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  1. Kimberly Burgess

    WotC non-OGL alternative to D&D

    Cepheus. Uses the base Traveller system of d6s without the setting fluff or baggage. Can do sci-fi, fantasy, modern, or whatever you wish. Even has a few existing lines set up. Sword of Cepheus, Cepheus Deluxe, d6s, paper and writing instruments, and your imagination are all you need.
  2. Kimberly Burgess

    D&D General Are you jumping ship? What will you be switching to?

    Just go with the system Traveller came up with. Cepheus can do sword and sorcery, sci-fi, and anything else. Just needs some d6s. Simple, fun, and legacy setting free. Make up or import and convert your existing stuff, and have fun. Simple, fun, relatively fast, and collegial.
  3. Kimberly Burgess

    D&D General Veteran fans - did you think of Basic D&D and AD&D as completely different games?

    I started with the Basic and Expert sets along with the Wilderness Survival Guide, and freely mixed and matched adventures, Gazetteers, and modules. Even mixed in the old Greyhawk boxed set and my own creations. I think I still prefer the Rules Cyclopedia/Immortals/Mystara/BECMI setting over...
  4. Kimberly Burgess

    D&D General First official D&D game product you owned? - forums + Reddit results

    I don't remember exactly what order i received my first materials in, but i was 12 and it was during the Satanic Panic in rural Louisiana. Someone gave me the Basic and Expert boxed sets plus the 1E Wilderness Survival Guide, and those blew my mind! Sometime after that I received the Gazetteer...
  5. Kimberly Burgess

    Dragonlance Elmore's 'The Four Women of Dragonlance' Painting Is Finished

    When we first met her in the bar, she used a metal frying pan to bash a bad guy on the noggin. I've loved that idea ever since, especially since I love hammers and every problem IS a nail. Frying pan has a larger surface for hitting with...
  6. Kimberly Burgess

    TSR Did TSR Sue Regularly?

    Very nice! I found this on the Traveller Wiki: Digest Group Publications - Traveller
  7. Kimberly Burgess

    TSR Did TSR Sue Regularly?

    Curious, DGP wrote Megatraveller, and in the directory for Megatraveller is a folder called Licensed Covers, where I found the covers for DGP's books listed here: List of Traveller Books - Wikipedia Yet aside from Digest Group's Jounal issues 3 and 4, I have no content to associate with those...
  8. Kimberly Burgess

    Pathfinder 2E Pathbuilder 2e (beta) is live

    Thank you Porridge! I love the Android apps and have them adfree
  9. Kimberly Burgess

    TSR Did TSR Sue Regularly?

    Marc doesn't list Space 1889 on his FFE site, but I would not be surprised if it pops up there in the future. This is his current listing for the CD Roms. He has some stuff offered on DriveThruRPG as GDW, but his CDs are a much superior deal at $35 a disc with a 4th disc in each order being...
  10. Kimberly Burgess

    TSR Did TSR Sue Regularly?

    I think there is a lot of truth to this. I was in the Navy at the time and grew up during the Cold War, so Twilight 2000 resonated with me. Traveller 2300/2300AD was the hopeful future of Twilight 2000, set 300 years later when mankind had rebuilt and reached the stars. I loved that idea. It...
  11. Kimberly Burgess

    TSR Did TSR Sue Regularly?

    By that point I was really into GDW games, and so ANGRY at TSR. Yes, I paid for Dangerous Journeys and had to rewrite the rules to make it work, but I REALLY LOVED Twilight 2000, 2300AD, Traveller (the in its 3rd edition as The New Era), Space 1889, and really wanted to work there once my...