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    Guild Wars 2.

    Also a GW2 fan here. This kind of thing was more common in AD&D and Basic/Expert D&D where PC's in a party were not expected to all be the same level. There were some limits of course, but one could reasonably get by with a level 4 fighter when other members of the party are around 7 or 8. This...
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    Of Steam Tunnels and LARPing

    No friggin way. I went to SMU, and I've been in the steam tunnels. They are pitch black like a cave. They are a claustrophobic 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. These tunnels have 5-foot drops straight down with no warning. They have random pipes that criss-cross the middle of the tunnel, again...
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    You might be a Fantasy Heartbreaker...

    If the number of races in your game exceeds the number of AD&D 2e spells, it might be a fantasy heartbreaker. If half those races are elves, it might be a fantasy heartbreaker.
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    Is this WotC's pipe dream?

    Special Snowflake. I like AD&D 1e, BECMI, 3e (computer games only though), and early 4e. Though I'm helping to playtest 5e, I plan to mostly play with a homebrew rpg I've patched together from my favorite editions. Weather I'll fully go gung-ho into 5e is to be determined. The playtest...
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    Quick question: does the prohibition on online play affect your playtest?

    Going to be upfront and honest here, as kind of a confession (not an endorsement). No, this will not affect me in the slightest, because I'm doing it anyway. The genie's out of the bottle, and the packet is available other places that do not require the acceptance of WotC's terms. I must...
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    I never "got" the Cleric

    I've done some re-fluffing of clerics, paladins, and priests that applies to all my home-brewed stuff. It makes for what I feel is a bit more consistency. Churches are not nice little buildings you go to on Sunday. Churches are large, organized religions and are just as much a political force...
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    Determining Challenge

    Why must killing monsters give xp? If monster xp is removed, how does this change the monsters with respect to their role in the game? If I entertain these two questions, I come to a few self-realizations. If monsters do not have xp, what does one gain by killing a monster? Treasure...
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    Something Awful leak.

    While true, here's my problem. v1.0 leak - "Oh it's just super early. Nothing is set in stone." Internal alpha test - "Ok, so it's still mostly bad, but internal playtesting will fix it." Beta test - "So the design philosophy hasn't changed at all yet. Don't worry. They'll surely listen to...
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    Something Awful leak.

    Curses, ya beat me to it. Anyway, this came out of SA and has been floating around /tg/. Historically, such leaks have proven to be quite true. It would seem that WotC, like Paizo, like TSR, like so many other game devs, is once again taking a stance that playtester & community feedback that...
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    Blacks in Gaming (Hyperlink)

    Scumbag DM Runs an Oriental Adventures campaign. All the NPC's are anime-style caucasians.
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    Confirming crits, good idea, bad idea, or worst idea ever

    Nat 20 = Crit. A crit is an automtic hit. Roll damage, then double it. That's how I've always done it. That's how I always will do it.
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    Spells: How Many Levels?

    To the more wizened of the enworld community, for what reasons did pre-3E dnd have spell level disparity? What did it mean, both mechanically and in fluff, for magic-users to have 9 spell levels while clerics and druids and illusionists had 7? The only thing that popped into my head is that...
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    I'm Making A New Edition of D&D, What App Should I Use To Create The Rules Document?

    Kudos to the OP, as I am currently involved in the very same kind of personal project. My advice is to make a vary simple layout in Microsoft Word or Open Office. This is where you will be doing all your primary writing. It should be neat and organized so you can find things easily. This will...
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    What exactly is "Roleplaying", Do We Think?

    No wait. Listen you guys. No...dude. You guys. I think I figured it out. A roleplaying game... is a game... where you play a role! *boosh*
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    A Better Way to Do Critical Hits?

    Not sure on that (it's probably true), but I was just giving a good example to illustrate a point. Besides, the Black Arrow wasn't magical from what I read. It was just a royal family heirloom that had never failed Bard. I always envisioned him as rolling a 20 then rolling high on the damage...
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    A Better Way to Do Critical Hits?

    I don't really see this as an issue. To me, it implies that a foe is so well-armored that the only way to damage him is to hit him in a small but very vulnerable area. Imagine Smaug getting hit by Bard's black arrow in the sole patch on his breast where a bare patch lay. There was no way a hit...
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    Most loved or hated NPC of all time?

    My very first RPG session was a session of AD&D 2e when I was a sophmore in high school. Random rolling, I ended up with a fighter. 10 STR 7 DEX 10 CON 1 HP In the very first round, of the very first battle, of my very first game, I was critically hit by a kobold hiding in the bushes who...
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    What are you working on? (Playing, GMing, desigining, etc)

    I'm working on my own D20-based fantasy RPG using the OGL. I don't know if it could be called a fantasy heart-breaker or not, but I will be honest. It's essentially my "What is D&D to Me?" game. I've taken all four editions, kept the things I liked, trimmed some fat, made all the mechanics...
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    D&D 5E How will the playtest of D&D next go at XP?

    Good Guy Morrus. Has journalistic integrity. Doesn't sign NDA's.
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    What was the reason for the Demon/Devil split?

    True, the pre-judeo-christian cultures have many types of ghastly beasties. However, they never really struck me as "evil" in the sense of how D&D portrays it. They are more Chaotic Neutral than anything in the grand scheme of the universe. I guess it's just that I like to play up the...