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    Battlestar Galactica-Final Season (4) 6/13/08--Revealations (Mid Season-Finale)

    THE battlestar galactica theory The quick explanation. I'll leave the details to fill in later: The "final five" cylon models are actually human-cylon offspring from generations and generations and generations of cross-breeding. They're really not like the other seven at all -- those models...
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    Mouse Guard

    merely FYI: The medieval adventures of mice warriors Kenzie, Lieam and Saxon in the hugely acclaimed and Eisner-nominated comic book series "Mouse Guard" branch out into the realm of role-playing games in August, when series creator David...
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    Easier than an e-mail to each of the mods.

    I don't need to be here. I know it; you know it. Time to enact an early "new year's resolution," so to speak, and get rid of one of my surfer bookmarks. Sorry, guys. I really didn't mean to cause problems. Most of ya are real sweethearts and don't deserve the headache, intended or not. Take...
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    What Core Races have you played?

    Nearly as many people in this "poll" claim they haven't played a halfling as haven't played a half-elf. More than a third. Hmmm. That's .... Well, that's pretty worthless information. Doesn't really mean anything without context. Still, though. There ya go.
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    Holiday Present - The Elf PHB entry

    Love the elf entry info! Pure elfgasm goodness! Fortunately, you'll be able to predict pretty easily which trees will go nuts in which seasons. I say this from experience -- we've got a big pecan tree over our house...
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    WotC Dave posts about "Prison Break" Playtesting

    I believe what the original poster (to this reply) was questioning wasn't rush-vs.-leisure, but rather the possibility that the design team didn't schedule enough time to do the job without rushing. Even when you're in the middle of something called "running a business," as you put it, any...
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    Is the Warlock the new Druid?

    "Is black the new green? Stay tuned for the latest industry trends from our fashion experts! ..."
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    What Core Races have you played?

    ??? But you described elves so well elsewhere. :\
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    How do you pronounce Drow?

    It's pronounced "Luxury Yacht."
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    WHY are elves so danged cool?

    Total agreement. ... Not enough to make ME love elves, but I appreciate those aspects just the same. :) On the other hand, it's amusing that such reasons are totally non-gameable(?). Which is to say, they'll never be played out at the gaming table. Elf race gamers and fellow elf-lovers seem to...
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    4th Ed Polls out of control

    You should have posted this topic as a poll question.
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    What Core Races have you played?

    That's your conclusion from only 117 survey respondents in a very limited and possibly-skewed population sample?! I give up. This is my last post on the issue. You folks win.
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    What Core Races have you played?

    First, Dude, and perhaps most imporantly, the link you have in your OP goes to a poll by TerraDave. Please stop attributing it to me. I have nothing against TD, but we are totally not the same person. Second, and key to your question (above) "I wonder if the numbers would be even worse," I was...
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    What Core Races have you played?

    Nah. It's merely a reflection of the intent that spawned this poll. Someone was trying to justify gnome hate in another thread, and a poll comparing gnomes with other races seemed like a good argument. ... And maybe this could have been a good idea used to justify gnome hate IF it had been built...
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    What Core Races have you played?

    Imagine a giant eye-rolling smiley icon here. HUGE. Eyes spun all the way into the back of the icon's head. It's bad business to compare two unrelated polls, with different formats and different polling samples over different periods. It's that simple.
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    THREE elven races, plus half-elves ... but they say gnomes have no niche?!

    I would love to see some reference to actual market research, even a token attempt. My gut feeling is that the designers made changes entirely on personal observation sans bias confirmation.
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    Suggestion: Ignore Threads

    I believe that function has been disabled for many people -- if it ever existed in the first place. I'm not sure if it's the hardware or faulty programing. The "ignore" list is the easy way out. It defeats the mastery of socialization and coping skills that are so valuable as a mature adult, to...
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    What Core Races have you played?

    Gnome isn't included in this poll. Ruins any legitimate comparison you may have wanted to make. It also would have been good to identify which edition you're asking about. Necesary information. And be sure to account in your margin of error elements including (1.) players who don't visit this...
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    OK, we're gettng a little annoyed here!

    I would compliment your insight, except that you're on my ignore list. Heck, I'm not even sure how I know you posted anything at all ... :)
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    WHY are elves so danged cool?

    Ohhhh, OK -- I'll do the wimpy elf thing and apologize. But only once. For YOU. "I'm sorry." Or, translated to your native elvish: "DaHjaj 'oH QaQ jaj Daq Hegh" ... I found a translator on the InterWeb.