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  1. greywulf

    The smell of 13th Age

    If you are going mad then we both are. It smells wonderful! Definitely a classic hardback RPG scent. I can also confirm it smells so much better than the pdf. G.
  2. greywulf

    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    I think it will be called "Dungeons and Dragons" - the ampersand will be dropped and replaced with a full "and". This will visually separate it from 3rd and 4th Editions D&D and help emphasize the brand itself. It's Dungeons AND Dragons. It's also much easier for use online - those &'s are a...
  3. greywulf

    Thank You

    I'll drink a beer in your honour and toast your best wishes for the future, Scott. Thank you for all you've done for the hobby so far, and may you continue to keep right on doing it :cool:
  4. greywulf

    EN World 10 Year Anniversary Competition & Community Supporter Account Sale!

    Excellent idea for a competition, and here's to another 10 years! And another 10, and another, and........
  5. greywulf

    Microlite20 gone

    ......and it's back. Well, that was fun. Our hosting provider "forgot" to renew out free lifetime domain name which meant out name ended up pointing to a rather nasty spam placeholder. I'm happy to say that when I pointed out their error they jumped very quickly to get things fixed and back to...
  6. greywulf

    What do you think the new setting will be, from Ampersand?

    My Little Pony 4th Edition :D Seriously, I'd be very happy with Dark Sun, Al-Qadim, Planescape or Spelljammer. They're all excellent settings and well deserving a dust down for 4e. But I'd absolutely love a Birthright rendition. That's what would get my vote.
  7. greywulf

    New Microlite20 thread

    Good question, and (at the risk of spinning this thread further off topic), well worth answering. In our group, we find that 4e has certain elements that positively encourage and improve the whole role-playing experience. Things like Skill Challenges, quicker and simpler encounter and monster...
  8. greywulf

    New Microlite20 thread

    Actually I am a pretty big 4e D&D fan, and consider it the best version of D&D to date, after the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. But I'm also not above poking fun at things I love. Heck, I've been known to take the p*** out of Microlite20 too, and I wrote the thing :D If you're going to decide whether...
  9. greywulf

    Flanking with... yourself?

    If you flank yourself too much you'll go blind. It's a fact. I read it somewhere.
  10. greywulf

    Book of NPCs

    This is an amazing resource. Many, many thanks to you Paul!
  11. greywulf

    Just more kobolds

    I've just stumbled across these and absolutely adore them. Definitely going to find some use in my games. Love them! Thank you.
  12. greywulf

    New Release: Battlemap Tiles

    Oh very nice :) Added to my wishlist for payday.
  13. greywulf

    D&D Renders

    Nice work. It's good to meet a fellow role-playing render addict :) My blog is chock full of rendering goodness (link to Render category, though there's images all over the place), mainly rendered in DAZ Studio or Poser 6. What do you use?
  14. greywulf

    Making Minions

    @bobthehappyzombie Lol! Oh, so thaaaaaaat's how it's done :) @Mengu Quite so. I'm just surprised that.... uhhhh..... it's not in the rules.
  15. greywulf

    Making Minions

    Guys, unless I'm going completely blind, I can't find the rules for making Minions anywhere in the DMG. Or adapting them from existing Monsters, either. I've check both the sections on Customizing Monsters, and Creating Monsters, and I'm convinced it's got to be in there somewhere. Now, I know...
  16. greywulf

    Goblins! project: Basic Pencils

    Ah, that makes sense :) Cool!
  17. greywulf

    Goblins! project: Basic Pencils

    I'm loving these already. The heads look a little strange though - more demonic or kobold-like than I'm used to. Is this intentional? Just wondering.....
  18. greywulf

    Welcome to Myth Merchant Press' Hosted Forums.

    Oh I LIKE this! Nice one, Steve. Here's hoping to comments from lots of happy customers :)
  19. greywulf

    New Microlite20 thread

    Apologies for the delay in replying, Urizen - I'd half completed my answer then ENWorld ate my post yesterday. Gaaaaah! I'll try again....... Welcome to the wonderful world of Microlite20 :) The booklets you're seeing are PocketMod Editions of the rules. These are single-sheet prints that are...