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  1. Knight-of-Roses

    D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh

    From my readings, the French who fought in Dahomy only respected the women soldiers among the Dahomian forces. Even the French Foreign Legion thought they were excellent warriors.
  2. Knight-of-Roses

    D&D 5E Unearthed Arcana: Draconic Options

    So, I guess allowing Dragonborn to take breath weapons that deal necrotic, psychic or radiant damage in my campaign was not so big of a deal then.
  3. Knight-of-Roses

    WotC WotC Gets A New Logo?

    Seems a shame to ditch a distinct and strong logo for a generic one but it is their money to waste . . .
  4. Knight-of-Roses

    Announcing the Free RPG Day 2020 Publishers!

    I know that Tyche's Games in Athens, GA, will be participating as they have every year.
  5. Knight-of-Roses

    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] Sea of Stars Campaign Setting for Pathfinder

    Hello gamers! I am running a Kickstarter for my Sea of Stars Campaign setting. You can find a free introductory adventure on the Kickstarter page and give it a spin. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to have your support.
  6. Knight-of-Roses

    Players: What Do You Bring With You to a Game?

    Character sheet, dice, scratch paper and pencil, a rulebook if I have one. I am usually the host, so I have things to drink availible and money to toss in for food (if we are doing a group food thing).
  7. Knight-of-Roses

    [Kulan] Combining AU/AE with D&D v.3.5: I'd like some suggestions

    I have had an Akashic and an Unfettered (in different groups) and they played fairly well alongside standard 3.x classes. Against yet another group, I used Warmains as opposition and they were tough but not overwhelming. Have not had anyone try any of the magic using AU classes but it would be...
  8. Knight-of-Roses

    The purpose of this forum

    I have been playing a bit of nWoD, not a bad system. Good luck with your Fantasy Hack for it. I am sticking with 3.x + Pathfinderish for the near future. Been working on my campaign world: The Sea of Stars With a campaign journal, forum and even a wiki. You are all welcome to drop by. I...
  9. Knight-of-Roses

    The purpose of this forum

    I think things have just been quiet. I am still around now and then.
  10. Knight-of-Roses

    Rebalancing exotic weapons

    An interesting idea. Personally I dislike double weapons as they are just too silly and spiked chains as being too (game) mechanically efficient. And why is a hand crossbow exotic!? It is pistol sized crossbow, you point it and pull the trigger. Its damage and range both are poor, there is...
  11. Knight-of-Roses

    A list of useful resources

    And I cannot believe that I forgot to mention: The Grand OGL Wiki Bringing us OGL material with its publishers permission.
  12. Knight-of-Roses

    A list of useful resources

    Just found these guy through Facebook (of all places): 3.5 Private Sanctuary, "keeping 3.5 alive", there have a nice forum and a Podcast (!).
  13. Knight-of-Roses

    What do you like about 4e?

    Like, the idea of the ritual system, but not how it actually works. More tactical flexibility/everyone gets to do neat stuff is a neat concept. However, in my limited play experience, I have not seen that the actual execution of 4e combat is that much superior to 3.x. Non-magical ways to...
  14. Knight-of-Roses

    Character Generation, random or not?

    Class-based statistic bonuses to represent early training? An interesting idea.
  15. Knight-of-Roses

    Character Generation, random or not?

    What I want is a way for player to create the character they wish to play without just saying "choose your stats".
  16. Knight-of-Roses

    Character Generation, random or not?

    What are people's opinions of this? Do you make people roll for stats, use point buy or some other system. I am pondering my next campaign and how to do such. Random roll are my preferred method but they are, well, random.
  17. Knight-of-Roses

    Death and Dying

    Whatever works best for you and your group. I just like a more heroic style of play. (And continuing damage remains a threat, such as original 3.0 Wounding weapons or acid arrow damage.)
  18. Knight-of-Roses

    Death and Dying

    Funny that this comes up now, I was just thinking of how I was going to change stabilization in my next campaign (when I have a next campaign). While I am going with the AE-based Disabled at 0 to -Con modifier HP and Dead at -10 or Con score HP (whichever is higher). I have decided to simplify...
  19. Knight-of-Roses

    Feat Points

    While I can see the purpose or rate feat and the point based purchase mechanic , I am not sure I am sold on the additional complexity. I would rather just give out more feats and more bonus feats and keep it at that.
  20. Knight-of-Roses

    More feats, and stackable feats

    I like the idea of more feats. If the stackable become a problem on Spell DCs you can always scale it back or apply the law of diminishing returns or require that the bonus is not more than 2 higher than the next two highest School Spell DC bonuses the character has or whatever. Give it a try...