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    Challenges First off, I would audit the character sheet to ensure that all of the feat and power selection are legal. Hybrid characters can be extremely complicated and it is well within your right as DM to disallow them if you do not wish to manage that level of complexity. You need to add...
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    Strength Clerics Getting Away With Warpriest Domains

    Balance wise In the campaign I currently play in my wife started as a strength cleric. We just retconned her to a warpriest after they came out and she likes it a lot better. It accomplishes the same purpose and fills the same niche but seems to do the job better. I was never a big fan of how...
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    Mount questions

    Preserve the Balance 1) The rider doesn't teleport with the mount unless he has Saddle of the Nightmare (AV) 2) The best thing to do would be to use the excellent rules for cavalier mounts in Dragon 393. Essentially you are looking at making the nightmare have: HP = Bloodied value of PC...
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    The vampire starts with just 2 healing surges

    In play I'd have to see it in play, but I don't really think vampire classes belong in any book with "heroes" in the title. It seems like an awkward attempt to shoehorn material that was designed for the Ravenloft game they were going to put out. I think the concept overall would have been...
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    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    The board game and Gamma World have been attempts to see how different concepts play out. I am sure 5E is in development in some form. The thing about edition splits before they are due is that they tend to fracture the community. 3E came out at the perfect time and I don't see how its success...
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    the tablet war is heating up

    I own a Samsung Galaxy tab and I'm not so sure. I think that the needs for a tablet are a little more sophisticated than that of an mp3 player. For example, I'm more willing to forgive the lack of multitasking in the iPhone but for me on a tablet it was a deal breaker. In addition the support...
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    The love has gone ?

    I'm sure once they know we'll know. I think a lot of people find themselves transitioning from being an avid supporter of their products to being mildly interested or disinterested about their products. I assume it is because I'm not their market demographic anymore. If they put out something...
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    Can Wizards turn around their D&D support?

    I'm a fledgling business analyst and don't have any particular insight into the goings on of WotC. Growing Pains Publishing books and creating software are different types of businesses. While the people that create content can do so it needs to be converted in a way that is accessible and...
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    Review of the New Online Version of Monster Builder by WotC

    Too bad WotC DDI is kind of out of healing potions and have used their second wind.
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    I've been working on prototypes but I've been having balancing issues. Fingerless mittens seem to do better manipulating objects, while full mittens resist element attacks better, particularly cold attacks.
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    Yes, but that's not all. If you act now I will include a free beard hat free of charge. And for all of your LARPers out there, I am working on a white wizard's beard attachment.
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    Not 4E specific I'm selling some sweaters on Ebay.
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    Battlefield archer question?

    I play in a campaign with a guy that always runs this path and my wife always runs this path also. We house rule it so that she can just quarry an amount equal to her Wisdom modifier to make things less complicated. RAW though you the function of quarry doesn't change. You can only quarry one...
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    A Possible Way Forward for D&D (And a design pitch for WotC!)

    I suspect that it wasn't a matter of them not having their act together, but more that they don't really understand the interaction of the market forces involved with 3PP and their company; at least the executives higher up don't. Possibly poor analogy: Let's say you are a Chinese restaurant...
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    So it's finally happened? D&D reduced to board games...

    Bob is right Bob is totally right. In the 3.5 days there was an awful lot of crap that floated around, but I really think they threw the baby out with the bathwater by changing the 4.0 OGL to such a degree. Now they are trying to make money and expand their market but there are a lot of...
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    Legends & Lore - Mike Mearls' new column

    Completeness I think it's a generational thing. 3.5 and 4 were more comprehensive with rules than in previous editions. I think people try to stick closer to rules as worded rather than tinker and fix things that aren't working in their home games, which in some ways is good and some bad...
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    D&D 4E What new mythical creatures would you like to see published for 4e?

    Snooki I'd like to see stats for Snooki from Jersey Shore. Solo, paragon-ish maybe?
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    D&D 4E Getting back to 4E via Essentials: What do I need?

    I'd buy the Monster Vault I'd buy either the MM3 or the Monster Vault if I were you. Monster Design has evolved in the past couple of years, and seeing conventional designs vs. the ones in MM1 will make it easier for you to convert/build your own monsters to provide an adequate challenge.
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    What changes/additions to multiclassing would you like to see?

    Feat Starved They need to just change Hybrid Talent so that it can be taken once per tier. Hybrids look great on paper, but as someone that tends to optimize I can tell you that I feel that after extensive testing I don't feel the versatility is worth the loss of efficiency. At best you...
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    Epic 4th Edition: We Fought The Gods

    It's a pretty crazy build. I run a revenant(eladrin) swordmage/warlock hybrid. His Paragon Path is Avernian Knight and his Epic Destiny is Undying Warrior. There is an epic feat that gives you insubstantial and a move and minor action in addition to the standard action when you are dying. In...