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  1. aka_pg

    3D Printing D&D's Demon Lords

    Ha! While I appreciate that there might not be too many applications for Scrabble related 3-D printing, there is a HUGE subculture of Scrabble enthusiasts. I wholeheartedly recommend Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis. A great read for any gamer!
  2. aka_pg

    Your New Campaign: Ravnica on a Budget

    Charles - First, this article was awesome on its own: It included both a suggestion for an entree into the hobby for newcomers and some adventure seeds for old farts. Second, I have to tell you, your writing style and the fact that you were discussing Ravnica took me back to that magical time...
  3. aka_pg

    Was Gandalf Just A 5th Level Magic User?

    Recently re-discovered this article after reading the variant E6: the Game Inside D&D. I was looking for a way to slow advancement as I favor a more gritty game. Wonderful, in-depth conversations here, but the article works for me.
  4. aka_pg

    Monte Cook On Fumble Mechanics

    Reminds me of "6x - One Page RPG." For each roll of the die, the positive result is described by the player and a proportionate negative result is decided on by the GM. 4 levels of varying success/failure are agreed upon and the die is rolled. The example given: Zuabi the thief wants to...
  5. aka_pg

    Hasbro CEO: "D&D is Really on a Tear"

    Just realized that last comment might have seemed random. I was responding somewhat to the Candyland as D&D setting. How about a Ouija and Cthulhu tie-in? OK... I'm done now.
  6. aka_pg

    Hasbro CEO: "D&D is Really on a Tear"

    I'd still love to see a D&D themed M:tG expansion! Imagine casting Bigby's Crushing Hand or attacking with Orcus! I won't hold my breath, however.
  7. aka_pg

    GIANTSLAYER Preview Art

    I agree on both counts! Great art. Wizard should be reaching for his dagger right about now.