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    I have been reading up on Mongoose Traveller for some time now and I was wondering where the best place to look for an IRC or PBP game might be found. I would love to run one, but right now I don't have enough time to provide a weekly game for my players, but I would definately be into joining...
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    Why the world is?

    A prison for the insane god of creation. A complex device created by the gods in which the mortal races are only an unwitting cog. But due to the unwitting actions of certain individuals, the prison is slowly coming unraveled...
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    In my last game the cleric used rune of peace on a drunk dwarf by crushing his knuckles with a stein.
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    Comparison: Wyrmling dragon and a cat

    7.5/10 Was amused, would be amused again.
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    1001 Epithets

    11) the alright 12) the intolerable 13) the dead 14) the sequestered 15) the just fine 16) the guy, you know, that guy 17) the circumpolar 18) the sophisticated 19) the dragonfondler 20) the hat wearer
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    Combo menu encounter design

    Definately a great tip. Thanks for pointing it out! I think most good DMs do this unconciously at least in part, but making a concious effort to do so is definately a great idea.
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    Dungeon 160 - Den of the Destroyer

    Im asking for a subscription for Christmas. Everything looks so damn good! Semi-related. Do new subscribers get the back issues too?
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    I am a mean DM and I Love it! Bwahaha!

    Ah, I understand how it might be a touchy subject then, that WOULD suck. However, no, the REQUIRED use of crystals is limited to things that are a BIG DEAL for the party in the first place. They can also be used to make alot of things better or more convinent, but destroying souls for...
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    I am a mean DM and I Love it! Bwahaha!

    Protagonist: I left out some details, there is quite a bit more to this, I just wanted to get the gist across. Let me sum up their deal with: Dey a Cult! (again, the story is more complex, but thats why they would do it, technically, for free) I am hoping that the PCs come to the same...
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    I am a mean DM and I Love it! Bwahaha!

    I'm glad you guys are shooting me approval, but lets here some of your own stories! I know I walk in the valley of the rat bastard DM, etc etc. To The Thayan Menace: By ANY of my points I assume you mean any that the players dont already know. I would be pretty impressed if you guessed my gist...
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    I am a mean DM and I Love it! Bwahaha!

    This is Grey. My players stay out! Anyhoo, I have a particularly nasty plot trick that the players are slowly uncovering that I am quite proud of. Figured I would come share here for some new content, maybe you can share similar evil! Okay, soh: The party has been running into these...
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    Martial Power Exceprt: Warlord PP

    If your allys dont get bloodied than hey! Life is good! But in my DMing experience, no encounters have gone by where no PCs became bloodied. I'm not sure, but it might be true that no encounters have gone by where at least TWO PCs got bloodied! Bloodied is a condition that is almost always up...
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    How hard is a 4E black dragon fight?

    I thought OP was saying that her daily WAS acid dragon breath.
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    How hard is a 4E black dragon fight?

    dragonborn breath is a encounter, not a daily. This is really important. My level 1 party, who arent really into powergaming mind you, defeated a level 4 solo at level 1 after going through 6 level 3 encounters without an extended rest. They rolled okay, but not poorly or exceptionally. Either...
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    Looking for a unarmed fighter class name

    Punchman ShePunchman Pugilisticus Fistman Fistess Foe Puncher Friend Puncher Punch King Masterpuncher PUNCHMASTER
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    Who is Torog?

    In my campaign the player's very religious characters will soon be interacting with some lawful good ShadarKai who worship Torog more as a patron diety than anything else. To them, he is almost the Erathis of the shadows.
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    DMs: Managing your (4e) combats

    Some really really simple DM advice: During combat, talk like a commander dispatching planes urgently. I'm not talking bad drill sargent impression. Also, my group has a homebrew rule that gives minions and the like more tactical advantage. Whenever monsters act on the same initiative (that...
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    Saving a single paladin from four grappling ogres

    The mental picture here is extremely silly. If the players are high level the level 2 guards wont do anything to help. It will be four huge guys grabbing one little guy while four other smaller guys fruitlessly whack at them.
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    We found a Treasure

    I think he was making a joke, but neglected to put up the humor tag. The joke is that it is a regular bell.