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    Foundry VTT Plug-in Idea for Solo Play

    Heyo, I've recently made an app for my buddies and I that enables AI-driven conversations with D&D NPCs. Now, I want to create a Foundry VTT plugin to integrate weird AI NPCs into virtual tabletop sessions. For solo play, or to add more variability to games. Before I proceed, I'd appreciate...
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    Integrating AI NPCs into Your Campaign

    The AI NPCs in DunGen are designed to react to player messages through natural language processing. While they can provide diverse responses and adapt to various scenarios, their reactions are based on pre-trained models and have limitations. Give the app a try and compare it to what you’re...
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    Integrating AI NPCs into Your Campaign

    Thanks for sharing your perspective! I understand your concerns around AI-generated content for NPCs. I see generative AI as a tool that can aid in world building and add an extra layer of depth, rather than replacing the creativity of players and Dungeon Masters. It could provide unexpected...
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    Integrating AI NPCs into Your Campaign

    Hey fellow adventurers! As a Dungeon Master, it's important to create immersive experiences for players and there's challenges that come with it. While AI can never replace the players or the DM, I believe it can be a valuable tool that enhances world-building and adds a new level of...