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    Virtual Tabletop Gaming Tips?

    I agree. It sounds like voice communication would solve a lot of these problems. It would also save you the trouble and time of typing everything out. You'll make yourself crazy trying to type out everything that players might ask about in advance.
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    Dread Scenarios

    I've never played Dread, but I have read a bit about it. I keep imagining a scenario like this: The players design characters that are notable for some reason--low-level celebrities, business leaders, politicians, etc. None of the characters know each other, but may know of each other. They...
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    Role playing to the detriment of the game

    I have seen people do this even when it is a brand new group that formed over the internet. Okay, maybe the character they created is so quirkly that we have to press just the right buttons to get him to leave his cave, but we are trying to play a game. The DM put in a lot of work on this...
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    Let's read the entire run

    Thank you for doing this. I am a late-comer to the DnD party, but was introduced to the game with ODnD and 1E books (never actually played these) and am fascinated with the earlier editions. I'm sure I'll never look at these mags, so it is nice to get a summary here.
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    If your group didn't like 4e...

    Sticking with 3.5. These boards are filled with people who have switched to 4E, but in talking to the players I know, the switch has been much more gradual. There is a lot of talk about 4E, but the number of 4E games that I know of is pretty low compared to the number of ongoing 3.5 campaigns.
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    Have you run and/or played in a 3e/3.5 game with no rogue?

    I played in a fairly long campaign with no real rogue PC. We usually had to recruit the help of NPCs or find other ways to deal with traps. It eventually fell to a cohort to pick locks and what not. With a little effort, a group can survive or even thrive without a representative from any of...
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    The Unluckiest NPC

    Both of your builds give him a Charisma of 16. That is pretty darn high. When I was reading your description of the poor fellow I thought, "This guy is the perfect candidate for a 7 or 8 CHA." I would definitely give him less CHA.
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    The best class for solo games

    Rogue really does provide a lot more options in terms of missions and goals. Instead of just killing whatever stands in your way, you can sneak about and steal the crown jewels or take out a bandit leader or any number of other things. Ranger provides the same kind of options in a wilderness...
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    OotS 585

    Lawful Neutral?
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    OotS 585

    You had to know that the devils were playing poker. I mean it is evil and they are evil. We already know that DnD is played in the heavens. Where else would poker appear? The question is: if all of the poker players and role-players in the world had a good vs. evil showdown who would win...
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    The best class for solo games

    Bards certainly have the jack-of-all-trades thing going for them, but they also suffer from the master of none syndrome. In a role-play-heavy campaign, a bard could really shine. He just might end up as a shiny pool of blood in a combat-heavy one.
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    The best class for solo games

    I know this has been discussed before, but I haven't seen a similar thread since 4E was released. So, what is the best class for playing a low-level solo campaign? This is not restricted to edition, so 3E or 4E anecdotes are welcome. What I am really looking for are the elements that make a...
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    PC concepts I'd love to play...

    I've had the same idea, but expanded it to include a child as well. The couple used to adventure, but retired and had kids. The oldest has now grown into a budding warrior/rogue/wizard and their peaceful village is now in danger. They have to break out the old adventuring gear to save their...
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    What to do when the double-cross is expected?

    This. Absolutely. Although, you should make the other group's motives for attacking unclear. They could be good guys bringing justice, or bad guys seeking revenge. Either way the party will have to decide quickly whether to defend the untrustworthy guy (a known quantity), strike or deal...
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    Forked Thread: Viking Hat vs Social Relationship

    I'd rather not play than play with a racist or a sexist. I have very strong political views, but I don't go to a gaming group to talk about politics. I could be playing in a room filled with fascists for all I know. As long as they keep their opinions to themselves we will be cool. But as...
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    OotS 574

    Can we please just get the party back together again? I'm sure hilarity will ensue when Celia meets up with the Necromancer, but it won't be as funny without Elan there to laugh at it. I feel like I am reading the Wheel of Time. Just when you get excited about a particular storyline it goes...
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    Do people actually play the Prankster archetype?

    I saw it played to perfection. The player was a prankster but genuinely good person in RL so he knew how to do it. The character was always looking for an opportunity to pull a prank. The player who frequently missed was an easy target, but everyone fell prey to his pranks at least once...
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    Numbers on the Sheet or Foot in the Mouth?

    I agree. This may not jive if your group does really deep role-playing, but makes perfect sense if the player is unable to mimic the effect of a character's stats. It also makes parallels the combat situation perfectly. I've always said: "I swing my sword at the orc" instead of standing up...
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    Help me mess with my player

    The Name Collector uses the PC's name to create a copy of the PC, alike in all respects except totally under the Name Collector's control. The PC starts to notice that some of his abilities are missing or don't work like they should. This gets worse and worse until he starts losing hit points...
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    Forked Thread: Its the terminology that kills me...

    So the basic rationalization for the appearance of these terms is that "I've never heard anyone use them." I don't see how this little fact matters at all. These terms are right there in the books. Every class is given a role as is every monster. The terms Leader, Controller, etc. are...