox 3.6.13). It seems there is a connection or redirect problem between the actual forum server, and the account server. A work-around that works for me is going to first, and then...
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    Tidally locked campaign world

    I just did some calculations for a star like Gliese 581, considering 2 planets: a terrestrial one at the same solar intensity as Earth is (at 17 million kilometers, sidereal year = sidereal day = 24.5 earth days), and a puffy gas giant like COROT-1b with a sidereal year of 24h (~ 2 million...
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    Tidally locked campaign world

    Any planet near enough to its star to orbit it in 24h would have to be very large to ever be visible to even the trained eye from your tidally-locked world. Additionally, it would be incapable of causing an eclipse, on the count of being too far away from your home world, and too close to the...