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  1. Psikerlord#

    D&D 5E A huge new sword & sorcery adventure is now available for 5th Edition

    Are there any changes to the classes in this adventure?
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    Social Encounter Drop Table for Lowlife 2090 & similar Cyberpunk games

    Thanks, yes I agree these sorts of drop tables can be very fun for solo rpging :)
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    Social Encounter Drop Table for Lowlife 2090 & similar Cyberpunk games

    I've been thinking a lot about Emergent Play lately and decided to try a "Social Encounter" drop table for Lowlife 2090, and similar cyberpunk games. There are a few slang words (Trem = Junkie, Beck = office worker, Peacekeeper = cop, CTAC = Catastrophic Transmutative Arcane Contagion), but I...
  4. Social Encounter Drop Table PNG.png

    Social Encounter Drop Table PNG.png

  5. Psikerlord#

    OSR Low Fantasy Gaming Offers A Delicious Blend of Different D&D Editions

    From the book: Designer’s Thoughts Although hit points, spells and other abilities tend to replenish regularly, relying on Luck gets riskier the longer an adventure goes on. Diminishing Luck is intended to serve several purposes. Firstly, players must make choices about when to use their Luck...
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    Worlds of Design: Is Combat Now Passe?

    For me, fun combat, ie good gamplay, is the primary reason I play trpgs. It's the best part. Any story or RP is a bonus. Yeah, there can be cool RP moments, but if there was no combat I'd find other things to do with my time. This is probably also why I dont enjoy 5e very much (too easymode) or...
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    Combat as a single roll

    I play RPGs for the fun combat. A one roll win/lose mechanic would mean combat is over waaaaay too fast for me. 20 min combat, awesome, perfect! 2 min combat wrapped into a single dice roll with no depth? No thank you.
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    D&D 5E Should D&D 5e have Epic Levels?

    Definitely not. In fact, dnd should only have 10 levels. That's where it works best and is most fun.
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    Realistic Consequences vs Gameplay

    To answer the OP - I think the answer is very obvious - if they've failed to escape, those two PCs get executed. Roll up new PCs! Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Anything else and the players know you'll do anything to save their PCs to preserve them, which is fatal to good gameplay (and...
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    Worlds of Design: The Four Laws of Character Death

    Character death is not a problem, it is desirable (essential, even?). For good gameplay you need real danger. You can have the most awesome preplotted story in the world... but No danger = No fun = Players get bored and campaign folds after two sessions. If your PC dies early or mid session...
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    D&D 5E Has anyone experimented with Advantage / Disadvantage on damage dice?

    It's already kind of in 5e with the Savage Attacker feat I think - you can reroll damage. Which is almost but not quite as good as adv on damage rolls.
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    D&D General Help Me Build the D&D Game I Want to Run

    Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe edition with the expanded exploration rules does exactly this, both mechanics wise and the adventures are written in this style - travel to site, adventure at site, return to base (see Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting for example, or pretty much any of the Adventure...
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    Surprising the GM, or, Random Content in Dungeons

    I 100% agree, I think you want a mix of planned and random material. It simply more fun for everybody at the table.
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    D&D General What Compels YOU to a new RPG?

    I generally like to play a system for up to about a year, then switch it up with something else. Keeps things fresh. Of course this is not always the case, we played 4e for 4 years I think.
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    D&D 5E Is 5e "Easy Mode?"

    Yes, 5e is extreme easy mode, for a number of reasons, not the least being how death saves work with bonus action, ranged healing word.
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    Crowdfunding News – SLA Industries, PunkApocalyptic, Harper’s Tale, and more

    Thanks for the shout out Egg, appreciate it man!
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    GenCon Adventure Strangeness

    Ah well that is no warning whatsoever, and totally out of sync with what you would expect for SW con game. What an idiot.
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    GenCon Adventure Strangeness

    What were the game systems you were playing Retreater?