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    LFG Lynnwood Wa Friday or Saturday nights 7:30pm to Midnight

    Hello I'm looking for a group to play with on Friday or Saturday nights 7:30pm to Midnight or so. I love Shadowrun and Vampire but I am open to Pathfinder, D&D and other things as well. I can go from North Seattle (Northgate) to South Everett (Payne Field). I'd be willing to run Shadowrun 2, 3...
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    What happened with Vampire?

    THIS IS SO TRUE! The story of why Peter hired Lisa is fairly interesting to. My advise to anyone that wants to have the next big RPG is hire Lisa.
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder outsold D&D by 2:1 in 2013

    The best thing Peter ever did was hire Lisa. She just worked for that little company that made a vampire game before moving to WOTC and then Piazo. The girl knows how to have an RPG company make money. [edit] its also worth noting that Steve Jackson said that GURPS digital sells less than...
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    Best System for a Silent Hill-like Horror Game?

    I really really want to say nWOD but the correct answer is Unknown Armies its similar to the Cthuhlu system (uses %) but you could harden rather than go insane it also has several sanity meters based on the type of stimuli.
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    What are your D&D plans for 2014?

    If you save a copy of the OS and the software you can always make images and load them into a virtual machine, then you have it as long as you back it up and the world doesn't end personally I'm gearing up for d&d next, waiting for shadowrun 5e to actually have a print copy with erata and...
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    D&D 5E What I want out of 5th edition and my thoughts on what we have so far.

    I agree, the only thing that rubs me wrong so far is how quick natural healing is (but please dont go back to 1HP per day as that was even more rubbish) and how easy it is to stabilize (the death roll itself is fine but it should be 5/3 or something not 3/3). Otherwise I either like or am at...
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    LOTR RPG vs The One Ring

    If shes played D&D 3.X/PF I'd go with LOTR as its fairly similar with enough Tolkien flair in the magic system to not be overly D&D (Very similar to LOTRO MMO in magic style, maybe too much magic for purists but no fireball slinging a few burning embers with the right components though). MERPs...
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    Shadowrun: Which Edition to use?

    So 2e is my favorite by far even rules wise here are some reasons you may want to go to 5e 1. 2e books are falling apart? Feel the need for dead tree? 2. Some of the more famous fans of the 2e era are freelancers on 5e so there are several things you will find more familiar than moving to 4e 3...
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    Pathfinder 1E Your experiences with broken Pathfinder characters? (edit: more accurately, w/1 avg PF character when the rest of the party is meh)

    I don't think barkskin and mage armor stack. Also not sure about the shield with mage armor but id have to re-read it.
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    RPGs and mental health issues

    IMHO its has to do with what acceptable behavior is in the area in which you live. In places with high % of nerds gaming is accepted by the people at large and they tend to have familys, high paying jobs and still get out for a night with the guys. Rather than going to the football game they are...
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    3.5 Versus 4E

    So i have two friends we'll call them b1 and b2 who both really like 4e. B1 never played D&D without gobs of house rules because hes not into powerful casters, he likes 4e because his fighter can contribute at high level. B2 likes 4e because hes a min/maxer and always got his ideas shut down in...
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    3.5 Versus 4E

    For me 3e isnt playable in the double digit levels and pathfinder makes this worse. 4e for all its flaws is playable at leased the lower double digits (never played epic myself). 3.0 was the last edition I thought "felt" like D&D but theres no science there just emotional attachment, 2e and 3.0...
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    House Rule: Faster minor battles

    You could loose the grid rather than loose the map, play it more fast and loose with distances. So if your 6.5 inches away call it 6 etc. It wont make it a whole lot faster other than you stop counting spaces and just charge in if your close.
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    Looking for new RPG

    Savage Worlds will do alot of setting pretty good, not as good as a specific system but if you want to run space adventures one week and fantasy the next its close enough for most things. That said for fantasy only I prefer Legends of Anglerre.
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    What would you rather see: core rulebook or traditional trilogy?

    I want one core book but pages is a big factor, the pathfinder core book is way too large so if thats my option give me the classic 3
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    nMage: Birthright

    I saw Mr Gone has a character sheet for it... Having never played Birthright what books should I be looking at as from the bit I know about the setting this sounds like a fabuous idea!
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    SLA Industries Core Rulebook wanted Badly!

    What?! theres no POD option on Drivethru yet?
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    D&D 5E Skills in 5E. Do we want them?

    Well at level 30 you would be +30 to class skills and +15 to all other skills... its a big difference but so is not having any points in a skill with 3.X, this gives you a +15 bump
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    D&D 5E Would you buy a D&D Next Beta Playtest Rulebook?

    Depending on what you mean by this its actually fairly common for 100k+ jobs You pay someone 10% to go find you your next job based on the criteria you want. They talk to the companies and negotiate for you. You show up for one interview and they do the rest (resumes, phone calls, etc) They take...
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    Odd-Numbered Ability Scores

    Very close to what I like 3-4: -3 5-6: -2 7-8: -1 9-12: No adjustment 13-14: +1 15-16: +2 17-18: +3 If your rolling stats rolling a 17 is pretty much as cool as rolling an 18. YMMV