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    D&D 5E Meet Ravenloft's Harkon Lucas and Rudolph Van Richten

    Is ut just me or did Harkon use scotch tape his beard on?
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    Beadle & Grimm's Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: A Review

    The DM should keep it. They put in hours of prep and deserves some reward. Maybe whomever lands the killing blow gets the finger puppet? I didnt want to start a capitalism debate. I wanted to point out that for many groups skipping a starbucks on game day could allow you to upgrade each...
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    D&D 5E Ravenloft Previews of Dementlieu, Lamordia, and Har'Akir

    Art takes sacrifice. Which is probably a good catch phrase for a domain lord that runs some rwisted realm where people die when he paints them our something. But yeah that dude getting dusted is scouring his charachter sheet for a way to up his saving throw.
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    Beadle & Grimm's Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: A Review

    I would never buy it cause i like to run homebree, but say 20 bucks a session if the campaign takes 20 sessions split between 5 players and a DM and your looking at 3 bucks and change per game night per participant. Honestly if they did a version with minis for all the monsters at $850 and it...
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    D&D 5E Ravenloft Previews of Dementlieu, Lamordia, and Har'Akir

    Agreed. That dude gettig disintegrated rocks.
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    D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Has Begun Filming!

    I demand this be a turned based action movie. I am tired of watching everyone move and attack at the same time. This isnt a video game its D and fricken D. Do it the correct way.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News: Auroboros, Grim Hollow, Sirens, and more

    I liked the little charts showing funding and goals for each product? Any chance those will come back?
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    Blood Gods Change The Landscape of Vampire The Masquerade

    Holding out for the Staten Island by Night source book. Cause honestly Nandor and his crew are a better represention of the games of Vampire we played in the 90s.
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    Worlds of Design: How D&D is Like American Football

    When i read the title I thought the article was going to be more about the complex rules, many hold overs for legacy sake, and how they influence strategy. Maybe something on how downs and combat rounds are similar. Either way i am pretty sure I have seen Russell Wilson use misty step to avoid...
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    D&D 5E Auroboros Kickstarter From Warcraft Devs Has Launched

    Warcraft has a huge fan base and I feel that like you say Symbaroum is a more obscure cult following. Pitch Perfect 3 was the number one movie at the (American) box office the weekend Mad Max Fury Road came out. Fans equal sales.
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    D&D 5E Auroboros Kickstarter From Warcraft Devs Has Launched

    I have never played warcraft so I have never heard of the guy, but he seems to have a fan base and a strong reach. Add that to good production values and media coveage based on his fame and it makes sense.
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    RPG Print News – Ulisses Spiele, Pinnacle, Palladium and More

    I stole the Wolfen for one of my 2e campaigns usings the 1e half orc as the base race. But no one ever played one so they were relegated to NPC.
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    The Lost Art of Dungeon-Crawling

    Well and the people who write bad adventures. Which I guess is the DMs fault for running them and not modifying them, but my point is many dungeon adventures are written with static situations.
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    The Lost Art of Dungeon-Crawling

    One of the problems with many dungeons is that they can fall into the '15 minute adventuring day" problem if they don't have dynamic adversaries or some sort of time limit.
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    D&D General UPDATE: this isn't greenlit : Jeff Grubb's Lost Mystara Sourcebook To Be Released

    Maybe you can help me petition to get my compiled BX book up on DMs Guild. I don't want money I just want to spread the BX love, but I dont own the IP so can't distribut it. I have no idea where to start.
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    April Showers Bring Spring Meatballs

    I have a calendar for my campaign world and each day of the month list the weather, high and low temperatures, wind, and perception. I copied it from a town in Alaska.
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    Worlds of Design: Which Came First, the Character or Their Backstory?

    In a 1e campaign I ran a few years ago a player wrote three pages of backstory. He died the third session. His next character had a lot less.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – DEATH IN SPACE, Sin, AFFINITY, and more

    Apocalypse 5e feels ambitious for a project i have never heard of until now. Maybe teasing it out and building buzz in the ramp up to launch would have made sense. Good Luck to it, but I think without more marketing it will miss its goal.
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    A First Look at 2d20 Fallout from Modiphius

    Maybe get a glass table with a camera underneath that shows the bottom of my dice. I've played enough CoC that if i converted it to percentiles i could probably get over the hump. Of course I would be playing the 4d10 system at that point.
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    Coyote & Crow Joins The $1M TTRPG Club!

    Good for them. Great to see a fresh concept make money.