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    D&D 5E Advice: Cooking/healing half feat

    So... I am looking for a half-feat geared towards cooking, that isn't as lame as Chef or Gourmand. Ideally I am looking for something that requires preparing a meal after (a short or long rest) for X people, which gives them some amount of Temp HP. My current concept is built off of the...
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    Wish I could delete this.

    I posted this is ask a question. I have since found the answer, but cannot figure out how to delete this post/thread. My apologies.
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    D&D General Could a thief get away with a 1-man crime wave by making it so obvious that she's the 1 responsible that the police assume she's being framed

    I think, in general, the police/guard will not take the chance of ignoring the obvious and will throw him in jail. Figuring if it stops, thats all the proof they need. To get around that, get an accomplice. The accomplice only needs to do two jobs. One during the 'spree' giving the thief an...
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    D&D 5E Adding a line to Dual Wielder feat...

    Its a definite boost, but TWF is a bit behind the curve, so its probably okay.
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    Which items count towards number of permanent magic items

    I would not go with that, she wrote that before the latest ALPG, so the bulk of it is no longer correct. As of season 4, items that can only be recharged in a specific season (wing wear, etc) are considered consumables once out of that season. The other issue is any documentation for treating...
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    Which items count towards number of permanent magic items

    Great, and I have heard that also. But.... Can you find it written anywhere? How do we square that with an Admin saying that 'consumables = potions and scrolls'
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    Which items count towards number of permanent magic items

    I will start. "Consumables" like Keoghtmens ointment will no longer count when it is used up. But does anything else count as a 'consumable'? IIRC something recent from an Admin said consumables were potions and scrolls.....
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    Which items count towards number of permanent magic items

    I posted this on FB, but I don't have a lot of faith in that medium. I am trying to determine precisely which items still count as a permanent magic item once they are no longer useful. When they get destroyed, or run out of uses, or can't be recharged, or..... From what I can tell, the...
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    D&D 5E Question about a Warlock spell / pact feature (Death House spoiler)

    I think even via RAW it would work. (assuming the creature has a language). They still 'hear' you, just in a non-typical manner.
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    D&D 5E Can you twin spells like spiritual weapon, telekinesis, etc?

    The criteria isn't if it does...its if it can target more than one creature. Both of those can easily target more than two creatures.
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    D&D 5E How many spells does a wizard *need*

    Remember. Even finding spells isn't always helpful. Spell books tend to have the same spells you already have, and also have spells you would never want. Being able to pick the exact spells you want, is very powerful. If he wants more, then make it random. Normally he gets to pick 2. So...
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    Advice on dealing with "chaotic" teammates.

    Report him to the bur...burgor... the mayor dude, and have him arrested for murder. Talk with the DM, explain the guy is being a tool, and try and work with him to resolve the situation. The DM *does* have the power and authority to resolve this, he just needs to feel he has the groups support.
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    D&D 5E Are monks proficient in Unarmed Strikes?

    There was nothing convoluted about the rule..... It makes perfect sense, it follows common understandings, and standard definitions.... You may not get it, but that is not the rules fault
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    D&D 5E Are monks proficient in Unarmed Strikes?

    Your link does not agree with you..... The definition says any "instrument or device"..... Which would be a knife, not an elbow.
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    Lost Mines AL

    And now comes the second stage... where you start explaining that what you explicitly said, isn't what you really explicitly meant. And of course you were right because some unnamed, unquoted, unlinked "RCs and Admins" really said it. Of course, at one point you also insisted that RCs had the...
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    Lost Mines AL

    Hey, if that is what works for you, great. But you are missing out on a lot of oppotunities for improving the game and experience for your players. Just last week there was an encounter with 2 Drow Spore servants and a named bad guy. With a full table (6-7) of 5th level PCs... it was going to...
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    Lost Mines AL

    You are mistaken. When reading the website, I am 'talking to AL'. An RC or LC has no authority to determine policy, or in this case, to actively change policy. When the RC says "You can never add an encounter" and the website says "You have to be careful well adding an encounter"..... the...
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    Lost Mines AL

    I am not reading anything 'extra', you are the one that has decided that 'same type' really means 'exactly the same'. Not only is "type of creature" a defined term, which you have decided doesn't apply here... but 'type' does *not* mean 'identical' nor 'synonymous'.... (synonymous doesn't even...
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    Lost Mines AL

    posting glitch - wish there was a way to delete posts..
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    DM rewards for running Adventurer's League - what are your thoughts?

    The suggestion that I sent in, was for all mods to give a consistent 'credit' value. (Either per adventure, or per adventure 'hour') The value of each 'credit' would depend on the PC you assign it to. So.... DMing a 4 hour Tier 1 would be the same as a 4hour Tier 2. But if you applied...