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    Suleiman talks

    I’m not surprised by this. The whole story didn’t add up and the HWA has a lot of explaining to do. They could have done this to anyone.
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    Night Court is back after 30 years.

    Aw yes!! I haven’t seen it yet, but I know what I’ll be watching this weekend. I loved the show when it was originally on, especially JL as Dan Fielding. Such a good actor and the best sort of comic timing.
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    What Podcasts are you listening too? The Golden Age of Podcasting Edition

    OTR! So much comforting old time radio scares. Another, thoughh certainly it all that old time, but getting there was CBS Radio Mystery Theater. I love the intro. For more nonfictional type podcasts, I’m a huge fan of Timesuck, Last Podcast on the Left, and morbid.
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    What is the Worst Halloween Candy?

    Disgusting Necco wafers. Like they figured out what to do with all the chalk dust clapped out of Victorian era blackboard erasers and compressed it into a hard, faintly dyed ‘ candy’ to pass off as viable food source to children working 24/7 in coal mines for cheapskate oligarchs. Whatever the...
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    Sandman season 2 is on!

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    What podcasts do you listen to (and why?)

    Dan Carlin’s the business. I’m also a huge LPOTL and Timesuck fan, as well as Scared to Death, Serial Killers, Casefile and Pseudopod fan.
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    Just watched Sandman

    I really liked it! There were a couple plot stumbles, but so? I still enjoyed it. It was cast very, very well, too. Death and Sandman were both played perfectly, I thought.
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    Will the end of Game of Thrones keep you away from House of Dragons?

    I’ll give it a go once there’s enough to binge on comfortably. Well, unless it’s one of those series that gets a ton of viewers at first and then they all abandoned ship because it turned out to absolutely blow chunks.
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    Moon Knight - SPOILERS

    I’m digging the series entirely. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a female lead character such a capable bad ass. There’s nothing about this show I don’t like.
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    Ukraine invasion

    I agree, this is an ongoing event that’s going to be affecting life long after the war itself ends ( hopefully with Putin being deposed ).
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    Rando Recommendations: What Pop Culture Thing Do You Recommend (Not Geek Media)

    I loved The Repair Shop, though I only got to see some of the entire series. It was serious comfort tv.
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    Green Ronin Announces 'Cthulhu Awakens' RPG

    Moore’s Providence * chefs kiss *
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    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Wendigo

    Yeah, there’s a load of variations of the name, though I gotta say I like “ wendigo “ the best.
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    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Wendigo

    Interestingly, I’m pretty sure the Wendigo is also called giwakwa ( spelling?) in upper New England. And is an ice demon, frozen and starved, eating its own lips, thin as a rail, ever hungry. His heart is a figure made of ice and is in the shape of a human being. His soul is dead, the spirit of...