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    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2nd Edition Compiled Info

    So nothing new in 2 weeks or Morrus is in vacation ? The information was very useful and was saving me lot of time from not having to look everywhere to get that information
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    Custom divine abilities, portfolios, etc.

    Sound like a lot of work. But currently as it is, most of thoses Metal Body abilities are worthless as you lose often more than what you get taking that. The loss of constitution with minimal gain in Hit Point is a Huge factor as most people who will take the metal body chain will be tank and...
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    Immortals Handbook - Chronicle (Adventures, Campaigns Discussion)

    I find weird that one of the most useful book in the Immortal Series (Chronicle) will be one ot the last to be done. Currently, I have rules to make great Immortal, Monster to throw at them. But im nowhere near close to know what to do with all of that. I've try to include most of the work in...
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    4th Edition and the Immortals Handbook

    I will fully embrace the 4th edition as I switch from 2nd to 3rd. Of course even now I sometime miss 2nd edition and even part of 1st edition, but it get improved and there'S more good stuff in new editions than what they forget was nice in last editions. Like people did when 3rd came out...
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    NEW Immortals Handbook - Ascension thread

    Divine Immensity is a Supernatural ability, im not sure as the user can change is size at will, is that a free, swift, move or standard action ? I guess Free as its like the Divine Ability Alter Size...
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    NEW Immortals Handbook - Ascension thread

    Oups forget it, now it make sense... so he will need to be at least ECL 72 to take is first Cosmic Ability from is artefact, sound correct...
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    NEW Immortals Handbook - Ascension thread

    So far Ascension look fine in our game, however, one character decide that now is ready for is artefacts (I allow him only 1 artefact for is Disciple status) as is ECL is 16 he can have a Artefact that give him 8 Divine Power or 1 Cosmic Power and 2 Divine Power, he gain more power from his only...
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    Revised Monk clarification

    That's a big difference 34d8 instead of 768d8 for Mega-Fine. Are you sure about those maths ?
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    Revised Monk clarification

    As we are discussing Monk, I wonder If my monk is of bigger size than Large what would it be is damage at level 20 ? I come to these result im I right ? So a Monk of Large Size with 7 Virtual Rank (from Strength) will be considered Micro-tiny (48d8 per Attack ?) Sound like quite a lot comparing...
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    Is Ascencion Available for purchase?

    And U_K did a good move with pre-ordering his book. If you take a look at most D&D book, you will see a extensive list of playtester. Without releasing it to a small public before selling the book and eventually print it in gaming store, the book wont have been what it is now. Its not perfect...
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    You are not allowed to access this section. Can you post it here ? And there's The Faerie Project at Dicefreaks if you want more Fey.
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    New/Revised Prestige Classes

    The Monk Beside renaming some abilities, this version dosent seem to get enough change from the D&D Monk. Not really better, not really worst. But there's one thing I really like. Its Ki Defense and Ki Offense (or strike, dont remember). These two abilities really shine. Now you can still get...
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    New/Revised Prestige Classes

    Monk I dont think they should gain full Bab because they have son many other abilities. They also have flurry of blows that give 2 more attacks , add dual-weild and it start to become pretty tough, so if you add full bab... Ranger I can see them without spells, but I would prefer them to...
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    New/Revised Prestige Classes

    Hi Upper Krust I didnt like the Fighter variant the first time (now with the revision, I like it but not sure yet if it would replace the standard fighter in my games) As for the Barbarian variant. I really like it, better progression for Damage Reduction and more Hit Points via Improved...
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    New/Revised Prestige Classes

    Usally I love the stuff you make, but this time for the Fighter, I dont like it. Sure its fun it it harder and more often, but it lack diversity, every Fighter are the same now except maybe their starting weapon. I will try to playtest it in my next games for a couple of thugs that I will throw...
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    NEW Immortals Handbook - Ascension thread

    I just reread page 24, I was reading 2 divine rank lesser , but its two divine status, make sense now...
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    NEW Immortals Handbook - Ascension thread

    That's how it work in normal D&D rules, by in the Immortal Handbook, Avatars have the rank or the Immortal -2 and Aspect -4. So assuming a Lesser God of Rank 9, is Avatar will be level 7 (IH P.14) its HD that is divided by two not Divine Rank. I understand that in theory Avatar are too...
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    NEW Immortals Handbook - Ascension thread

    Avatars & Aspects I was reading my updated Immortal Handbook and the section about Avatars and Aspects. I see no limit on the number of avatar or aspect an Immortal can have (I have place myself a limit equal to his divine rank for avatar and twice is divine rank for aspects). However, what I...
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    Immortals Handbook - ASCENSION

    Happy Birthday WarDragon !!!