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    Want To Earn $50 Scanning Classic D&D Books?

    I think I have all of these titles other than perhaps the Dragonlance stuff in mint or near mind condition as well as other complete TSR game lines. This feels like the kind of project that should be crowdsourced given the TSR/WotC community and number of collectors out there. But I for one am...
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    I just purchased the HD LED last week. Will start designing the table soon and hope to have it all fabricated by New Years for the full FG experience. Really looking forward to using the VTT for in-person play with minis and 3-D elements.
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    Gale Force 9 Releases Out of the Abyss DM Screen & New Archetype Decks

    I must agree with darjr I purchased a set of each of the newer version spell cards and they are really nice. Every player in my gaming group now likes to use the spell cards. The production value is well worth the price and I will buy the archetype spell cards -- as well as some nice demon minis...
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    We Be Goblins Free! Is ... Well, Free

    Great author I was also a bit skeptical when we ran these adventures a few years ago but actually turned out to be some of the most enjoyable game sessions in years. Players really had a ball role playing moronic goblins for a change of pace. Mix in a few timely critical hits and a misfire here...
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    GF9 is updating the D&D 5E SPELL CARDS

    Safe! Appears I am down for the new version of cards. :)
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    GF9 is updating the D&D 5E SPELL CARDS

    Oh no, I just ordered all of these a few days ago but have not received them. Any chance my sets of cards will be the new versions? Flames Of War Order #000-92335-120400-20150128