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    D&D: The Board Game?

    The D&D boardgame is Talisman with an expansion or two, so far as I am concerned. Beware of including most of the expansions though, they wreck the game.
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    Black miniatures painting recipe

    This should probably be on DakkaDakka or Warseer, but I'm not a member of those sites so I'll try here. Does anyone know the recipe for painting black to achieve Golden Demon or 'Eavy Metal results? I'm thinking of using it on Legion of the Damned marine chapter. Thanks.
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    Stirges have cemented themselves as my favorite D&D monsters at this point...

    At christmastime you can get into the spirit of things and rename stirges as humbugs. Same stats with a constant humming sound. PCs who comment "Bah, humbug!" get bonus XP.
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    What are you currently playing?

    Talisman with the Dungeon and Reaper expansions, with my brother every Sunday evening.
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    What Game Did You Leave D&D For?

    Talisman using the Reaper and Dungeon expansions has pretty much replaced D&D and any other RPG for me. You get a semblance of an entire campaign in one evening, and the deck of Adventure cards does a better job than any non-computer DM I've met. Note that it's easy to overcook Talisman. Most...
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    Campaign Notes Software Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest some good ones? Generic, non-system specific and preferably free I mean. I used to use something called MyInfo back in the day, but I'm not sure if it would work with Windows 10, nor if it's free. If it's worth paying for something brilliant I may be tempted. And hopefully it...
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    Useful information about what polyhedral dice types are best

    Smaller dice don't roll as far as bigger dice. Observe closely and you'll see. It really is as simple as that.
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    Useful information about what polyhedral dice types are best

    Let's just say I've saved you a lot of work.
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    Useful information about what polyhedral dice types are best

    Sharp edged dice matter a little bit, they're a tiny bit better than rounded edge polyhedrals, but the gain in randomness they offer is eclipsed by switching to 20mm. 20mm are quite a bit more random than Gamescience 16mm, purely because they're bigger. You're still better off with 20mm dice...
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    Useful information about what polyhedral dice types are best

    This is not very well known, but as size increases, dice roll more randomly. Not even manufacturers know this. You're better off with 20mm die for preference, even though they roll loudly. 16mm are okay, 12mm are the least random. The best material is plastic. Gemstone dice (including...
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    Why Rules Cyclopedia is the ultimate D&D edition

    Okay, here's one: 3E, 4E and 5E combat regularly taking hours, instead of minutes. Here's another one for you: Higher hp values naturally lead to longer combats, and they have seen continual inflation over the course of the WOTC editions as well.
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    Why Rules Cyclopedia is the ultimate D&D edition

    I would venture that surprisingly, there is enough combat interest and drama purely in d20 attack rolls, a bit of maneuvering, and spells. The problem with adding too much crunch to combat is that along with the added combat length it takes people mentally out of the story and into what is...
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    Why Rules Cyclopedia is the ultimate D&D edition

    I have it on good account that Rules Cyclopedia is best version of D&D. That includes 5th edition in being inferior to it. Why? Two things, basically. The first is how fast combat runs. Rules Cyclopedia offers the fastest combat of any edition, so long as you use group initiative. This is...
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    How to use DungeonMorph Dice

    Okay, a few things based on experiences with them: Even though they're dice, you never roll them randomly, always arrange to taste. Secondly, you don't arrange them in a line, you make a box or cross or some other shape out of them. Thirdly, the Explorer and Adventurer dice sets are...
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    Why are Warforged so bad?

    Warforged, to me, are just a dumb, tasteless idea. Fantasy robots who aren't golems. The idea is a non-starter. I don't like Eberron either, and am glad it has set off into the sunset. I understand that it won the setting competition because it echoed ideas put forward by a lot of other...
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    How to use DungeonMorph Dice

    I just wanted to share a way of actually using the quite fantastic Dungeonmorph Dice: It vexed me on how to populate these things, then it hit me like a bolt from the blue. Use coordinates. Every geomorph is 10 ten foot squares to a side, with exits always on the third...
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    Wikipedia deleting RPG articles

    Wikipedia trying to delete RPG articles Here are the articles in danger:
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    D&D 5E D&DN going down the wrong path for everyone.

    Yeah. I think that for me, Talisman is becoming D&D Lite, and Space Crusade becoming Warhammer 40K Lite, pretty much to the exclusion of the real McCoys. Who needs the complexity and fuss associated with open-ended and broken RPGs and wargames when these home in on the adventure and tactics...
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    "Stumbling Around in My Head" - The Feeling of Dissociation as a Player

    Me: A surfeit of unevisionable mechanics that don't map to the fantasy world are, for D&D, obviously bad game design. Disassociation enthusiasts: Ah, but hit points, plus these quotes from Gygax taken 20 to 30 years out of context mean that not only are you wrong, but the creator of the game...
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    "Stumbling Around in My Head" - The Feeling of Dissociation as a Player

    There's a lot of lipstick application to the proverbial pig going on in this thread, IMO. A surfeit of mechanics for D&D which are unenvisionable or difficult to map to anything going on in the fantasy world are IMO just plain old bad game design, not narrativist, dramatist, cinematic, or any...