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    HexBlade Spell Selection

    Hey Guys! I've been wanting to play a HexBlade Warlock ever since it came out (and I've wanted to play Warlock since I first saw the D&D 5th Edition), but since I usually DM and a Warlock didn't fit the one campaign I got to play it, I haven't had the opportunity...until now! =) Recently I got...
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    Greensboro, NC Looking for Group 5E D&D

    My girlfriend and I are looking for a 5E D&D Group to play with on a (hopefully) consistent basis. We are early/mid-30's and work standard hours, so weekends would be preferred (although weekday evenings could work depending on the start/end times). Either premades like Adventurers' League or...
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    D&D 5E War Cleric/Fighter build questions

    I have a very similar character (although he hasn't been played in almost 6 months now), a Fighter (Battlemaster) / Cleric (Light). Honestly its a super fun character to play, both mechanically and as a leader/tank. I agree with starting 1st level as Fighter to get the Con Saving Throw...
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    D&D 5E Running The Game Advice

    One tip I learned WAY too late in the game is to try and say "Yes". When Players ask if they do something, try to adopt a mentality of how they *could* accomplish what they want to do rather than come up with reasons of why they can't. For example, you design an encounter with 5 angry Ogres...
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    Have you ever gotten choked up during the game?

    My players recently finished a popular module and told a mother that the 2 children (NPC's) they were sent to find were dead. I had been rehearsing that part a few days prior and thought I had it pretty good, which I feel I did. But I also actually got teary eye and choked up that affected me...
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    DMs - How do you treat Healing Word?

    I saw the video bashing Healing Word as well and listened to the arguments about how its a completely OP spell that is ruining the game. I disagree. In the games I run, if a Player goes down I do not have enemies attack the downed players unless that player is caught in an AoE. If a downed...
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    Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 012: How Caleb Spent His Summer Vacation

    I did not get into the first Campaign much. By the time I heard of Critical Role they had so many episodes I did not want to try and "catch up". I did watch a bunch of clips and fan-made animations though. I've been watching the new Campaign from the get-go though. While not a great comparison...
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    Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 012: How Caleb Spent His Summer Vacation

    This. I usually watch them in 30min-1 hour spurts while I eat or do chores around the house. But I get the OCD of wanting to finish the entire video in a single sitting.
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    Are you a CANtrip or a CANTrip?

    So funny anecdote...Our group was undertaking a secret mission on behalf of the Queen of the lands. We were meeting with one of her handmaidens in a tavern to go over the details. At the end of the meeting the handmaiden pulled out a box and said that the Queen was giving us some equipment to...
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    Are you a CANtrip or a CANTrip?

    Bear in mind, there are A LOT of Cantrips now with the release of these new books. While most are combative, there are a TON that are useful in the other situations. Personally, I find it hard to pick between: Light, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Mending, Minor Illusion, and Message.
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    Are you a CANtrip or a CANTrip?

    I don't necessarily like the Feat option. The reason is, lets say you're an adventuring Wizard and find a Scroll of Light and a Scroll of Mage Armor. As a Wizard you can scribe that Mage Armor into your book and you've got it. But the Light Scroll is only something you can can never...
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    Are you a CANtrip or a CANTrip?

    Silly title aside, I do have a question about Cantrips that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to. Can you add more Cantrips to your list in any way? There are a lot of Cantrips in the game, and if you're a Wizard then you can add a lot of spells to your Spellbook. So limiting yourself to 4...
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    High AC and encounters

    The last campaign I ran (admittedly only to level 8) had the lowest AC in the group be 18 unbuffed. As a DM it does feel frustrating if you are not hitting your players and providing them with "suspense" or "danger". My own character is level 8 with an AC of 22 unbuffed, and with the Lucky Feat...
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    Invisibility /stealth / hide with a rigid DM what can i do instead?

    Without knowing more details, I *probably* would agree with the DM. Mask of the Wild requires pretty specific conditions that are hard to meet (especially if the DM doesn't actually run any weather effects). Although assuming no one is casting something like Fog Cloud to help you. Invisibility...
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    Celestial Pact Warlock--front line duty

    I have a DMPC that is running in a solo campaign with my girlfriend. The character is a Paladin/Warlock multi-class, but thus far I am very impressed with the Celestial Warlock side of things. You touched on the number one concern, which is armor. I think the Fighter Dip or Dwarf option are...
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    Cleric of Gruumsh in a party with an Elf

    The Gods in my world grant Divine Magic. If a Cleric is casting a spell, its through the power of a Deity. The Gods are empowered by belief, so granting power to certain chosen warriors to spread their belief on the Material Plane is a means to grow stronger. In a way, Warlocks and Clerics are...
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    Cleric of Gruumsh in a party with an Elf

    How have I been pushing my players into a corner? Also, please note that this is not the rivalry between an Orc and an Elf. This is not Legolas and Gimli. This is a Cleric of Gruumsh, a God who vowed to kill all humans, dwarves, elves, elves, halflings and gnomes.
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    Cleric of Gruumsh in a party with an Elf

    Tempus is a *Human* God and since this Half-Orc is being all emo and rebellious he wants an *Orc* God. Or so I am led to believe. ^_~
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    Cleric of Gruumsh in a party with an Elf

    I appreciate the varied responses and different perspectives. After some consideration I think I am just going to let it slide for the time being. I'm going to keep having NPC's eyeball his holy symbol curiously, and maybe ask the player if her character is performing any rituals to Gruumsh. I...
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    Curse of Strahd and Strongholds

    Of course you are free to change things as you see fit as the DM, I would lean away from making the Death House a player home. I personally like it more as an eternally cursed home that the players can not "defeat". They can burn it down, but it returns. They can escape, but they can't stop...