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    Ginny Di interviews WotC's Kyle Brink

    I dunno what else they can do — making third party or homebrew content for any VTT requires technical familiarity with the VTT’s creation tools and associated programs. The more robust the VTT’s automation, the bigger the barrier for development. The idea for the VTT seems to be to collect...
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    RPG Evolution: Fixing the Mess

    Patreon also active managed the crisis, and made their actions clear as they were addressing it. Also, Patreon had good messaging about the “why” at the time of the announcement. Even if it was poorly received, there was an understandable reason. WotC’s “bunker down and wait” response is...
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    How long do we wait for WoTC to speak?

    My current guess is: No formal announcement except “The OGL will stay intact.” Then 6e is published under a GSL-like, WotC cuts bait on 5e SRD/OGL content, and tries to woo publishers to 6e with VTT and sweetheart deals. Edit: wrote my comment as Greg was posting. I agree that they will do...
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    OGL: Kobold Press 'Raising Our Flag' For New Open RPG

    I get this, but I told my group that we are not purchasing new 5e WotC content, and we are not migrating to 6e. They understand the situation and respect my principled stance. I'm the DM. Ultimately my group will play what I run, or they won't play. I'll find the best compromise system for...