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    What fantasy stories are should be done next on the big screen?

    Amber Pern Conan Solomon Kane Bran Mak Morn Dark Tower Eragon Good Omens Jack Chalker's Well World books would make a great series for the SciFi channel Cthulhu Mythos - There needs to be a big budget version of Lovecraft's vision The Necroscope Series by Brian Lumley Floating Dragon by Peter...
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    Midnight: Shadow of the Gods

    Just checking in, Rob. I've sent you a character concept.
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    Poll: Best superhero flick?

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with that opinion. Definitely the most "realistic" superhero movie
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    X-Men 3 pics - who's that?

    He looks better than he did on Frasier :p
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    The December "Pick a Forum Title" Contest!

    Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.....
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    Anyone seen "Prime"?
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    Nothing to Read - Suggestions?

    Have you tried books by China Mieville?? I'm pretty sure he pays homage to Mervyn Peake in his fiction, His world of Bas-Lag is the most unique bit of society creation I've ever read.
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    LOST - Wednesday 10/05/05 9:00 PM EDT

    Since Ethan Rom was an anagram for Other Man, I thought I would try it with Alvar Hanso. Here's a good website for this: I haven't found anything that is obvious, but I doubt it would be so obvious.
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    Tell me about Tivo

    I agree about DVR. If you have digital cable, it is so worth it. Seems to be cheaper than Tivo, too.
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    [Oct] What Are You Reading?

    I'm in a horror mood, so I'm reading Dispatch, the new book from Bentley Little. Sometimes his books are a bit gimmicky, but this one is top-notch.
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    Aragorn has (gasp!) a . . . tail!

    ok, that's kinda freaky
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    [Sept] What Are You Reading?

    Just picked up Anansi Boys, the new book from Neil Gaiman. Looks really good :)
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    [Aug] What Are You Reading?

    I'm actually reading an ARC of a first novel. It's called Bloodstone by Nate Kenyon and I'm truly surprised at how good it is. Mark my words. We'll be hearing about him. It comes out in January, 2006
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    Great Villain Showdown: Final Four [Results Posted]

    You guys are smoking crack 1. Lecter 2. Vader
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    New this fall

    Surface is sci-fi as far as I know..... The previews look like it's about something coming up from the bottom of the ocean a la The Abyss ABC is also updating The Night Stalker. Does anyone remember that show from the 70's? Sort of a combo of X-Files/intrepid reporter deal. Jennifer Love...
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    Great Villain Showdown: 4th Round [Results Posted]

    1. Hannibal Lecter 2. Darth Vader 3. Khan Noonian Singh 4. Thoth-Amon (Conan) 5. Galactus 6. Sauron (Lord of the Rings) 7. Emperor Palpatine 8. Lord Voldemort
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    Great Villain Showdown: 2nd Round [Results Posted]

    1. Agent Smith 2. Great Cthulhu 3. Dr. Doom 4. The Joker 5. Thanos 6. Six 7. John Doe 8. Lord Soth 9. Lord Voldemort 10. Boba Fett 11. Sauron 12. Skeletor 13. Pinhead 14. Venom 15. Lex Luthor 16. Gollum 17. Tony Montana 18. Dracula 19. Khan Noonian Singh 20. Thoth-Amon 21...
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    The Great Villain Showdown [1st Round Closed]

    1. Ming the Merciless 2. Francis Begbie 3. The Dark One 4. The Dominator 5. Thanos 6. Napoleon the Pig 7. Fat Bastard 8. Lord Soth 9. Raistlin Majere 10. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (James Bond) 11. Keyser Soze 12. Bane 13. Bhaal 14. The Clown 15. Lloth 16. The Clock King 17. Hal 9000 18...
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    The Great Villain Showdown [1st Round Closed]

    Particle Man, why are you attaching .doc files? Just find an image on the web and put the link between IMG tags.
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    The Great Villain Showdown [1st Round Closed]

    Yes, I have. That is quite a lovely dress she wears throughout the movie.