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  1. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Criticizing the new edition of D&D (because I like it a lot)

    Between dash and being able to mix up your move and attack, isn't charge still kind of in? Agree with many of your other points, although feats should be optional. 99% of my people wouldn't play without them, but for new players its usually a bridge too far.
  2. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Playtest +basic? Anyone run anything yet?

    My only advice would be to immediately fall back on whatever rule you like from whatever edition you like instead of slowing down the game looking for rules that might not even be available yet. Also, the monsters are pretty freaking tough, especially if you are playing with people new to dnd.
  3. unan oranis

    D&D 5E First Basic Game: Fun With Backgrounds (And Not Much Else)

    I read this thread just before running my first 5e session today, and I'm glad I did! Originally I was going to keep things extra simple and skip the Background stuff just to save a little time. 3 out of 4 players had never played dnd before and we only had 3.5 hours to play from scratch, and...
  4. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Lost Mine of Phandelver (pretty much the worst adventure title in the history of D&D)

    Yeah the name is dumb. When I opened the box my eyes tricked me into thinking "Lost mines of Philanderer" and I was all like, what? Decent enough quest though.
  5. unan oranis

    D&D 5E about to run 5e couple questions

    about to run a game, a few questions. 1. the archer based fighter uses leather armor because he would suffer disadvantage if he used heavier armor? is that right? 2. the tools, and proficiency in them, are required for certain skills. other than that there is no bonus. is that right? 3...
  6. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheet Revealed!

    I was talking about literally cracking open the book. I agree we will all have to do that, to get at the pages inside.
  7. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheet Revealed!

    Wow that is really what I'm hoping for. I don't want to crack open 5e to just start house ruling everything, I want support for the playstyle my group wants to engage.
  8. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheet Revealed!

    Im not sure I understand your question, but when i say "resemble" healing surges; to our group the word healing surge brings on a flood of memories dominated by the words "second wind" and "second wind in all but name" My concern is that it's not to my groups taste that the fighter class can...
  9. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheet Revealed!

    I am also disturbed. I'll be running 5e for a few months regardless, but these particular abilities have hit a nerve. I'm afraid my group is a one issue voter type of gang... and unfortunately this is it (anything resembling healing surge!). Hopefully it'll shape up in context of the full...
  10. unan oranis

    D&D 5E What does this photo say to you? [Project: Morningstar)

    yeaaaaah people are going to get distracted surfing the web and chatting and all that, showing youtube clips and playing music... So it will have it's perils. But the rewards are staggering.
  11. unan oranis

    D&D 5E If the Starter Set really was as re-playable as Settlers of Catan

    What would actually turning settlers of catan into a module look like? Who is that mysterious bandit? The orcs of orange are at it again! This important sheep must be escorted to the blue elf kingdom along the longest road, quickly before my turn is done, and last minute diplomacy might be...
  12. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Starter Set Excerpt 2 -- Equipment

    How is the very most expensive inn way cheaper than the bottle of fine wine? If you are going to have six different inns, why not an epic inn that costs as much as a horse for one night? That being said I like how earthy this table is, reminds me of 2nd edition.
  13. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Pages from the PHB

    This is the first one I really liked...
  14. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Its been a few years

    I never thought about it that way... Why not ask the girls what they think? Maybe the dragonboobs were for them in the first place? But this is one of those topics thats been beaten to death and beyond eh? I'm sure we've all heard it before. As far as 5e rules go, that sum up seems...
  15. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Its been a few years

    Aw geeze, sorry Morrus. yes, there's a pretty obvious button at the top of the screen... ok well I'm glad I asked anyway. I think the advice about waiting until july 3rd is the way to go. we were scheduled to play on the 26th so its just a week difference for sure. Thanks! Sure to be...
  16. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Its been a few years

    Hi, can anyone point me to a decent sum-up of 5e? I couldn't fine anything on google, here or on youtube that made any sense. there was a playtest? and its down? can you get a copy of the basic rules somewhere? Sorry if this thread topic has been done to death but it has been a few years...
  17. unan oranis

    D&D 5E My Boring but Pragmatic Predictions for D&D Next

    Maybe that's their mindset, but when I first heard the concept I had this vision of all the different characters from different editions in the same game. It kind of seemed impossible, like it would be roger rabbit world. Maybe it will a tight rules set and if you want to play a party with one...
  18. unan oranis

    Save or Die, would it bother you as a player if

    Small problem, you choose lethal but joe didn't... so what happens if your characters fight?
  19. unan oranis

    Save or Die, would it bother you as a player if

    I like where the OP is going with this, though I don't know if you need some kind of bonus to balance it out. I'd be happy with a hardcore check box or something, kind of a reverse organ doner thing... "this character uses one death save and refuses to be brought back from the dead". As a fan...
  20. unan oranis

    D&D 5E Should 5e have save or die?

    The fair thing would be for the "save-or-die" mechanic to have a taste of it's own medicine. On a roll of 9 or lower, the designers leave it out. I rolled... a five! I'm a fan of save-or-die! Nooo! I've played that rule for twenty years! Countless hours down the crapper!