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  1. Nebten

    Play-by-Post: Different Levels in One Adventure

    You don't. 4th edition D&D is not set up to have 1st level characters play with 8th level characters. Your best bet is to have it be set at one level and allow characters a level below and a level above in on the game. I know you want to try to accomidate everybody, espically being the new guy...
  2. Nebten

    Pathfinder 1E Best Adventure Path? That should get you started...
  3. Nebten

    Prestidigitation - Just some questions.

    That's nice Ragmon. Go ahead and allow it in your game, then good luck trying to use it in somebody elses game.
  4. Nebten

    Star Wars RPG Beta: Are they serious?

    Paying for a Beta test of a game . . . sounds like the PHB, DMG, & MM of D&D 4th edition to me.
  5. Nebten

    Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter

    reported Lorrie447
  6. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    It feels good to save the world to save the world again. Sadly my drinking buddies are gone, and I'm left with a metal man and an elf, ugh. After a sheepish grin, Dane rubs his thumb across his dragon scale. Maybe a break is what we all need. It is not everyday you discover you are a living...
  7. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    For the third riddle, a map. The fourth, I'm going with sunlight.
  8. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    Dane nods in silence at the decision and stows his shield. He then shifts his scale into dusky cloaks to concel himself within the shadows.
  9. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    I'll be out of town for the next week and a half. Sadly I don't think it will matter much since this adventure is dying the slow death. Velmont fought the good fight in taking over and continuing this campaign. Posting all around has dragged dramatically here over the past months (battles go at...
  10. Nebten

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder SRD down?

    She's back up. It looks like they polished things up a bit.
  11. Nebten

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder SRD down?

    I just tried to load up Pathfinder SRD ( ) and its going to a Google sites page. Anybody know what's going on?
  12. Nebten

    Hero Lab issue - Bard Masterpieces

    Thanx for checking that out for me Mad Hamish. Sadly, I don't see that button. :erm: I've PM'ed the mod for that board and hopefully this will open up the proper dialogues.
  13. Nebten

    Hero Lab issue - Bard Masterpieces

    Disclaimer: I tried to post this question on the Wolf Lair forums, but it says all messages must past moderation before being posted. I posted over 24 hours ago and other people have made posts/created threads since then. Go figure. I just recently purchased the Blood of Fiends data pack for...
  14. Nebten

    Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

    I feel the same way about seeing it in the theatres. The movie industry needs to know that movies like this are wanted and can sell. If we don't tell them with our dollars, we'll keep getting sequels, re-makes/boots or other subpar films. This is a movie I actually wanted to see all year just...
  15. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    "Taking the chalice will only piss off both sides. While we are great, a dwarf can only take so much. Let the two sides grind themselves into pebble. After which we can talk with the victors or go about or way. There is a lot of island we need to cover and no way getting off of it."
  16. Nebten

    Ways to exterminate Orcs.

    Get to 5th level. They are almost never a problem thereafter and fade away as if they never existed.
  17. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    After donning his greaves, Dane turns to the group on nods. "It's the end of days out there, and we are caught in the middle of it. We know the giant-kin have no love for us, but the angles may only see us as annoying ants. And ants can get squashed. Last time we took sides blindly, we drew...
  18. Nebten

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Shooting/Throwing into melee and missing....

    This is for Thrown Splash Weapons, such as an acid flask or alchemists fire. This is not the same as thrown ranged weapons, such as throwing a dagger or a hand axe. Sadly what you are proposing is just a lot of dice rolling to determine that you still missed the target. The reason that knowing...
  19. Nebten

    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    Dane quickly assembles his armor and oufits his person. His years of martial training allows him to prepare for battle in pressured conditions. (Going for wearing all items)
  20. Nebten

    Is smite damage affected by DR?

    In D&D 3.x, yes it is. Smite is just a bonus to hit and to damage. The type of damage comes from the weapon use. If its a flaming sword, then its fire damage. If its a silver mace, its bludgeoning/silver damage. Using Smite Evil does not make it qualify for "Good" to bypass DR in D&D 3.x.