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    Mike Schley's Strahd Cartography

    Anyone know why the Castle Ravenloft maps are not up there? Did someone else make them? Francois Beauregard and Ben Wootten are also listed as cartographers (Why isn't Perkins listed as one?! He deserves it!) but I can't find what they did. I was hoping all the maps would be in this bundle...
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    Chris Perkins' Blue Water Inn Map Sketch For CURSE OF STRAHD

    I really like this style of map too. This is enworld, perhaps we could encourage him to do some kind of cartography/sketch book on kickstarter. Or maybe Morris can sweet talk him into doing some maps for EN5inder?
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    Curse of Strahd Will Have A Map Pullout Poster

    Has anyone seen this? 71050 D&D: "Ravenloft" - Strahd Von Zarovich (1 Fig) Strahd Von Zarovich with his steed Bucephalus. it's at I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it or if there will be other...
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    The Storm Has a Name...

    I'm gonna take a random guess that someone licensed rights to Warlord CCG or RPG.
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    CypherCaster: A Magazine For Numenera/The Strange Fans

    Sounds interesting, but it's not free.
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    This sounds very interesting and I cant wait to see how the mechanics of Fantasy Age will bring this to life. Fantasy Age and the Cipher core book are 2 releases I'm looking forward to. However, I gotta agree that the bigger news item here is that Morrus hasn't seen Thundarr or Heavy Metal!
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    Writers & Artists Needed!

    How does one go about getting those nifty binders?
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    Logic of being atheist in a default D&D campaign.

    I certainly don't want this topic to degenerate into any kind of real world religious/political discussion or anything. I'm just trying to to make sense out of a game about magic and dragons! :) Thanks for everyone who has given their thoughts on the matter. What still doesn't make any sense to...
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    Logic of being atheist in a default D&D campaign.

    Hello Everyone, I'm a looooong tine lurker, always reading but finally decided to register so I can ask some questions and be social and stuff. How do you logically justify being atheist in a default D&D campaign(not-Planescape either)? Just some straight up plain vanilla Greyhawk or...