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    D&D 5E I didn't see it coming (semi-serious speculation of what's next in Next)

    Gnome Illusionist Wouldn't having a gnome kind of imply an illusionist option?
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    Different levels for different pillars?

    I heard a rumor IRL that there may be different class/level stats for the 3 different "pillars". The Combat class/level will be separate, "silo'ed" from the Exploration and Roleplaying class/level. A king could have a level 10 Roleplaying class but could still be only a 2nd level fighter. (One...
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    D&D 5E You can't necessarily go back

    I know some groups that started treating those CharOp builds as if they were the classes.
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    D&D 5E Multiclass in 5E

    Would it help if a wizard/sorcerer 5/5 is the same character level as a wizard 7 or a sorcerer 7? if it is as difficult(or just slightly less) for a 5th level wizard to become 7th level as it is for a 5th level wizard to become a wizard/sorcerer 5/5? or in order to get that first rogue level...
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    D&D 5E Multiclass in 5E

    Or the classes could "gestalt" instead of "stack", keeping the accuracy bounded to that of the best class(es), which would be necessarily less than or equal to a single-class character of that character level. Instead of a higher number, they'd get more options.
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    D&D 5E Multiclass in 5E

    Instead of the table How about - at every character level, for each class you have, you can increase that class by a level or add a new class at the old class level -2. So a 10TH level fighter can go to either F11 or F10C8 at character level 11. At 12th character level she(F10C8) can go to...
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    DM Issues: Railroading

    The choice may be how to deal with the evil empire. A railroad would be having no option but to attempt to sneak into the palace and assasinate the Imperatrix in her sleep.
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    Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

    Oronthon says it's neither important, nor unimportant, neither both important and unimportant nor not important and not unimportant ;)