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    UA 8 Barbarian Discussion

    Yeah, brutal critical looks good on paper (maybe), but it doesn't actually add much damage (especially at low levels) and statistically it affects "on average" 1 in 10 reckless attacks, which isn't often enough to really help out. So every now and then you might get a tiny damage bump. It...
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    D&D 4E Let's Talk About 4E On Its Own Terms [+]

    The framework of the game was very solid. The basics: how you move, how you roll, how you take your turn, how this and that works, were all very very solid for a game. It was easily learned, quite consistant, etc. Then the way complexity build on top of that framework was quite elegant. It...
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    Druid metal armor restriction gone?

    What I feel it comes down to is that its some combination of: 1) its a rule that keeps you from doing something you want to do (have medium armor AC), for no real reason, benefit or balance. It hurts the character that abides by it in a way that mechanically isn't justified or interesting. 2)...
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    D&D General Has anyone run a PHB only table?

    I suspect the biggest loss will be subclasses. Some classes just don't have many options there, and players might feel that. The number one place I use nonPHB material is subclasses. Second would be races, but typically people can find one they want in the PHB. Anything else (feats or spells)...
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    Abilities as Spells: splitting your abilities between class section and spell section

    This is not a serious issue, but I think it will annoy me, so I'm curious what thoughts people have on it as well. Regardless of whether abilities being turned into spells is a good idea or not, a minor annoyance/concern of mine that will certainly come up if handled the way its been done in...
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    How should the Psion/Mystic be implemented in 1DnD?

    I liked how the 3.5 psion had subclasses: telepath, seer, nomad, kineticist, shaper that highlighted something that was "psionicky" about them and that they could sort of focus on for demonstrating how they were a psion and not just a messed up wizard. I think UA was sort of on this track, but...
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    Spells. What needs adjusted?

    Acid Arrow. There are worse spells, spells more in need of fixing, but this one is personal. I tried. I tried real hard. I cast it. More than once. It never was the right choice. There was never a situation where it wasn't the wrong choice. When it hit and did full damage, I still felt as...
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    D&D 5E Solasta - is it worth playing?

    I find it a very enjoyable way to play with the 5e rules-set, but the dialog and plot are for sure low-lights. Ignoring them is mostly what I do. But the rules implementation and combat is very good.
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    Paizo Paizo's Organized Play Orc Now Always Available

    The over explanation to the point of ruining the joke is: 1) The ORC is a license that Paizo is developing to be permanent and irrevocable and forever available 2) The Orc ancestry is in pathfinder, but was NOT always available for use, specifically in Pathfinder Society, an organize play group...
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    combing through the new glossary changes.

    Sure, healing 2+ people when they are down sounds nice, I just haven't see it used that way enough to think of it as a common use or a problem to be solved. My opinion of Aid is from how I've seen it used most, as an out of battle hp buffer, and the changes don't really affect that in any...
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    combing through the new glossary changes.

    Regarding Aid: I think changing it to temp HP makes as much sense as anything, but I don't think it makes it better, just simpler. I've mostly seen people use it preemptively. After a long rest the cleric says "You 3 get 5 max hp, and you three get 10" and we go off. Often the change to max...
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    What is the lowest damage Fireball could deal where you would still prep/use it?

    The thing that put me in the "Lower fireball damage" camp is being a PC and having it cast by an enemy monster. In Princes of the Apocalypse (I think? it was a book adventure for sure, run as "by the book" as the DM could) there was a fire temple with enemy casters that had fireball. We hit it...
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    How to easily fix PHB's Hunter subclass of the Ranger

    I do agree that the ranger characters tend to enjoy themselves. Its more a matter of rangers being "fine" while the others are "good". If you watch a ranger in battle, you'll see them doing fine. If you compare them to a fighter or paladin or barbarian in battle, you'll see the...
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    How to easily fix PHB's Hunter subclass of the Ranger

    I've always thought: lvl 3: you get all three, but can't use more than one on a given turn (round?). So you can hoard break if that's the best choice that turn or colossus slay, but not both. Maybe make it a "stance" that you can change for free at the start of your turn. Just give all three...
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    Level Up (A5E) T Rex Clarification

    If you got 4 attacks, it should say you get two bites and two tail attacks explicitly, or else it is very poorly written. Further more, making the T-Rex Bite-tail one target, then bite-tail another seems like an odd restriction. If it gets four attacks, there kind of isn't a reason to put...
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    Rules FAQ How Does Mounted Combat Work in D&D 5E?

    But if you don't control it YOU don't control it. It moves where it wants to and attacks what it wants. Some DMs might let you play it, some might do it themselves. If you gain the mount as a secondary PC then yes, its a huge advantage, if you've handed your fate over to a slightly enraged...
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    Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Review

    Your point is absolutely, 100% more valid than mine.
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    D&D 5E Wild Beyond the Witchlight Features Warduke & More!

    I had a Strongheart toy growing up and didn't know he was a D&D thing until just a few years ago ( I was in preschool when I got him and wasn't really aware of D&D). His head fell off, despite many attempts to get it to stay. I don't know what happened to his body, but his head and sword were...
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    Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Review

    I mean, sure, she might have just missed. But if I was trying to set the iconic feel of my Galaxy book would I have the central action be "Lead Character just misses something bigger than a double-decker bus for no reason"? This is the hero of the story, they appear again on the deck of many...
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    Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Review

    [/needless art criticism]That person on the front cover with the gun, they are apparently shooting the outermost edge of the Rock-thing's arm. In an otherwise epic art piece [and it's a perfectly great piece of art] this seems like a poor strategy for both taking down a giant rock thing and...