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  1. Jack7

    [October] What are you watching?

    On the weekends (the only time I watch TV) I’ve been watching a lot of old high-end films, like Marooned and the Andromeda Strain and Charly and Khartoum. And I’ve been rewatching all the Selleck Jesse Stone films. One at a time. I’ve also been watching a lot of foreign films and short films...
  2. Jack7

    D&D 5E Are you RETURNING to D&D

    For me and my players (I mostly DM) I had developed a hybrid form of D&D which we played for years and years. But with 5E I can honestly say that (although I have hybridized it a little already) I have mainly just begun to convert my milieus/worlds straight to 5E. It is so much fun to play and...
  3. Jack7

    D&D 5E Camping is dangerous (how can it be made safer?)

    Just Prepare Sharply and Effectively There are some very simple and effective ways to better secure a camp that I have practiced in real life for a long time. (This assumes of course you’re either operating in dangerous area or an unfamiliar area, or both. Some of these are unnecessary in more...
  4. Jack7

    D&D 5E If you're planning to run 5e, have you started a homebrew campaign?

    I'm simply converting my long-running Roman (Eastern Roman and Byzantine)/Other World homebrew into a mostly 5E game. For my family. We're running it again this weekend.
  5. Jack7

    D&D 5E Passive Investigation?

    That Peculiar Mental State of Awareness As a former PI who still occasionally helps out with cases I can tell you that the idea of passive investigation (although in my opinion it does not exist in the Real World in the way described by 5E rules as I'll explain in a moment) really refers to...
  6. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    I like three things here - the fact that he is Half-Elven (if you ask me probably the best race for a Bard), the fact that he is a Knight and called "The Knight of Song," and the fact that he has retainers to act as assistants and performers. That is an excellent idea.
  7. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    Lol! And well played.
  8. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    WORD-HORDE This may be a little academic but I've always thought that the term Word-Hoard applied directly to Medieval Bards and Skalds and Poets and Writers (as well as to modern Poets and Writers and Bards). I always thought a poet's Word-Hoard was one of his greatest possessions. But last...
  9. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    You know, now that you mention it, it wouldn't hurt at all to have a list of songs, poems, glams and curses, blessings, aphorisms, short verses, stories, and poetic phrases for various types of Bardic situations. You could also have a few basic musical chords and phrases you could rearrange ad...
  10. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    MEDIEVAL MUSIC AND SONGS An excellent resource full of superb links for those Bards so inclined.
  11. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    Not really, other than what you already said, but I already like, "The Storm Bard."
  12. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    A HOARD DID I ENCOUNTER Steal well, or well-stolen? Either way I'll probably use something like this - on Lyre. A HOARD DID I ENCOUNTER My gentle lords and ladies fill now up your cups I’ll sing to you of ransom even as you sup Far away in foreign lands I chanced upon a...
  13. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    That's a very interesting concept Mistwell. I personally think that a Bard well played will be a fascinating character and that 5E grants a lot fo room for excellent role play and character development overall. The best of any version fo the game I've seen so far.
  14. Jack7

    D&D 5E Rate the 5e player character classes

    I am not a Geek Gamer. When it comes to gaming, and especially role-play games I am far more of a Nerd, and very old school. So, that being said, I will rate the Character Classes in order (from best to last in my opinion) based upon both if the class is my favorite and on how strong I...
  15. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Do You Plan to Play Your Bard?

    First a small introduction about this post from me. After receiving my Player's Handbook about the 23rd or so of August I have to say that I am immensely pleased by both 5E and the way characters are able to be designed and developed in this edition of the game. Secondly, although I...
  16. Jack7

    D&D 5E How Will You Be Generating Stats in 5E?

    Talent Pool I allow my players to use something I call a Talent Pool (I invented many years ago). The idea is based on real people, that being that most people are really good at at least one thing and this is reflected in general attributes. And most people are good at a few other things and...
  17. Jack7

    D&D 5E Your wishlist for fantasy adventure beyond medieval Europe

    Byzantium and Beyond I run a long time mytho-historical campaign set in Constantinople that also ranges into the East (Middle East and as far as Persia/Parthia), sometimes goes North (into Russia and Viking lands), and South into Alexandria and Egypt and further down the coast of Eastern...
  18. Jack7

    The Theory of Everything (trailer)

    Oh, modern man... I SAW THE CYNIC The modern man thinks cynicism a wondrous form of strength Everything to him is trope, a bitter truth, the length Of his shortened rod by which he whips out at the world If only his so little rod were not so inward curled But cynic odd, or love be damned...
  19. Jack7

    What motivates you to act?

    A Plan Nothing in particular for me Umbran. I realize that I have only so much time and so much money. So years and years ago I developed a Charity and Philanthropy Plan. It is similar to my Investment Plan, but in reverse. I donate to certain categories of charity, such as church, medical...
  20. Jack7

    D&D 5E I for one hope we don't get "clarification" on many things.

    Back to your original assertion - I agree completely and think this a superb summation of my entire outlook upon the game since its original conception and design. I'm extremely glad to see the 5th Edition return more to this point of view.