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  1. Taelorn76

    A Dance with Dragons discussion (SPOILERS!)

    Not so much against the return of magic; just not too keen on the who undead thing. I really like all the political strategy.
  2. Taelorn76

    A Dance with Dragons discussion (SPOILERS!)

    A little late to the party but I just finished the book. A few things that have been pointed out already really stunned me, , but when I think about what GRRM has done in the past this should not have come as much of a shock. I will tag the following just in case In one of Selmy's last...
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    Falling Skies premier

    It seemed that the alien was actually motherly to the children that were harnessed. I am curious to find out more about the connection between Skitter and harnessed kids. It also seems like the harnessed kids are 'attached' to a particular Skitter, which is why I think that one they killed...
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    GAME OF THRONES #9:-Baelor ACT 9 Chapter 1-2011

    I will sblock this just in case I don't think that he would be their child. The Targaryans all seem to have the weird eye color and the silver hair. He may be Lyanna's but I don't think Rhaegar's. Which begs the question, Who is the daddy? Could Robert, be the father and that is the big secret...
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    GAME OF THRONES #8:-The Pointy End ACT 8 Chapter 1-2011

    Maybe I am just recalling this incorrectly, but I though Rob only marched to war in the second book. I will agree with whoever commented that the anticipation of waiting for the next episode is tough when you have read the books and know what is coming. It is also hard when everyone at work is...
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    GAME OF THRONES #7:-You Win or You Die ACT 7 Chapter 1-2011

    I think that you are correct on this. This scene gives you a hint of what Tywin is made of. He is a man of action, not one to let others do things for him, not afraid to get his HAND dirty.;)
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    GAME OF THRONES #7:-You Win or You Die ACT 7 Chapter 1-2011

    Looking on IMDB Shea is listed as appearing in 2 episodes. She is the last entry in the all characters list.
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    GAME OF THRONES #7:-You Win or You Die ACT 7 Chapter 1-2011

    That is why I could not remember her from the boos
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    GAME OF THRONES #7:-You Win or You Die ACT 7 Chapter 1-2011

    I am totally blank on the character Ros, who was she again?
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    LOST: The Final Season (Spoilers)

    What you said made me thing about what Boone said to Hurley as they watched Sayid and Shannon reunite. It was something to the effect of took you long enough to get here. It was definitely referencing the fight, but also could imply that since he dies early on he has waited a while for Hurley.
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    2010----In Remembrance.

    Just looked at some other news sources and no one seems to be saying anything about it.
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    V The new Series (spoilers)

    I have a feeling the Pope is also a visitor. The priest did comment on the how he thought the Church accepted them as creatures of God too quickly. As for the FBI agent, I am glad he was outed already. I could not take Steve the pirate seriously as an FBI agent.:confused:
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    FLASHFORWARD #7:The Gift/Seaon 1/2009

    What I got from the blue hand group was that those people are causing their own flash forward. The only reason they saw nothing was because they killed themselves for not seeing nothing. Overall the episode was very good.
  14. Taelorn76

    FLASHFORWARD #5:Gimme Some Truth/Season 1/2009

    You are correct, I believe her statement was the in 6 months she saw herself sitting in the Oval Office. She very well could have assumed that meant she was President.
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    Ghost King (Transistion 3)

    I guess I thought of it more like a stalemate. The lesser of the two evils in the novel seemed to have come out on top, but not totally win.
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    Ghost King (Transistion 3)

    I just finished reading the second one about two months ago. And I am wondering what plot turns you are referring to. Not that there weren't any, but just wondering if we consider the same things plot turns.
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    HEROES Vol 5 #4:Acceptance/Season 4/09

    The guy who plays Mohinder was on last weeks episode of Psyked
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    Haven't seen the whole episode yet, but from what I have seen it has gotten my attention and I will be watching. One thing I do have to gripe about was in the hospital, who operates on a someone with out masks??? I don't care how much of an emergency it is docs always scrub in.
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    HEROES Vol 5 #1 & 2:Orientation/Season 4/09

    I think the freaky new friend killed her and they will explore that revelation.