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  1. Eis

    D&D General Baldur's Gate 3 will now be releasing August 3rd on PC and September 6th on PS5, increased level cap, race & class details and more

    so I got Laezel out of her predicament, then went to long rest without talking to her, which meant she was gone before I could recruit her did the entire act 1 area, really spent time there, and when I was just about to leave found her laying dead, didn't think to use revivify scroll until...
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    D&D 1E How about a little love for AD&D 1E

    reminds me of when my party of a fighter, thief, cleric, paladin and wizard faced off against five bards we had a bard each
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    D&D Movie/TV Here Come The D&D Movie Gaming Tie-Ins!

    well, you're very close, but this is actually a lute box
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    D&D General Frank Frazetta Coin Photos

    my son bought some of the fantasy coins at Gen Con and they are really cool, nice and weighty these Frazetta ones are excellent looking!
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    D&D General Are all the freebies worth it when taking them means my Pc is a escaped slave that's wanted dead or alive and has a price of 58,290 Gold on his head?

    so in my mind the entire campaign is going to about be your cavalier friend and his plan to kill 61 specific people
  6. Eis

    D&D General One Piece of Art VII (Spells): What Piece of Art Inspired You to Love Spells?

    ok this may not be a spell, it might be a magical ability but my son and I refer to this dude from the Fiend Folio and his zany pose quite often
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    D&D General Adventuring Company Names and What They Are Up To

    I DM for my mid 20's son and his friends and in our initial campaign their party had become protectors of a teenaged queen who had been usurped and was rallying forces to oppose her uncle, an evil Duke. The fair queen had always been nicknamed "The Young Rose" and after the party had some...
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    D&D General The Best DM Advice Was Writren in 1981.

    if you don't want to roll you could just choose a number of years within that range, it is your prerogative as DM
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    D&D General D&D is so mainstream...

    they should have to find proof....which is in the (black) pudding
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    D&D General I used to be clumsy ,

    I used to be clumsy. I still am....but I used to be too with all apologies to Mitch Hedberg (RIP)
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    D&D General I know it's not Christmas yet, but this D&D advent calendar...

    Devin Booker plays a surprisingly large role in my Ravenloft game
  12. Eis

    D&D General I know it's not Christmas yet, but this D&D advent calendar...

    I wonder if you could get an advent calendar template and either customize it or have it custom printed with a D&D design. Then you could just fill the compartments yourself with minis, dice etc.
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    D&D General Warduke. An attempt to provide an historical look at the character in print.

    very cool read I'll pick a nit, you misspelled Elminster as "Eliminster"
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    D&D 5E Private Sanctum Question

    Sanctum? Damn near killed 'm!
  15. Eis

    Pepper Patties from Outer Space

    depends on whether you get the candy or the Peanuts character
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    D&D 5E 40% of 5e D&D players are 25 years old or younger

    oh it won't be long before D&D is the new bingo
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    Pepper Patties from Outer Space

    I misread the title a bit and was hoping for Peppermint Patties from outer space
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    D&D 5E And the award for "Best Improvised Weapon" goes to....

    We were on the trail of someone or some thing which had been murdering people in the streets of this city we were in. Following the clues we ended up at an inn where we were set upon by the perpetrators of the murders. As it turned out it was a group of werewolves and having no magical weapons...
  19. Eis

    D&D 5E Second Sundering: Returned Deities?

    I mean sometimes there's a restocking fee but if they put them back out on the shelf and the packaging is damaged you can get some really good deals