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    To the one known as Silver, We have had one meeting thus far. This should be obvious, I wish to meet again. I presume you were holding back quite a bit as I was. Best regards, Defcarr, Leader of Darkness.
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    Understood. Defcarr.
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    Tyrian, This is to inform you that I have your wife. Liadan will be released from my dungeon when I tire of torturing her. Or perhaps we would make an arrangement? It has been known for some to be spared from my land by certain spells of Wish or Miracles. It is also known that once...
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    Mayu (Update!)

    Know this you who was once my child: the access you once had has been removed, the portal no longer welcomes you. You would do well to hide, but of course I'd prefer you showed your face in Oerth once more so that your life be ended. You have proven yourselves unworthy of my Dark Gift. Be...
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    The words of he who claims the name Magnus shall go undeserving of a reply. Arlian, Indeed it was, as you say, an underhanded trick. The Lady was not "un-saveable", obviously. It was simply a little game, a game to see how long it would take you to free her with all your resources. Well...
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    Arlian, We have Asuka. If the stone she is trapped in breaks, she is lost to you. A wish spell is useless. We are willing to trade her freedom for the end of your existence, perminantly. In the highest regards, Defcar, Lord of Darkness
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    I invite all, whether they do it for money or for revenge, or to avenge lost ones, I invite all of you to challenge me. As the others before you, you will all fall. I have only just begun here. Allow me to congratulate you now should you actually best me and end this vampire's existence. But...
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    For any who care, the young werecreature Katie is now my prisoner. Defcarr, Commander of Darkness.
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    I'll tell him that as I use his ribs to dissect his chest. Considering he is still in my custody, you may look forward to the way I release him. In separate bags, or as a bloodthirsty monster?
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    We have Magnus, should any care. Waste your spells all you like, even a Wish will not bring him back. At the moment we are torturing him to the extent of his limits on pain. Perhaps he will continue to exist as one of us, hunting down those he used to care about. Perhaps we'll turn him to simply...
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    Time is up.

    Imreis, Well said. And your death shall also be painful. As I did with the late Sakul, I intend to keep you alive long past your body's limits of torture. Silver and Slayer may wish to team up, I don't know if either is enough alone. Defcarr, leader of Darkness
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    A Guide to Combat Roleplay

    Silver I'd rather not give my MSN out on this thread for all to see. When I see you online I'll get it to you.
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    What I have done to your family and friends? Sakul is dead, Liadan wouldn't shy from admitting her name, so there is but one other from this realm likely to have written such a note: a member of Amastacia's family. Young Katie perhaps? Regardless, I invite your friend, if the one you speak of...
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    Wanted: Dead

    Silver, Feel free to engage me on your own, or bring friends. I'd recommend friends, it will make the battle more entertaining. Shall I assume your defeat of Elektra was honorable? Regardless, our battle comes soon. Darkskies: Attack at your own risk, be willing to accept your death when I...
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    A Guide to Combat Roleplay

    Very well put, Silver. Our characters will probably engage in combat one day soon, next week I'm more available for online rp, and it will be a good match. An honor to take you on, being that you are thoroughly aware of how combat is supposed to run. Player of Dark Defcarr, leader of Darkness.
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    New Evil Group: Darkness

    Name of group: Darkness Characters currently in group (excluding the prefix "Dark" for each): Defcarr, Angelica, Siskon, Milosh, Sasha, Mayu, Kipcha. Goal of group: To unify, spread, and purify Darkness, evil. To oppose the Good by killing them, reestablishing a Balance of Good vs Evil that has...
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    OOC Problems, kept OOC.

    Silver, Yes a newborne vampire, as well as vampires just a couple hundred years old, basically ashes instantly upon contact with sunlight technically. But there are also several vampires out there who, for example because a vamp named Ice offered Def one once, drink a potion and are immunte to...
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    New Evil Group: Darkness

    Dontella: Yes, please. Jeajea, Andion, emailed both of you.
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    New Evil Group: Darkness

    This is the official post for OOC reference. There is a new evil group named "Darkness". Members will be known by having "dark" in front of their name. Dark_Defcarr, for example. This is a group of evil characters, obviously, the immediate intent of the group at present is to wreak havoc to...